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Zero 12/11/97
Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C61's w/CK1 > DAT; Transfer: D8 (DAT) > WAV via SEK'D Prodif Plus > Samplitude Project & CDWav > SHN (seek tables appended) [no DAE] 
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Zero - 12/11/97 (Thu)
Quixote's True Blue - Denver, CO

onstage AKG C61's w/CK1->DAT
xfer via D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->
Samplitude Project (48->44.1)->CDWav->
MKWAct->shn (seek tables appended)

CD #1 - Set I
1.) Pits Of Thunder
2.) Friday's Child
3.) Golden Road
4.) Rigor Mortis
5.) La Fiesta

CD #2 - Set I cont.
1.) Outskirts Of Town->
    Red House
2.) Ermaline
-- Set II --
3.) Set II intro.
4.) Berm
5.) Chance In A Million->
6.) Spoken For
7.) In A Silent Way

CD #3 - Set II cont.
1.) Catalina
2.) Severe Tire Damage->
3.) Straight Jackets->
4.) Severe Tire Damage

missing encore - Can't Keep A Good Man Down
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dbba8c549a6edfd21e6a825cc322a5aa *zero1997-12-11d1t1.shn
619cc801bec8b5e79bc135eef7ae07e8 *zero1997-12-11d1t2.shn
9a9010ffcf1d76aad34def373dc994e1 *zero1997-12-11d1t3.shn
ba8a5c31e6e670cbb7b0b52a9605558a *zero1997-12-11d1t4.shn
bb510fdc512455c34ecf13a6b90d7f3c *zero1997-12-11d1t5.shn
439b3d66b6bf8300f8fb7a2aceeb4a0e *zero1997-12-11d2t1.shn
522dfb6eff5706afd8badd80278c529c *zero1997-12-11d2t2.shn
a87e0dc47bbd41240a62084a9d453567 *zero1997-12-11d2t3.shn
05a1cded48c786e2ff7be8a04a1d1c68 *zero1997-12-11d2t4.shn
52bced23e27ac06cf7aee05d3bcfcec5 *zero1997-12-11d2t5.shn
e315688efa854d9d27596b8bb2558f84 *zero1997-12-11d2t6.shn
b69aa0791479696ca9f42b62c66028a7 *zero1997-12-11d2t7.shn
a105dc4799ca0201b549cacbcc63ebf4 *zero1997-12-11d3t1.shn
e730a05aa9b8588051c8c9bc3473ea2d *zero1997-12-11d3t2.shn
de0656b37b37554ab769a8e9b60f2d45 *zero1997-12-11d3t3.shn
f23fb251d6edf7fff2fe192b94fd207a *zero1997-12-11d3t4.shn

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