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Phish 02/25/03
First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; DPA 4011's > Lunatec V2 > Sonic AD2K+ > Sony PCM-M1 > DAT(c); DAT(c) > Tascam DA-20 > Emagic Audiowerk2 > Soundforge > CDWave > SHN; Source by Mark Lynn; Transfer by Louie Rendek and Mike Woellert 
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First Union Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Taper: Mark Lynn
Source: DPA 4011 > Lunatec V2 > AD2K > Sony M1

Tracking: Mike Woellert
Tracked using CDWAVE

WAV > SHN: Mike Woellert ([email protected])
WAV > SHN using mkwACT (seek files appended at the end of the file)

Conversion: Louie Rendek
    Tascam DA-20 > Emagic Audiowerk2 > Sound Forge 4.5a (record/resample)

Disc 1/Set I

1. Crowd Intro 00:49.30
2. Julius 09:00.37
3. Talk* 03:10.14
4. 46 Days 09:20.38
5. Taste 12:42.61
6. Frankie Says 05:33.35
7. Slave to the Traffic Light 14:18.33
8. Water in the Sky 05:41.46

Disc 2/Set I cont.
1. Walls of the Cave 19:17.53
Set II
2. Crowd Intro 00:35.64
3. AC/DC Bag 12:56.55
4. Cities 08:14.10
5. Theme from the Bottom > 16:35.49
6. Runaway Jim 10:54.21
7. Thunderhead 05:34.55

Disc 3/Set II cont.
1. Sparkle 05:05.21
2. Pebbles and Marbles 13:00.59
3. Encore Break 03:05.59
4. The Squirming Coil 08:06.91
5. Character Zero 09:09.18

* - had not been not played in 162 shows (8/6/98)


-slight level jump at the end of Julius (during crowd noise)

Show Checksums
cea3417fdc4054116c610a3919c87f7f [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t01.shn
e4d73f2c18fcd31e955b8071d53ccea5 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t02.shn
4a3baeae8954a83603ff65b3a486c318 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t03.shn
f4dcadf31a5efa8765c269b7be444d56 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t04.shn
7722029a9c0076a1c089a04b89c00e68 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t05.shn
199650b1d606fd9fc6e0c2783f95268b [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t06.shn
99534050fc51226c5fda5647d1511c15 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t07.shn
b301bf06e563310211fe8fbb6968c4b5 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d1t08.shn
c9a75f93b6e31287763db24214f0447c [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t01.shn
8f8e17cec040aa31a0ba65ba9795b13e [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t02.shn
0d24fec7b7fc62042c56570ec7965f13 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t03.shn
2e3d2ee56a8460cd8c8d6767820a2fec [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t04.shn
ad7e81e7ce204f8a07d9fbb448eea4f1 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t05.shn
01b073f4af15639d391e0619ad1b2d51 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t06.shn
5b8e40b6b19a769520da4aa830860980 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d2t07.shn
9a582cb1cb53af567b77807fa3505f5a [shntool] ph2003-02-25d3t01.shn
288fb8280d6eac79b34cc7602e63e261 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d3t02.shn
c9b853886385e0ce9fa77c0d5d3f4046 [shntool] ph2003-02-25d3t03.shn
43e357b718e413bc50fef116fa234ada [shntool] ph2003-02-25d3t04.shn
65c5da99aea0bea69be60c634ef16e1e [shntool] ph2003-02-25d3t05.shn
c803471bf44ae9764a224119845ec2db *ph2003-02-25d1t01.shn
9d1a126558cec5618d869d678878d30e *ph2003-02-25d1t02.shn
4bd8ba13d6f23790a7b75bacf481d3e2 *ph2003-02-25d1t03.shn
eda088cad7993ae74971aa762c5ae16c *ph2003-02-25d1t04.shn
5bcfd13ebef7de2124e7f5867d3191dd *ph2003-02-25d1t05.shn
d76062513e13d1ee3c103218b4997028 *ph2003-02-25d1t06.shn
aff29f61351ca849038f25e0382a4c0a *ph2003-02-25d1t07.shn
3bd41a45441800a87086dcc5b1c41820 *ph2003-02-25d1t08.shn
48a358f227ee366dc57aeda735e29661 *ph2003-02-25d2t01.shn
a404e672d8269a90ac4a69793f97a43b *ph2003-02-25d2t02.shn
5578b746feb38026c4c6265554ab32e9 *ph2003-02-25d2t03.shn
76d61c1eb0d12c004a7f15a2997c44db *ph2003-02-25d2t04.shn
f4424b91b6874dfe7876ffbd424c16d9 *ph2003-02-25d2t05.shn
52a32253fbc9592e29c1e2afc1d477c6 *ph2003-02-25d2t06.shn
c7af0102f104670ad366056f261f695e *ph2003-02-25d2t07.shn
1186c6f30ec1d096f664aaf80692a074 *ph2003-02-25d3t01.shn
fcaa0baf973134ba0f7a651eb58b51c8 *ph2003-02-25d3t02.shn
077d6a32f311d5fb391558e1de49e19a *ph2003-02-25d3t03.shn
ba2c1e26d8694d50e5b0d29495ec516d *ph2003-02-25d3t04.shn
ed1a765d18a78076ccb0e27799ab2ce1 *ph2003-02-25d3t05.shn

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