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Phish 07/11/92
Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary SBD > DAT; DAT > optical > Marantz Pro-burner > CDR > EAC > WAV > mkwACT > SHN; DAT provided by Charlie Dirksen and Kevin Shapiro; SHN Conversion by Charlie Kidder 
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July 11, 1992
H.O.R.D.E. Tour set
Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

Source:  SBD --> DAT

DAT>optical cable>Marantz pro-burner (w/ sample rate conversion)>CDR>EAC>WAV>MKW>SHN  by Charlie Kidder

1.  The Landlady (DAT static)
2.  Runaway Jim
3.  Foam
4.  Sparkle
5.  Stash
6.  The Squirming Coil
7.  Cavern
8.  Vacuum solo
9.  You Enjoy Myself
10.  Suzie Greenberg

11.  Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit (from same show)

Thanks to Charlie Dirksen and Kevin Shapiro for the DAT.

When I first received this DAT there was a small amount of DAT static during the Landlady.  I immediately made an analog copy of it onto Maxell XLII-s.  By the time I got a hold of the Marantz CD burner, the DAT static during Landlady had gotten much worse.  So in making the CDR I took the Landlady from the analog 1st gen. copy and the rest of the set directly from the DAT as a digital clone.  Pardon me for any mess ups in tracking, I wasn't always right there to hit the next track button when the songs started.  Enjoy!

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a6b763f647e32c084fdf2c7aee9e536c *PH92-07-11t11.shn
2e2397d22d0941784a6dc1355be14bcf *PH92-07-11t02.shn
fc8212d6f7c0097308902192228a9d6b *PH92-07-11t03.shn
45ebb6dc78e54965d955bc2ba484fa77 *PH92-07-11t04.shn
3d2a60551845f5181f0af6a40ab5db18 *PH92-07-11t05.shn
0efe0a0c4e75122e0ceb98e3cd8e623a *PH92-07-11t06.shn
bb08c2302bbd5c8dc6e93c8677838ea8 *PH92-07-11t07.shn
f183d40fbf4eacc28dda24888a1ef943 *PH92-07-11t08.shn
66c7d6aa0f36490e368d0183732269ac *PH92-07-11t09.shn
9b6a02a40758b0d4981d165f87fdf817 *PH92-07-11t10.shn
539b6526299b58f6f3dc4b124538a674 *PH92-07-11t01.shn
71e082168093a4abced43727abc0b9a8 [shntool] PH92-07-11t01.shn
a80fe58911b14a2329e2d9a8808eb5e5 [shntool] PH92-07-11t02.shn
a8dc5fb00cfb6a34a02a9d74db6f956b [shntool] PH92-07-11t03.shn
32fdab6c0676e758247445af8ef12b75 [shntool] PH92-07-11t04.shn
54971c280887b259dbdf0289781379b9 [shntool] PH92-07-11t05.shn
c35c0fb30f16b7af3117ff8f3ae91bda [shntool] PH92-07-11t06.shn
4fad9062856545d217a8956f638590b4 [shntool] PH92-07-11t07.shn
72ce8b008744a1e87b7e9dfe2a88c8d7 [shntool] PH92-07-11t08.shn
3fb081f41ed6e12760dc6bfb3669b281 [shntool] PH92-07-11t09.shn
44947b44f042137d4080cf38c3ba6d7c [shntool] PH92-07-11t10.shn
91449fbdc8d2680ad581f4bda9957095 [shntool] PH92-07-11t11.shn

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