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Grateful Dead 04/10/78
Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Betty Board>?>CD; Unknown seeder; upgrade in circulation  
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Grateful Dead 04-10-78
Fox Theatre - Atlanta, GA

Disc 1 69:41
1. Sndchk: Salt Lake City 3:10
2. I: Promised Land 4:45
3. Brown Eyed Women 5:51
4. All Over Now 9:57
5. Peggy-O 9:16
6. Cassidy 7:24
7. Dire Wolf 5:47
8. El Paso 5:13
9. Row Jimmy 11:56
10. Passenger 6:18

Disc 2 36:59
1. deer story 1:24
2. Candyman 8:48
3. The Music Never Stopped 9:49
4. II: Jack Straw 8:39
5. Ship Of Fools 8:17

Disc Three 71:35
1. Dancin In the Streets > 12:25
2. Drums > 15:29
3. Franklin's Tower > 16:28
4. Black Peter > 11:30
5. Around & Around 8:16
6. E: U.S. Blues 7:26

What I have here are two Betty Boards from the Fox Theatre Atlanta 10th
and 11th April 1978. These are not "official" WBOTB masters
and sound to me like there is an extra analog generation, but they
give a pretty good impression of what the residents of Atlanta
enjoyed all those years ago.

There is talk of the dedicated folks at Betty Plaza producing a
cleaned up set at some stage in the future, but I believe these are
the best we have until then. Show details are at the end of this

04-10-1978, Fox Th., Atlanta, GA
Complete show
Not yet treed by WBOTB
Jace's source tape: MR>P1>D1
7" two track BBD reel @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz
PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz

SHOW DETAILS (from Deadlists)

VENUE Fox Theatre
CITY Atlanta
DATE 04/10/78
SET1 The Promised Land [4:26] ; Brown Eyed Women [5:08] ; It's All
Over Now [7:48] ; Peggy-O [8:02] ; Cassidy [5:01] ; Dire Wolf [4:08]
; El Paso [4:25] ; Row Jimmy [9:16] ; Passenger [5:12] ; Candyman [7:25]
; The Music Never Stopped [8:#31]
SET2 Jack Straw [6:02] ; Ship Of Fools [7:20] ; Dancing In The Street
[11:58] > Drums [15:23#] > Franklin's Tower [16:23] > Black Peter
[11:50] > Around And Around [8:02]
ENCORE U.S. Blues [5:39]
COMMENTS soundcheck: Salt Lake City
RECORDINGS SBD 180, The splice In TMNS occurs near the end of the
song, is of indeterminate length, but is criminal in nature. Assumedly this is
on all SBDs. The only AUD I know of for this show is of the second set only
(minus U.S. Blues). It is *phenomenal*. It was used for the timings listed
here.  The first set does exist.
CONTRIBUTORS Gordon Sharpless, Robert Wagner

Show Checksums
7d7444a8dcd4de127f92fc847651af91 *d1Track 01.shn
a6b73938bb8678c2d76a1a8d98bd8397 *d1Track 02.shn
d90ae79b544bbfc8ca09c7b835c954dd *d1Track 03.shn
a5b43bc92c9ec44889ec7ab6976d48b2 *d1Track 04.shn
8d4ccaed419a0794689fe344a33ef4aa *d1Track 05.shn
1a54f10b02272ff494ade2f32113bebd *d1Track 06.shn
b10b23ab0d1ba32f764ddf37d8dc1c6e *d1Track 07.shn
22710eb4f51c5eaeb5067122c995cda8 *d1Track 08.shn
1b29c5d7f64327cb223743ed51bb8e7d *d1Track 09.shn
b54d1cf5ce24d6e74973869c7635e1ec *d1Track 10.shn
9d5935257953dd6a54f8af9be06c5721 *d2Track 01.shn
e857a882f58e2f6ba0e8ed4c3b1f4329 *d2Track 02.shn
da75bec031dc5be0a1979ce74827410c *d2Track 03.shn
ec8ac8274824d0a297c82d930ce7215d *d2Track 04.shn
75feef18f7e6a05943c25ae846184c57 *d2Track 05.shn
f3d2556cfba17f05aadf37603834bd24 *d3Track 01.shn
90762d703705dc84e0eff4566f7d1376 *d3Track 02.shn
c867ee319769308322936a78bfaab83e *d3Track 03.shn
bb47d23aa771a037173493d9c1aab4b2 *d3Track 04.shn
71d06a2344d438486800c037b1d11a57 *d3Track 05.shn
ac0fea9db35964fb80d891c916bccd37 *d3Track 06.shn
7d7444a8dcd4de127f92fc847651af91 *d1Track01.shn
a6b73938bb8678c2d76a1a8d98bd8397 *d1Track02.shn
d90ae79b544bbfc8ca09c7b835c954dd *d1Track03.shn
a5b43bc92c9ec44889ec7ab6976d48b2 *d1Track04.shn
8d4ccaed419a0794689fe344a33ef4aa *d1Track05.shn
1a54f10b02272ff494ade2f32113bebd *d1Track06.shn
b10b23ab0d1ba32f764ddf37d8dc1c6e *d1Track07.shn
22710eb4f51c5eaeb5067122c995cda8 *d1Track08.shn
1b29c5d7f64327cb223743ed51bb8e7d *d1Track09.shn
b54d1cf5ce24d6e74973869c7635e1ec *d1Track10.shn
9d5935257953dd6a54f8af9be06c5721 *d2Track01.shn
e857a882f58e2f6ba0e8ed4c3b1f4329 *d2Track02.shn
da75bec031dc5be0a1979ce74827410c *d2Track03.shn
ec8ac8274824d0a297c82d930ce7215d *d2Track04.shn
75feef18f7e6a05943c25ae846184c57 *d2Track05.shn
f3d2556cfba17f05aadf37603834bd24 *d3Track01.shn
90762d703705dc84e0eff4566f7d1376 *d3Track02.shn
c867ee319769308322936a78bfaab83e *d3Track03.shn
bb47d23aa771a037173493d9c1aab4b2 *d3Track04.shn
71d06a2344d438486800c037b1d11a57 *d3Track05.shn
ac0fea9db35964fb80d891c916bccd37 *d3Track06.shn
14d897fa28db1cabbb46c67a5a13849c [shntool] d1Track01.shn
5883277bcc0e6267bdc0a6ec75d05423 [shntool] d1Track02.shn
9094b399307ace66acfc039a15af1660 [shntool] d1Track03.shn
708465159af7251448c961c9354496c2 [shntool] d1Track04.shn
5494d6e1361af95bfd4e1e1b60eb066b [shntool] d1Track05.shn
b3446f07a07a28446ff723863f7f3846 [shntool] d1Track06.shn
8032b5dea34523f7c29b6bd59d7e6b46 [shntool] d1Track07.shn
bd97d9cf16dd19196025d25de3886353 [shntool] d1Track08.shn
3ec1b11297efbd20fc4b4ae04ac39c56 [shntool] d1Track09.shn
2a7ab8727ddca8e3d15679d2500308f3 [shntool] d1Track10.shn
c4fad884beafdfbb5ad3a617b9e98657 [shntool] d2Track01.shn
1dbc61ac8ba48d764d15c8704aea86c9 [shntool] d2Track02.shn
81882cdc231d53ba1c80ceb76bf88d0c [shntool] d2Track03.shn
5e86f921784c02ed39b010930e76e6f8 [shntool] d2Track04.shn
b6c887c3b5dbd823aa2fdac4f24f0f93 [shntool] d2Track05.shn
6cbe6de851f18875d93e70bcc9f1250c [shntool] d3Track01.shn
85c6f72d872b5ef3b4b879eec827baef [shntool] d3Track02.shn
940031b6938d5ef44726c8ee5a7e6fbe [shntool] d3Track03.shn
221dbc499bcf9222513c3886185d1316 [shntool] d3Track04.shn
dc8522de2528ef7c53adf6e4f300035b [shntool] d3Track05.shn
c12ae4f84e7c59cf7fb56c30db82754e [shntool] d3Track06.shn

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