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Gov't Mule 02/13/03
Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums SET 1 , SET 2
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps ccm4-->apogee mini-me-->[email protected] 
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Gov't Mule
Water Street Music Hall
Rochester, NY

Comments: with Danny Louis and Andy Hess
Source: Schoeps ccm4-->apogee mini-me-->[email protected]
Transfer: da-p1-->audiophille [email protected]>goldwave-->.wav-->cdwav-->.shn

1st Set:
Lay Your Burden Down > Bad Little Doggie > How Many More Years > Higher Ground tease > How Many More Years, Far Away, Monkey Hill > She's So Heavy jam (1)> Sco-Mule (1), Down And Out In New York City (1)> Thorazine Shuffle (1)

2nd Set:
Rocking Horse > Drivin' Rain, Banks Of The Deep End, Blind Man In The Dark (1)> Drums > Drums/Flute (2)+> Painted Silver Light (1), I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (1), Mule (1)> What Is Hip? (1)> Mule (1)
Encore: Keyboard intro > Soulshine (1)
Setlist Notes: (1) Karl Denson on sax; (2) Karl Denson on flute; + first time played

Taper Notes:
This show was a great way to start off my first real vacation in close to 4
years. I have been dying to see Gov't Mule for years now and I finally got
my chance at the Water Street Music Hall.
At first the whole taping scene was real scetchy. They won't let us tape on the floor, or shall I say the SBD guy for Gov't Mule would not let me tape on the floor so Jeff and I
where forced to go upstairs which I thought was going to suck. Luckly
another guy has his schoeps mics mounted on a boom stand that lowered them
down below the balconey above the crowd right between the stacks. We used
Jeff's V2 pre-amp and my mini-me A/D converter with this guys mics and it
came out beatifully. This is one of my better recordings at Water Street and
the crowd noise was really minimal due to the excellent mic placement.
The show was incredible and Warren and band really seemed to lock into the
great vibe the packed house was supplying. They just wailed out great tune
after great tune and I was super impressed, can't wait to catch these guys
again at the GOTV. The 4 songs they did for encores really made the night
for me though, especially the Soulshine and Radioheads Creep. As I said
above the recording on this one is incredible and I am sure any one that
downloads it will agree, this was the real gem of the month. Enjoy!!!!

Disc 1, DAT#1, Set 1, 13 files, 424MB
Disc 2, DAT#2, Set 2+encore, 20 files, 645MB

Show Checksums
23bd461a543e89965b47099314be4803 *09 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
f8e3bd0961aacf22ad727cc5ec71d300 *02 GM 2-13-02 Set 1.shn
572415de88008beaabafdc49bd11bcef *03 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
f9f8f7fd7c7450853be37ac7d3363c56 *04 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
29a72b35c5b669ea51f0841d22e6358e *05 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
8f5c53d140c8372d9269b0a4b058da7a *06 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
99a98c3f83f996f15ac86de8d35cee2f *07 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
9353d5e46d4d1cf367f312f41c895e76 *08 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
16217111ad6c5d58cf346f2547015c16 *01 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
c9ed6195c7fde7f60ae68ae193d4ade6 *11 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
80771e6182327651587c722f25f90644 *10 GM 2-13-03 Set 1.shn
4b6c02052bc9134dd3808638f5dbea6a *18 2-13-03 Encore #2.shn
7bd7aa4654a8aa95acc8c516993eee2b *02 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
de4069086ee41bdaad331b23a8fdcdb6 *03 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
08c09caeb2c29e61a5bf73059e9e9843 *04 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
c9ccc8c3b21e1f7c53f436304c958c71 *05 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
91a781363a3be3672a56661dc3dd9050 *06 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
5ad9ed34cc160ac41b1e361af6f79460 *07 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
c819ddfd9d8761ce4314c006b845ad3b *08 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
8417c4c5c4e95315529aeaed3caf30ce *09 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
3796aebb26bdf52ec094c31a4bbe4fb9 *10 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
3ebd0b06c1fd90eb1a65e2782be35c6b *11 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
608964693913aef88d64a2c0802385f2 *12 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
c413538b95bdd1ecca1479ef5c16bea0 *13 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn
ef520b2f274b32066a8e8a51d2627ccb *14 GM 2-13-03 Encore #1.shn
5eb7a40d2d235fc804c2500c52aeaa26 *15 2-13-03 Encore #1.shn
5cee3e99805c5b9deab62e7243ad78e3 *16 2-13-03 Encore #2.shn
085a1cb6b00cf5de1145f567b9398831 *17 2-13-03 Encore #2.shn
5d7437be1830302bf70d26b29e8c46df *01 GM 2-13-03 Set 2.shn

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04/14/2003 darrin Shouldn't the lineage be " ccm4>v2>mini-me? -- taper's notes (in info file above) state "We used Jeff's V2 pre-amp and my mini-me A/D converter with this guys mics and it
came out beatifully.'
04/14/2003 Doug_819 This seed needs tracking work, especially on discs 2 and 3.