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Phish 08/14/93
World Music Theater, Tinley Park, IL
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Source # 15600 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Set 2 only; SBD > Cass/1 > DAT @44.1kHz; Fostex D-5 > AES/EBU custom cable > Lucid PCI24 > Peak 1.65 > Yamaha CDR400atx > SHN > WAV > SHNv3; Note: this is a reseed (fixed SBEs, etc) of this source 
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Set 2
World Music Theater
Tinley Park, IL

Soundboard>Cassette Master>Cassette1>DAT @ 44.1kHz;
DAT clone/Fostex D-5> AES/EBU custom cable>Lucid pci24 digital soundcard>Peak 1.65> Yamaha cdr400atx (on a Power Macintosh 7300)Shorten files made from original AIFF> WAV files, no digital audio extraction ever performed.

audio cd 1
1. 2001
2. Antelope>
3. Sparks>
4. Walk Away>
5. Have Mercy>
6. Antelope
7. Mound
8. Squirming Coil/cut, cassette flip

audio cd 2
1. Daniel
2. You Enjoy Myself
3. Purple Rain
4. Golgi
5. La Grange

NOTE: Set 1 isn't available from the sbd source

****March 2003****
Fixed the Sector Boundary issues with the seed. Also corrected the issues of some windows systems not being able to play the wavs correctly. No furthur editing was performed. Reshortened with the seek tables appended.

Show Checksums
aa3ea17082188eaa9425d7221c8e2a8f [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t01-fixed.shn
0610803c9a79bf7c345591033db917a2 [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t02-fixed.shn
6023122953efdb892dcd6b8e3a8d2c8c [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t03-fixed.shn
20a68d375b5bc1f0d894b1974eda129a [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t04-fixed.shn
66b780ccdb35b9560c4f090ce7cb40b5 [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t05-fixed.shn
847174aacb793145eb3756df519405c6 [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t06-fixed.shn
31b8bcd50482215e426902b090c35424 [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t07-fixed.shn
531f080f35e8265fe8bf7fb6613232bd [shntool] ph93-08-14d1t08-fixed.shn
22e26387a7ac04cacf9361d5e86bcdc5 [shntool] ph93-08-14d2t01-fixed.shn
c4d52ff98be867d33ed2ba6b9ebc228d [shntool] ph93-08-14d2t02-fixed.shn
b060bc8274e3220a9233f6cd995d214e [shntool] ph93-08-14d2t03-fixed.shn
270982f0072072fd3d342c073df44651 [shntool] ph93-08-14d2t04-fixed.shn
80be85ad24e971cb9ad9f8a06140d262 [shntool] ph93-08-14d2t05-fixed.shn
c8f1cfa5a7016c284a862a59ed4b576d *ph93-08-14d1t01-fixed.shn
b5005f59a459dc2f245774fe2fa5d73e *ph93-08-14d1t02-fixed.shn
d0b044bc3a006f80f1cc66301b7433be *ph93-08-14d1t03-fixed.shn
32ea7b3a8d95401bd2dacc20fad45e3e *ph93-08-14d1t04-fixed.shn
7be95929eb3d6e865565f835ea81c8e2 *ph93-08-14d1t05-fixed.shn
5c43c22c7836dfb935113f7418641f24 *ph93-08-14d1t06-fixed.shn
1e48636820451f32d33fb3fc0ef4fc79 *ph93-08-14d1t07-fixed.shn
82bb0b31a555706d7c674374c7aef8c3 *ph93-08-14d1t08-fixed.shn
7b756631dae317fbf630b1728f38b5f6 *ph93-08-14d2t01-fixed.shn
a56c9a03ecd7726389ca53e88866f723 *ph93-08-14d2t02-fixed.shn
0dcccf199dafb22a20eb7aad1704b95c *ph93-08-14d2t03-fixed.shn
4c188e68492b256358193827e0b72448 *ph93-08-14d2t04-fixed.shn
f79044afa7129689626bcc1ffe092975 *ph93-08-14d2t05-fixed.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Set 2 only; SBD > Cass/1 >... (0) Nak 300; Sony 59ES > Nomad... (0) AUD (possibly AKG 460);... (1)
Date User Comment
02/09/2004 twatts I found DATs of Nak300>???>DATs. Will seed Nak300>DAT>Sony59ES>optical>NJB3>USB>WAV>SHNs soon. Email me for B&Ps...