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Grateful Dead 02/05/89
Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Ultramatrix (SBD/AUD mix) Lineage: Master Cassette> ?> DAT> CD> SHN. Thanks to Johnny Venus for the disks. Normalized and seeded by Peter Braverman  
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Grateful Dead
Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA

Source: Ultramatrix (SBD/AUD mix)
Lineage: Master Cassette> ?> DAT> CD> SHN

1. Touch of Grey
2. Feel Like a Stranger
3. Franklin's Tower
4. Red Rooster
5. Althea
6. We Can Run*
7. Desolation Row
8. Don't Ease Me In

Disk 2
1. Cold Rain & Snow
2. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
3. Standing on the Moon*
4. Playing in the Band
5. drums

Disk 3
1. space
2. I Will Take You Home
3. He's Gone
4. I Need a Miracle
5. Morning Dew
6. Johnny B. Goode (encore)

*First performance


Known issues

This show could be burned on two CDs by moving Cold Rain & Snow to disk 1.

Drums fades out and space fades in.


Thanks to Johnny Venus for the disks. Normalized and seeded by Peter Braverman ([email protected]), February 2003. Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project.
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de84c4eeba4d73e820acfdff01cd5eea *gd89-02-05d2t03.shn
6c9d8d3b5828b300efac2985c48242cd *gd89-02-05d1t08.shn
0d3e2c416efcf262407e87abe080fe69 *gd89-02-05d1t07.shn
bb320f9f690aa33d802b2802cfd20bc7 *gd89-02-05d1t03.shn
cb2cc9c4d2dc6e3471cb69e9afbdc9fa *gd89-02-05d1t02.shn
7613267bbea1ac6538c570eb97b31674 *gd89-02-05d2t05.shn
8639a3ea47918a7c0d95da1d967eb528 *gd89-02-05d3t06.shn
fe443ae41d341478bf7cc88ced5c16b6 *gd89-02-05d3t05.shn
db471b65b0b780126cb14e6ea154337b *gd89-02-05d2t01.shn
cce440f0c04131cc6c3de4c0a529673e *gd89-02-05d2t02.shn
acd76411317ab217584c1748990ebf9d *gd89-02-05d3t03.shn
8623d76d0835b207f87eb2dc929cc602 *gd89-02-05d3t04.shn
9039440902b9d85f74e15a35e192fabd *gd89-02-05d2t04.shn
809c7bfd444a80c4fbff004e70ccf0a3 *gd89-02-05d1t06.shn
4b38761a433e6ad4ce57c725cec6c4e1 *gd89-02-05d1t05.shn
4373e59967b271d9f5d12b3cd880d315 *gd89-02-05d1t04.shn
2e5f02834d7e46db60bd049cb3c5e5fc *gd89-02-05d1t01.shn
e1f9d9de8177212809d1fd2e3e5055d6 *gd89-02-05d3t01.shn
83829aa5f799e2af0d5d76c32bdf3a2d *gd89-02-05d3t02.shn
fa40dd416bd0f58a3403dbb6aeda5814 [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t01.shn
dda279e1ceb0b774b3c09cc67ff71320 [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t02.shn
d362fe268e898022e9bf8371d6000987 [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t03.shn
b0e9d4fc6a6049bf75b45e75d8f9172f [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t04.shn
c293dedad6ba5f72f709186c8ed0e98e [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t05.shn
40efb77922bf89fd30cbdfc209d448ba [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t06.shn
ffbd1f7fcede6cebd4124bdc1ed9911e [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t07.shn
473f900d9e5bd79e64c99abf1fc6cb18 [shntool] gd89-02-05d1t08.shn
dc94b0c31fb2691c68237a55ad2400cd [shntool] gd89-02-05d2t01.shn
86581c035ec3b452bed77e1a1a6abe09 [shntool] gd89-02-05d2t02.shn
ec1d27a18e9190bb21647aa07daeef83 [shntool] gd89-02-05d2t03.shn
c29d05b412aa2bf8fd54ae45944c444f [shntool] gd89-02-05d2t04.shn
5e81531cba46f0b42ccc6673f29d1460 [shntool] gd89-02-05d2t05.shn
113164471be6fc774708c9fe9f872339 [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t01.shn
442ec50285cb694cf653eee45861920c [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t02.shn
e2511eb810c151c6942d7ab8a1e36276 [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t03.shn
ff5ae29467dcb67ed36ecac8532701cf [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t04.shn
77d9ec9e84bc96a47733b2a96b30bbd4 [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t05.shn
cc4116fd774e2e7daefdb1203410faf2 [shntool] gd89-02-05d3t06.shn

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