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Grateful Dead 10/28/72
Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland, OH
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Entered by Steve Swartz
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Source Summary filler on Seastones disc; Dark Star/Philo Stomp; via D. Finney 
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1)  Seastones1
    11.28.73 sbd tracks 1-6
    filler: Dark Star/Philo Stomp 10.28.72 tracks 7-8

2)  Seastones 2
    "11.28.73" poss. studio outtakes tracks 1-7
    filler: T. Constanten- Tarot Outtakes pt 2, track 8

3)  Seastones3
    "11.28.73" aud (mono) tracks 1-8
    filler: T. Constanten - Tarot Outtakes pt 1 tracks 9-17

4)  Seastones4
    6.6.75 Dominican College tracks 1-9

These are 4 CDs of Seastones shows. 1-3 were originally distributed by the
Bay Area Traders Group (BATG) as 11.28.73, but are thought by some to
actually be 3 different performances. This issue, and others, were discussed
extensively on Deadlists. The Tarot outakes were on side 2 of the second tape.
The origin of the Dominican College, San Rafael show is not known by me.

Some history: I was attracted to this show by the Compendium vol 1 review.
I went looking for the tape, but was turned down by an analog trader who
suggested I seek out a DAT copy. After some more searching, a kind DATster
spun a CD copy for me. Upon examination, it turned out that the quality of
the DAT copy was lower than the copy owned by the analog trader. He
finally relented and loaned me the tapes, but not until after comparing
quality with the Compendium reviewer's tape. It is probably relevant that
the DATster got the tape from the DAT branch of the BATG tree.

The shows are a bit hissy, but are the best quality of 4 copies checked.
The Compendium reviewer gave his copy an "A", but I'd call the selected
recordings A-/B+. I digitized the tapes (Denon, P-200, AWE64, CoolEdit96),
set track markers (kindly provided by the analog trader), rejoined
overlapped sections providing coverage over tape flips etc and
burned to CDR (CDRWin, SAF-RW226, TDK blanks).

This was a very interesting exercise in Grateful Dead tape archaeology.

[email protected]
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57ca51b84138ec542b3200e74dac1c40 *seastones1-d1t8.shn
71e28ac35a13cf41b5c8de2782771832 [shntool] seastones1-d1t7.shn
29028530ea86107d7b17d37a2439ce93 [shntool] seastones1-d1t8.shn

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