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Phish 06/08/90
23 East Cabaret, Ardmore, PA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD > Cass/0 > DAT > DAT > Fostex D5 > WaveTerminal 2496 > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Jeff Ishaq; see info file for minor fixes and flaws 
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23 East Cabaret - Philadelphia, PA

Source:  SBD > Cassette master > DAT > SHN
Transfer:  DAT > Fostex D5 > WaveTerminal 2496 > CDWav > SHN
Transferred by Jeff Ishaq ([email protected])

Disc 1:  [64:07]
Set I:
1.  [01:33] Warmup
2.  [07:52] Foam
3.  [04:09] Bouncing Around The Room >
4.  [15:56] You Enjoy Myself* ->
5.  [12:52] Divided Sky
6.  [04:19] Uncle Penn
7.  [01:42] Oh Kee Pah Ceremony ->
8.  [05:18] Suzy Greenberg ->
9.  [10:26] Run Like An Antelope

Disc 2: [48:42]
Set II:
1.  [08:51] Possum
2.  [02:10] My Sweet One >
3.  [06:57] Bathtub Gin >
4.  [11:01] Tweezer
5.  [03:54] I Didn't Know
6.  [06:10] Mike's Song ->
7.  [02:31] I Am Hydrogen ->
8.  [07:08] Weekapaug Groove

* Noteworthy bass solo and segue!

d2t8 00:33, removed pop
d2t5 00:35, removed pop

d1t5 08:16, .5 second d/o in Divided Sky
d2t5 00:35, static of some form
d2t8 02:07-02:09, big diginoise burst (doh!)

Subtle static/clipping/buzzing sound during some songs in the second set

It's too bad this show has defects in the second set.
The YEM -> Sky/2 is -fantastic-.  -Jeff
Show Checksums
79288060fb44fe10fd7edf326a86ec24 *ph90-06-08d1t02.shn
ef2c76444d8d606832f6d4ff4f132649 *ph90-06-08d1t03.shn
f20594f47d71f7ff4939e1ff06601ed6 *ph90-06-08d1t07.shn
55f85bb4321be20dd6a251f0140bf38b *ph90-06-08d1t08.shn
b110728b2466b6f12c6aacb8c97fcea0 *ph90-06-08d1t04.shn
fe898b331067eb4502a22272c6e4a0f1 *ph90-06-08d1t05.shn
6a4312cbd461b616c186608b3d878b75 *ph90-06-08d1t06.shn
c133bcebe631fccdf24ff6a07d8a5b21 *ph90-06-08d1t09.shn
7ec9a35aed3ece23bd103a6939dfd52a *ph90-06-08d1t01.shn
086a6d129c62dbb404761ec6dc078786 *ph90-06-08d2t01.shn
1bbb705876713725ea04a691c6630b56 *ph90-06-08d2t02.shn
5aaa38fc7939c0b9c7d8512ca94dcc29 *ph90-06-08d2t05.shn
620ea8c4870a1c645cb9614e452ea517 *ph90-06-08d2t06.shn
9e37f5f8bf2f1eed7439b0e3bcc6dac6 *ph90-06-08d2t03.shn
9c4b1cd12bc78c981b3f577b7f074b48 *ph90-06-08d2t04.shn
29ec38f88f04c5b86db08e17c25afe65 *ph90-06-08d2t07.shn
46486cc144ed6ca286e9f9e26cae3e31 *ph90-06-08d2t08.shn
66f96384657f04f5717baddc87af9ac7 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t01.shn
6c9ef1f1058d00be2a6427d29bee0bbc [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t02.shn
87509e18fe8aee2ff5c07c10be57f4b0 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t03.shn
eef0e20de6267cbf9a666d2670a6c135 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t04.shn
ce2150151828107a707af346651bbaa3 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t05.shn
b5ef372e017a6f835e356f69ea695627 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t06.shn
05e3ee7cf17082c91e8ab318f3ffec79 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t07.shn
3001333c5fe6fcb774a2fcb47cf0dac8 [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t08.shn
603cbb4b6d6dc4b0c383a61633adb1ec [shntool] ph90-06-08d1t09.shn
bcf0f9f329bb526e75d717bde4a15c76 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t01.shn
2c349554009d0215bd1019163aef3218 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t02.shn
86adbadd367529ed9c3075fb633127f3 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t03.shn
e9de03bcbdb86d9de254e2bca0e5eb99 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t04.shn
2e372507d31be3e96caf2c0ca549bc55 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t05.shn
06f14578d4b4313974b4007914622f4c [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t06.shn
e3c58ae0b48042b611d3b02553f88fb6 [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t07.shn
83b9c9c10b33a2f52e91cdc72f70152f [shntool] ph90-06-08d2t08.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD > Sony D6 Cassette... (0) flac16, 48kHz; SBD;... (0)
Date User Comment
08/29/2001 Jeff Ishaq It had recently come to my attention that this show might be misdated or misvenued (or both). The setlist in the HPB for 6/8/90 certainly doesn't correspond to this show. After some research, a few people -insist- that the DAT I transferred was indeed 6/8/90, implying the HPB setlist is simply incorrect. On the other hand, someone tells me a friend who was at the 6/8/90 show says it's impossible that my DAT was of that night.

In addendum, the complete venue name is "Brownie's 23 East Cabaret - Ardmore, PA". There were at least two other Phish shows here, 7/8/90 and 9/29/90.

So I don't know what to tell you about the accuracy of the venue/date, but that's all I know for now. -Jeff Ishaq
12/17/2007 NJFunkNetwork Just for the record, I was at this show. This is DEFINITELY the correct setlist for this night. I remember the entire set list and the fact that the second set was cut short after Mikes.

The CURRENT venue name is Brownie's 23 East. The name of the venue in 1990 was just the 23 East Cabaret. Steve Mountain owned & operated the 23E, Chestnut, and Ambler Cabarets back then. Then they all closed for several years. The corporate whores didn't re-open the 23E under the name Brownie's until many years later.

There was NO show 7/8/90. The band took a break from touring between the 6/16 Townsend show and the September shows.
01/11/2009 wjb67 One Way to know for sure is; Dies Mike's bass drop out at the beginning of the set? Someone who was working lights by hand behind the band knocked Mike's bass amp's power cord out of the outleft by mistake in the middle of a song. And they DID play Alumni Blues that night...and Trey DID do a Gamehenge rap about the lizards climbing the Rhombus using "Hook-ed" instruments during Divided Sky...I was there and sober the entire night (I drove...and it was raining).