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Jeff Tweedy 03/25/98
Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
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Source Summary AKG C1000 S's w/ PPC 1000 > Sony TCD-D10proII (48 kHz), FOB 
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Jeff Tweedy
March 25, 1998
Lounge Ax, Chicago IL

Source: AKG C1000 S's w/ PPC 1000 > Sony TCD-D10proII (48 kHz), FOB

Transfer: Dat Master > Tascam DA-20mkII > Zefiro ZA2 (resampling to
44.1 kHz) > HD > CD Wave (tracking) >
Sound Forge (fade and 2 sec silence to t01) > shn

CD Track Listing:

01 Via Chicago
02 *Hesitating Beauty
03 When The Roses Bloom Again
04 Forget The Flowers
05 John Wesley Harding
06 -Stage Banter-
07 *A Shot In The Arm
08 New Madrid
09 -Stage Banter-
10 *Christ For President
11 -Stage Banter
12 James Alley Blues
13 Red-Eyed And Blue
14 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
15 -Stage Banter-
16 *Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)
17 Passenger Side
18 -Stage Banter-
19 Hoodoo Voodoo
20 Pecan Pie
21 %Wait Up
22 *California Stars
23 Misunderstood
24 -Encore Break-
25 -Stage Banter-
26 *I'm Always In Love
27 Thirteen
28 Yesterday

* first time played
% has cuts in the middle and at the end due to battery problems in the
master dat deck

Note: This show requires an 80 min. cd
Show Checksums
3a526ee646bb2ac04cb77d8497eb38d6 *jtweedy1998-03-25t01.shn
bf254e62f2c767a0f4935681e30e34e3 *jtweedy1998-03-25t02.shn
8703b4523c09e166bda17430d5dcf366 *jtweedy1998-03-25t03.shn
05d88d4b2011e9ab17555907575eb7b1 *jtweedy1998-03-25t04.shn
0cefd83a44dd7c2ed6d0485322e0d6de *jtweedy1998-03-25t05.shn
5881f5e8ac2e9797c153adf32ff08541 *jtweedy1998-03-25t06.shn
49893838f049623f6b47f5b24eff4718 *jtweedy1998-03-25t07.shn
38f7a0a17b5d47b9aaac09f837b35414 *jtweedy1998-03-25t08.shn
65538915c325c8138c3e6a8213fb31b3 *jtweedy1998-03-25t09.shn
1805623a297cc9493cc4fa9d20c5cba7 *jtweedy1998-03-25t10.shn
98432545b775280ba302bf52e70d523d *jtweedy1998-03-25t11.shn
f05133922d4c9ba5dd7afa207d47c5df *jtweedy1998-03-25t12.shn
72a12780ac382501b43b9eaa44430446 *jtweedy1998-03-25t13.shn
e5f82fd04f6653088baba82de8d36273 *jtweedy1998-03-25t14.shn
1a6aadf75fd4a44b9db26ff7cc81a7a4 *jtweedy1998-03-25t15.shn
4dd207ca0fa72e8bbebc52b3b049b4d1 *jtweedy1998-03-25t16.shn
4f800868acdc8089e1368f596c4188ac *jtweedy1998-03-25t17.shn
79d3532c246ca8aa91165da4bf0d1d11 *jtweedy1998-03-25t18.shn
0af39e9fc000874d50700f4f024457a6 *jtweedy1998-03-25t19.shn
4ae71d92035f8aa86ee68ed85f1e1fb6 *jtweedy1998-03-25t20.shn
2dd75bef9e67c6423e515085d883f36c *jtweedy1998-03-25t21.shn
7d41ce5f0282b03aab3c100d340b2952 *jtweedy1998-03-25t22.shn
75c346b02439872a81e80d05d16167de *jtweedy1998-03-25t23.shn
88aacd7da7647c35655bb697f985429b *jtweedy1998-03-25t24.shn
f5c69e633da7d5e22278e5cb7c57b6ea *jtweedy1998-03-25t25.shn
cf69141b3d25f24b0a3b0794330fa943 *jtweedy1998-03-25t26.shn
962a9b170c62775407410debaaf522a4 *jtweedy1998-03-25t27.shn
ca76e049fe79a68a31a909a3f5ee55df *jtweedy1998-03-25t28.shn

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