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Medeski Martin & Wood 01/18/03
Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville, FL
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps mk4v>vms 5u>dap-1> standalone burner (harman kardon cdr20> SHN; Recorded off of the lip of the stage; Recorded by Jimbo; Transfered and Seeded by Walter Liebrich 
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MMW  January 18, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
Freed Bird Cafe

Source: Schoeps mk4v>vms 5u>dap-1> standalone burner (harman kardon copy)>SHN

Recorded off of the lip of the stage!
The sound is excellent; however, the tracking is slightly off

Recorded by Jimbo
Transfered and Seeded by Walter Liebrich

Disk 1- Set 1

1- Improv>Pappy Check>
2- Felic>
3- Dracula>
4- Bemsha Swing/ Lively Up Yourself>
5- Coconut Boogaloo>

Disk2 Set 2

1- Dropper>
2- Macha>
3- Lonely Avenue>
4- Hee Hey Hi Ho
5- We're So Happy!!!!>
6- Toy Dancing>
7- 10 $ High
8- Uninvisible


9- CrossTown Traffic

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126ea20cc89caabd648c056d84382256 *mmw2003-01-18d1t4.shn
74743c8671119b80271e1e0fcf807072 *mmw2003-01-18d1t1.shn
9944c430f28521f651bcaa9b22789f52 *mmw2003-01-18d1t2.shn
08b08f7f08ff5aed01ef63777cba55d1 *mmw2003-01-18d1t3.shn
abeba83e3f99f7e8b5e4b946255ac764 *mmw2003-01-18d1t5.shn
b2bfbb97257939dbe6dbfe7a26688508 *mmw2003-01-18d1t6.shn
33577fa71da89efaf42923eaa1837bc0 *mmw2003-01-18d2t1.shn
361bcef2a2836c70ad59020a935612fd *mmw2003-01-18d2t2.shn
bc60f1040194375bbb566dc7db3e618f *mmw2003-01-18d2t3.shn
129bd4addaf924abad7616ced0fbe8e9 *mmw2003-01-18d2t4.shn
4678407be224cc14643c8f8d3c9d0797 *mmw2003-01-18d2t5.shn
a0a88672afe28a7438a3ca1573fcb25b *mmw2003-01-18d2t6.shn
cd526de8900eed5a8f09f34cd2847e0a *mmw2003-01-18d2t7.shn
c2fef39eba43e001d3fdcca4ca212f7d *mmw2003-01-18d2t8.shn
e3110c613e41bc69168dc4cd5f49f25e *mmw2003-01-18d2t9.shn

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