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Ween 06/23/02
Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary Source: Schoeps cmc621 > sonosax > dap1 > d8 > dat2wav > mkw > shn 
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Bonnaroo Music Fesitval, Stadium Stage
Manchester, TN

Source: Schoeps cmc621 > sonosax > dap1 > d8 > dat2wav > mkw > shn

*amazing set to a crowd of about 70k, third from last at the bonnaroo festival - next acts were pfil and bob and friends, then trey anawhateverthefuckhisnameisio
*photos from the show are in this directory as well
*i didn't name the files with disc indicators, but i recommend splitting the discs as i've indicated below
*5 second dropout in buenos tardes amigo

enjoy fuckers,

01. Buckingham Green
02. AIDS
03. Spinal Meningitis
04. Baby Bitch
05. Piss Up a Rope
06. Take Me Away
07. Mr. Richard Smoker
08. Wavin' my Dick in the Wind
09. Voodoo Lady
10. Albino Sunburned Girl
11. Bananas and Blow
12. Roses R Free
13. Zoloft
14. The Mollusk
15. Dr. Rock
16. Touch my Tooter
17. Can't put my finger on it w/ intro

18. Pandy Fackler
19. Someday


20. Buenos Tardes, Amigo

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0bbb8a8cbdd38cc9047cd59b91cc6bc2 *ween2002-06-23t20.shn
532579fa25e4cbaa09d1cd392916eca1 *ween2002-06-23t02.shn
42e3c2852e1fdc44a1b1e23ddd57c281 *ween2002-06-23t03.shn
979a5c47b874dba9df8eae6e6612795d *ween2002-06-23t04.shn
59b46467f326b82c36be3c97b32920a6 *ween2002-06-23t05.shn
92bd5105bd568cd429bf0d4cd0871c9c *ween2002-06-23t06.shn
3e35f90ffdb27911d5f26da5c62926ce *ween2002-06-23t07.shn
0fd2944346e4729f05739727a64db869 *ween2002-06-23t08.shn
3664f695572e31def7f68fc76ac8ee52 *ween2002-06-23t09.shn
7dad59d935ec69d1df618cdf22659109 *ween2002-06-23t10.shn
55e9339f1d1dd99fc485acf516ad7dd3 *ween2002-06-23t11.shn
90677089db2fa65e48d223cd1191b43c *ween2002-06-23t12.shn
02b84de86a0cfabedcd75bd73dc4e373 *ween2002-06-23t13.shn
7e53304682c70e024b40519d819b3f21 *ween2002-06-23t14.shn
92f3b9e6aaf4e35135a1cf214e6fd85b *ween2002-06-23t15.shn
595411d2adb0394d5733c19fa5fed6be *ween2002-06-23t16.shn
816463c3ba71aa89dbfbc8bb4d270fc8 *ween2002-06-23t17.shn
820b9462726be5e38798c936942b4622 *ween2002-06-23t18.shn
d00d4e5a7bcccae2012b82a032338c5f *ween2002-06-23t19.shn
c3c5b7a16f40ab1f58622664019ca6ac *ween2002-06-23t01.shn

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