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Grateful Dead 12/30/69
Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: SBD > MC > C > D > CD > SHN 
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Grateful Dead

Boston Tea Party

1.  Good Lovin'  
2.  Mama Tried  
3.  New Speedway Boogie  
4.  Casey Jones
5.  Black Peter  
6.  Me And My Uncle
7.  In The Midnight Hour  
8.  Cumberland Blues  

Disc 2

1.  That's It For The Other One//-->
2.  //Cosmic Charlie
3.  Uncle John's Band-->
4.  Mason's Children-->  
5.  China Cat Sunflower-->
6.  I Know You Rider

Disc 3

1.  Dark Star//-->
2.  //Alligator-->
3.  Drums%-->
4.  The Eleven-->
5.  Jam-->
6.  Alligator-->
7.  Feedback-->
8.  We Bid You Goodnight
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1415d0e3c707d9ae89b8070e1c7fcd13 *gd69-12-30d2t203.shn
62f18ba57891be09170388befbfb7864 *gd69-12-30d2t202.shn
8f1d02375438d03e335a2bba2aada048 *gd69-12-30d2t201.shn
4d20d907ab07b841353762e6a04f3015 *gd69-12-30d2t204.shn
f5052800d153edd84613b7f11e7b3335 *gd69-12-30d2t205.shn
774ec4dd50468485c22b702ceeb3862e *gd69-12-30d2t206.shn
d2588beed903c947e4a92cda304cb532 *gd69-12-30d1t104.shn
69f02657d4f913449e2fd347a84e8b45 *gd69-12-30d1t102.shn
65aac63c3016a2415fee3d068df6a545 *gd69-12-30d1t103.shn
732fe0c10c8fa8056dbcb10432a3bed4 *gd69-12-30d1t101.shn
ed3bf63f5a0c00743c773c70383be86a *gd69-12-30d1t105.shn
31a0dbe0b9011b76422e132e81290263 *gd69-12-30d1t106.shn
d24806c4f7a539f62632bee1c0c97144 *gd69-12-30d1t107.shn
a34008953fa4cd25370dd2832b41c84d *gd69-12-30d1t108.shn
5a3d149143c0e1b8cc9e740e4a7e6b85 *gd69-12-30d3t304.shn
ea6c4f338ff96623a7ed41a2ba55e500 *gd69-12-30d3t302.shn
2c09e4f503c416fb4aeae8ed8bda8593 *gd69-12-30d3t303.shn
32ae8c81c323c0eead9f99a18f507530 *gd69-12-30d3t301.shn
20107feb4ed002e327c4c63cdfb52c10 *gd69-12-30d3t305.shn
145821f0b18a84948f4f0262bbcb1d7d *gd69-12-30d3t306.shn
52ac8c798718bd15785222d44d79eafb *gd69-12-30d3t307.shn
8e77e8f90bebc771b7de3040ca08a935 *gd69-12-30d3t308.shn
ca8b5ff4381026333acab3a4aa6a424d [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t101.shn
ee0cf5960845a5dbc20940db1daebf23 [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t102.shn
748c7244c47189efe804c530ae69b771 [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t103.shn
161b3a4f005d21c833d98cc373dae54a [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t104.shn
e6a9509e5ddede5b6f8e4b31fd10d0a4 [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t105.shn
2ee1ff9fe70616cd0bfb8249582bf3bf [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t106.shn
ca0fc5b1bc332d53d599bf262fa2718b [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t107.shn
2f9f1b18c7d547665836ab13213f23b7 [shntool] gd69-12-30d1t108.shn
27c5e1958fa882ce5e39c10674e0442a [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t201.shn
f44422d181c4792e8a5a2dcd2a47df8f [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t202.shn
850a775ce672570fe02e0e29ab48baef [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t203.shn
5a7199eb0d35d2f0a5669429e194d9dc [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t204.shn
a3a2077a3cbaf63d9d1359d62a419b33 [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t205.shn
d771584efdb5c15ae18db6cf8ca4efb7 [shntool] gd69-12-30d2t206.shn
6f85a0d00a08ddc2d4b4cfb83289bccb [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t301.shn
3fe1123f804740999838b538faa676d1 [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t302.shn
793fe9f50b55a12f85d2d822b1f80c15 [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t303.shn
9442e6010cf71339659ccd5b6f64cb50 [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t304.shn
c00b6db3ec1ce5be0a0571a0a62b443e [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t305.shn
aefa30ccc57e502e1782552a34356c4d [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t306.shn
702b625f575fdf23d9c35b32a82151be [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t307.shn
31addbad31eee717a1b945850be9475e [shntool] gd69-12-30d3t308.shn

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Date User Comment
02/21/2003 Charlie Teeple Why was this seeded? Is this an upgrade of some sort? Could someone elaborate?
02/21/2003 Adam Bishop I believe this to be one of the original seeds that got lost in the mix or was never posted to etree. This source does not have the EAC in lineage that the previous circulating copy does. This was in circulation prior to the one of the other sources that does have the EAC in the lineage
02/21/2003 Mr.Marmar Ummm....Source: SBD > MC > C > D > CD > SHN .......Did the CD just magically extract istself to SHN when it was played???? If this has CD>SHN I think it is pretty safe to assume that there is an EAC step here....Wouldn't you think?....Unless you know of another way to convert a CD to SHN without using EAC or some other CD Ripper to extract it.....