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KVHW 11/27/99
Quixote's True Blue Cafe, Denver, CO
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C61 tubes (XY,DFC) > Tascam DAP-1 (DAT); Transfer: Sony TCD-D7 (DAT) > WAV via Lucid PCI24 > Soundforge > CDwav > SHN [no DAE] 
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November 27, 1999
Quixote's True Blue - Denver, CO

Source: AKG C61 tubes (XY on-stage, dfc) -> Tascam DAP1
Taped by Jimmy Stiefel

Transfer: Sony TCD-D7 > Lucid PCI24 > Soundforge > CDwav > SHN
Transfer & Encoding by Syd Schwartz

Set 1: Bad Hair, From The Bass Up, Nine > Ring Around The Moon > Nine, Poonk > Express Yourself > Poonk, If You Only Knew, Footprints

Set 2: A New Africa, Cissy Strut, ? (slow song with Bobby on fretless), Power Of Soul, Point Of No Return, Mr. Potato Head, E: It's Up To You, City Of Tiny Lights

Source: and Kieth Forman
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dc60cd0610d61d2c523d8eafa87a8fb9 *kvhw1999-11-27d1t1.shn
cb3efb95f8e5b5f64c4bd8c3db3fdc65 *kvhw1999-11-27d1t2.shn
ef3be8b2e3907c89a0752fd825da9a0e *kvhw1999-11-27d1t3.shn
1b245335265879f96448d9b1ac2f08dc *kvhw1999-11-27d1t4.shn
c4f2aa817b852e35c680ad1277a10a4a *kvhw1999-11-27d2t1.shn
42fd8dc70c4938e2d7fa60fe8e40b319 *kvhw1999-11-27d2t2.shn
e4977ce1a71ff7cd64aa1d686b539085 *kvhw1999-11-27d2t3.shn
89c241d732ccee32eb8b7843421e4dc2 *kvhw1999-11-27d2t4.shn
8664656f953b8576267eb57fc6fc4ccc *kvhw1999-11-27d2t5.shn
c971d85bc2ddc81baa026a89c7cf03f8 *kvhw1999-11-27d3t1.shn
631e056f32aca71bb75298ddb6de7991 *kvhw1999-11-27d3t2.shn
3ffcd33d306212f160d003730653f242 *kvhw1999-11-27d3t3.shn
f663f889ae326362bb8e653445a3f1a2 *kvhw1999-11-27d3t4.shn
39c2d37ed5114c8b4757bf1bc98d46f6 *kvhw1999-11-27d3t5.shn


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Date User Comment
03/29/2003 j howe This source is available from the Llama. Very worthy of your bandwith. Get your copy today...
04/13/2003 Mark Goldey This source has SBE's on d2t2 and d2t5.