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Phish 02/21/03
US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
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Source # 15472 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d2 , d3 , d1
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary LivePhish SHN download; Note: Do NOT trade this recording by any means, including matrix sources! The md5's are merely listed as reference. 
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US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, OH

Source: DSBD

Disc 1:
Set I:
  01. Wilson >
  02. Frankenstein
  03. Down With Disease
  04. Lifeboy
  05. Boogie On Reggae Woman
  06. Run Like An Antelope
  07. I Didn't Know

Disc 2:
Set II:
  01. MIke's Song >
  02. Free >
  03. Waste >
  04. 2001 >
  05. Harry Hood

Disc 3:
Set II continued:
  01. All Of These Dreams
  02. Possum >
  03. Cavern
  04. Wading In The Velvet Sea

Show Checksums
c0a2db0b5e5c00299f066ba2d9710d3b *ph030221d2_01_Mikes_Song.shn
3e990c53f937f34a9934d92b26ebe0fe *ph030221d2_02_Free.shn
ba948dcc71670f329ed2f058689b7d6f *ph030221d2_03_Waste.shn
1840ab07690f57340aea81bd5c21be53 *ph030221d2_04_2001.shn
9244b11b7df3ca426ad0e29db7ae06be *ph030221d2_05_Harry_Hood.shn
66fdf41d82d1faab2d4dd5886ed9bb55 *ph030221d3_01_All_of_These_Dreams.shn
7fda3e3bec269f70006b17cba12a7256 *ph030221d3_02_Possum.shn
0122a722bf95935a4ed66b7f560c5d19 *ph030221d3_03_Cavern.shn
2d15cad94b7f362dc054741597f07ec8 *ph030221d3_04_Wading_in_the_Velvet_Sea.shn
cbb92e0d0f71a995413f69b0e4b851c8 *ph030221d1_01_Wilson.shn
dea601931245e09808754cf3a3374f64 *ph030221d1_02_Frankenstein.shn
7aec4955be2a637bbc6507a94a842cba *ph030221d1_03_Down_With_Disease.shn
f2ff39b0bf02799ccb5d9f6c1c94f7c3 *ph030221d1_04_Lifeboy.shn
7b4c8eb69273a82812d8c71dda3885b5 *ph030221d1_05_Boogie_On_Reggae_Woman.shn
2a18ba7fa8bcd2c21553409fd8099c21 *ph030221d1_06_Run_Like_An_Antelope.shn
ffac8d8e65038c5541ab1af8961be88d *ph030221d1_07_I_Didnt_Know.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Schoeps mk41 (17cm, 80 deg)... (6) Schoeps CMC6/mk41 > V3 >... (2) Neumann km150 (ORTF) >... (0) Neumann TLM170's> V2>... (0) flac16 44.1khz ... (0)
Date User Comment
03/04/2003 TWATTS No "fix" or "strip" needed per SHNTOOLs.
03/04/2003 scottz glitch present at transition of 2001>Hood
03/04/2003 scottz yep, sorry to bare the bad news but there are several glitches on these shn sets that are not SBE related but occur right near the track boundaries. they are miniscule but noticeable even without headphones. when the waveforms are blown up you can see the glitches, such as missing bits (such as the tweezer>pyite transition from 2/20) and miniature spikes (see .005 sec into 2/22's gin). the problem is that they cannot be corrected simply, and no new md5s can be posted, because they will all be different (using the pencil tool does not produce exactly similar results).
03/18/2003 BoPs these md5's are messed up, i got legit shns from and they extract fine, but every file fails verification when i run the md5.. haha, oh well :-)