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Phish 02/24/03
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
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Source # 15505 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5-fades , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Audio Technica AT825 > MP2 > ADC-20 @44.1kHz > Aiwa HD-S1; Sony D10 Pro > Audiophile 2496 > CDWav > SHN; Taped and transferred by Pat Kelly 
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Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
Audio Technica At825>Mp2>Adc-20(44.1)>Aiwa Hd-S1
Sony D10 Pro>Audiophile 2496>Cdwave>Shn
All Taping and Transfer by Pat Kelly [email protected]

Set 1
Disc 1
1.Down with Disease
2.Corinne Corrina
3.Wolfman's Brother
4.Limb by Limb
5.Everyday I Have the Blues *

Disc 2
1.The Thrill is Gone *
2.Rock Me Baby *
Set 2
3.Halley's Comet
4.Harry Hood
5.Heavy Things

Disc 3
1.Twist Around
2.All of These Dreams
4.Sample In A Jar
5.Chalkdust Torture
6.E: Farmhouse

* W/BB King

Show Checksums
96216dc390e3afdc116d9ccd557b9a6e *Ph2003-02-24D1T01.shn
5212cb0010c60a2df9b2b250cc24338a *Ph2003-02-24D1T02.shn
18c69d3e061c1f120a7406ab98db5723 *Ph2003-02-24D1T03.shn
df6d0927105b9d4c96f4e56db081ab60 *Ph2003-02-24D1T04.shn
244def0ae0a4371d3bd2c4ec60a0be6d *Ph2003-02-24D1T05.shn
50e8637789eb287488ea23c7707b5238 *Ph2003-02-24D2T01.shn
294ed6063792bb5a9a7c658c02344cb2 *Ph2003-02-24D2T02.shn
1d174e2f8089d60d94467a1dd230fd22 *Ph2003-02-24D2T03.shn
6e549e5b0d3b5b238966f47e606782e4 *Ph2003-02-24D2T04.shn
ee5859ee4cb2b7def809c0a8bf808155 *Ph2003-02-24D2T05.shn
a2bc81c2e7010ece8fb98275404c816c *Ph2003-02-24D3T01.shn
8090a6fe874798474918fd09864d8494 *Ph2003-02-24D3T02.shn
a6886711405dc7ad9251cae825731f0e *Ph2003-02-24D3T03.shn
fc9d5ba4305320a0dd55460243db957c *Ph2003-02-24D3T04.shn
03b962b803061effaeb1cf4b3a28d073 *Ph2003-02-24D3T05.shn
ba13da1f2d6c35c9e72b329d99ca202e *Ph2003-02-24D3T06.shn
a1f9599329968761b7a85aeba10cbeaf *Ph03-02-24D1T01.shn
3e383b500240f07ecc9c158cfdf98128 *Ph03-02-24D1T02.shn
76d9c6052ce0563a3707b851cac4d644 *Ph03-02-24D1T03.shn
edf1954c90c819535d00a27cd5d6a603 *Ph03-02-24D1T04.shn
868f41b481238b8da502916d189a27b3 *Ph03-02-24D1T05.shn
342846c43a3a6f409b98432f9cc7dbae *Ph03-02-24D2T01.shn
4f06f3070026909c708e23e45cad15af *Ph03-02-24D2T02.shn
b6fb98391323bb960a5495744580a0fb *Ph03-02-24D2T03.shn
97b8e8d00c4789b327ee99005e07cd54 *Ph03-02-24D2T04.shn
5f4e40cfee991a2640f10c6ce3c208e7 *Ph03-02-24D2T05.shn
75d3d939bbc04d22b822590d85ad34b7 *Ph03-02-24D3T06.shn
0720b263620d5b2fb971f7156dd7262b *Ph03-02-24D3T02.shn
679be2414493280a052d52259e19be68 *Ph03-02-24D3T03.shn
9d6bd994cd908c963d91ef796ff8bfe2 *Ph03-02-24D3T04.shn
c7c6763140935961bba60711759647ac *Ph03-02-24D3T05.shn
e368e83b94ed623b4f62b2647ac985e9 *Ph03-02-24D3T01.shn
9370c68348927add75732211ada91f24 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D1T01.shn
f4f7aa26eb94df51ab0a5efcf314dfd6 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D1T02.shn
8b3d633ec8fce7fb6e95237bd5dddd5e [shntool] Ph03-02-24D1T03.shn
dd692a2a958643ad4fca432de25ee38d [shntool] Ph03-02-24D1T04.shn
4fbfea74a42d820ef00958f0858985ab [shntool] Ph03-02-24D1T05.shn
8b5f45f234bf5d2ac52f0702996e1561 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D2T01.shn
df311e9b88345777a67405e278893d7e [shntool] Ph03-02-24D2T02.shn
1a4c1aa8833d04cac7b95b54b56a7755 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D2T03.shn
d87761b582e2082f03c001d86af3c681 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D2T04.shn
ed334f91f59487c5fb066d429126e27f [shntool] Ph03-02-24D2T05.shn
65753b98346342266375a1ec48521e58 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T01.shn
2235cd0a6a4c4c9443cbc77062d1d5a2 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T02.shn
b3f68b34586032bb8efd6017f4176ebb [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T03.shn
a0174c892ddc51f6b0b1412dec5b0fb9 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T04.shn
7df832f445502ef3c7532138e8ea525b [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T05.shn
6b6cc85304b1314858c8613dd0a008a4 [shntool] Ph03-02-24D3T06.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
02/28/2003 Sam Nice job Pat...almost as good as your Berkfest and Percy Hill seeds ;)
03/02/2003 SeanCheadle could we possibly get the original md5s from the seeder here for comparison?
03/06/2003 Dr. Klovernutz Very nice sounding source! There are 2 problems however; 1. Seektables are not appended.
2. No fades for the begining/ ending of sets.

(also where are the MD5s?)

A New Seed of this source will be listed shortly.

03/06/2003 Mr. Marmar Great job Pat! Also...Dr.K, fades aren't a necessity for all seeds, if you want fades add em yourself. I for one hate shows with fades....No need to reseed a show just beacause it doesn't have fades, that will just add confusion.
03/06/2003 twatts Reseeding for fades is unnecessary... However, I would reseed new SHN w/ SKT appended just so the SKTs don't get deleted... Fixing the MD5 to reflect this of course...

But I guess that's just super-anal...