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Grateful Dead 09/22/87
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Cleanup by Chris Frisco of previous seed; SBD>C>DAT>CDR; See info file for details 
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Grateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia PA


Disc 1
SET1 :
Hey Pocky Way [5:07]  
Althea [7:19]
Little Red Rooster [8:12]
When Push Comes To Shove [4:43]  
When I Paint My Masterpiece [4:16]
Ramble On Rose [6:44]
Cassidy [6:20] >
Gimme Some Lovin' (1) [5:36]  
China Cat Sunflower [5:43] >
I KnowYou Rider [6:10] >

Disc 2;
Samson And Delilah [6:10]
Terrapin Station [13:33]>
Drums [7:38#] >
Space [#1:51] >
Two Soldiers Jam  [5:20] >
The Wheel [4:36] >
Truckin' [6:46] >
Stella Blue [8:37] >
Sugar Magnolia[8:58]
ENCORE It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [7:10]

(1)- w/ Spencer Davis
Adams Family tining before Cassidy
first "Two Soldiers" jam

repaired flaws:
d1t01 - diginoise at 1:45-1:47 removed.  patched from 1:06-1:08
d1t02 - glitch removed 2:27
d1t04 - glitch removed 4:44
d1t06 - two drop outs at end of song removed
d2t01 - drop out at 7:15 removed
d2t07 - glitch removed 3:22
d2t07 - two drop outs removed at end on track

remaining flaw:
d2t02 - drop out from 11:40 - 11:42

refined by Chris Frisco at the Frisco Refinery 3/1/03
circulated to CDead: 3/3/03

Show Checksums
79542356237928983b01d83f4fa691a9 *gd87-09-22d1t11.shn
b12e19d6e37751c4c179599f7e1b7bc4 *gd87-09-22d1t02.shn
a4640638006908acf092f3aad6532bc4 *gd87-09-22d1t03.shn
a46b28ad8d8b567d89be97f177ac62f4 *gd87-09-22d1t04.shn
a01858782d3d2cad6ca4b9834f661fb2 *gd87-09-22d1t05.shn
0797ba1af1ee0ccf46d29f490f362935 *gd87-09-22d1t06.shn
6f3ae400bb3b43ac48ce6ba9e2fbdf31 *gd87-09-22d1t07.shn
f63f1e148c5aa1629043520c85587235 *gd87-09-22d1t08.shn
f38ad6ad72c05f1ffc97f41b2a0d8ad7 *gd87-09-22d1t09.shn
18ac56711703a44c4f87c9519a56dea7 *gd87-09-22d1t10.shn
90e4d90b10350b789cf827b352e817e0 *gd87-09-22d1t01.shn
285cbe1e1e62d0bc30c11757cf0d9bbb *gd87-09-22d2t10.shn
52ebf99d36d403fc6b7295122f2f9c28 *gd87-09-22d2t02.shn
f7790f1e96078a6e85743a86f1ddf68c *gd87-09-22d2t03.shn
2feb02d3219e1579da4e48eeeb833028 *gd87-09-22d2t04.shn
1cae5ac1ed730c703260621cbe274d3d *gd87-09-22d2t05.shn
0ecd9e1f6689767cadbd8cff8fcaa89d *gd87-09-22d2t06.shn
799954a633d830096e76b497898c87cd *gd87-09-22d2t07.shn
23d2c26986340a0216367ba2cd75b5a9 *gd87-09-22d2t08.shn
8cab95b84b3e6d0d8ca7fb58de9ad47f *gd87-09-22d2t09.shn
ee3752515deb6d65b6971d88a7cc8f8f *gd87-09-22d2t01.shn
d5c0aebd832cef1e5a2588ffa08a410e [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t01.shn
fc4c2cb52caa3cd1f50807888c271dfb [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t02.shn
bed3eca40006bb429cb402a902eded73 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t03.shn
d1c64eba31f54c11a2262a68df57aa06 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t04.shn
a23dd7a46428ca29cf2f530aad1536e4 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t05.shn
0498f0bde7d65a6e9f4249e21140b6e0 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t06.shn
b69c8543eddc7f61269097402d2b5d26 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t07.shn
6c16e4329a85ec47e385c433c7279a11 [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t08.shn
e3502c7d30d1c5dbbf5979006477cf8f [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t09.shn
c7ba5064b194a2c2de05ea8e2eb81b1f [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t10.shn
84d94dfe7945ebe75aadb3714f0ea5cd [shntool] gd87-09-22d1t11.shn
db5459cd130491131dbb77e2a205d3a1 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t01.shn
247b157ac1e7ff9bc323be109c124847 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t02.shn
1040b0a90d47d0550b94ebe63c82ac0f [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t03.shn
42dc9fa3f8471247257a1956ac3e6cbf [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t04.shn
c47bfc7f99422b6fa920367879c175f4 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t05.shn
12437c4acd9a602d59c83e18da3e69d9 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t06.shn
2572729b18e639ba53d28f14e357dc08 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t07.shn
a9a62c2287b05a836cdc912755b921a6 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t08.shn
65598b03c3886ebd802b9fcf0c8103d7 [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t09.shn
8ab2af163e0481c6390b40e06e34211c [shntool] gd87-09-22d2t10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD>C>DAT>CDR>EAC>MKW>SHN... (3) flac16; taper : Joe... (1) flac16; Set 2 Only... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac24; Source:... (0) flac16; (original... (0) flac16; Matrix 2... (0) DTS-Audio-CD 5.1... (0) flac16/48kHz; 5.1... (0) flac24/44.1kHz;... (0) flac16; Recording... (2)
Date User Comment
03/18/2004 Thomcat I believe that the "Two Soldiers Jam" is actually the "Handsome Cabin Boy Jam," although I could be wrong.
03/20/2004 Stan I was at that show- It was Handsome Cabin Boy.
12/23/2004 Terrapanda Sounds like more than one cassette gen to me.
05/19/2010 charliemiller This is not a master. It has at least one more analog gen in it.