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Stanton Moore 03/20/02
Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
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Entered by - j
Checksums all , d1t01fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Oktava MC012's > Denecke PS-2 > Neutrik Transformers > Sony PCM-M1 
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Stanton Moore 2002-03-20 Fox Theater - Boulder, CO
Skerik, Chris Wood, Brian Seeger, John Ellis

Oktava MC012's > Denecke PS-2 > Neutrik Transformers > Sony PCM-M1
From Taper's section

Transfer: Onkyo DT-9000 >optical> Hoontech DSP 24V (CoolEdit 2000 & EAC for fades & splits)

By: [email protected]

Set 1
Sprung Monkey, Let's Go, Fallin off the Floor, Hunch, Mr Sanchez
Set 2
For the Record, Nobody's Blues, Prarie Sunset, Magnolia Triangle, Amy's Lament, Tchfunktcha GTBT > WP > GTBT

- - - - d1t01 fixed info - - - -

fix: shn > wav > Cool Edit 2000 > shn (seek table appended)

This file describes the changes I made to disc 01 track 01.

I tried to fix disc 01 track 01 as well as I could.  
During many parts the left channel cuts/fades out a lot
or entirely.  To fix it, I used Cool Edit 2000.  

I couldn't just raise the volume of the left channel
because that didn't sound good at all.  So, I opted to
mix some of the right channel in with the left during the
problem parts.  Below are the parts of the track that
were changed (time in minutes:seconds.frames).  The
percentage on the right denotes what percent of the
right channel was mixed in with 100% of the left

01:46.587 -> 01:48.990 = 40%
01:48.990 -> 02:02.996 = 36%
02:35.242 -> 02:41.120 = 30%
02:41.120 -> 05:37.926 = 55%
05:37.926 -> 06:56.987 = 40%
14:45.935 -> 15:21.290 = 30%
15:21.290 -> 16:04.762 = 40%
16:04.762 -> 16:29.869 = 50%

You can just substitute the fixed disc 01 track 01
(sm2002-03-20d01t01fixed.shn) for the original version
(sm2002-03-20d01t01.shn) when burning your audio discs.  

I have kept the original track in case someone doesn't like
my purported fixes, or in case someone has a better way to
fix the problems.  I encourage you to listen to both before
committing to one or the other.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do!  Please send any
comments/questions to [email protected] or
xme[email protected].  And of course, if you do your own
fix, or come across a better version, etc., please let me know.

Thanks, and enjoy!
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a853eb81cd534b0f7492b7fefa8ca080 *SM_2002-03-20d01t01.shn
52ea4e80c110c9b3b6462a8440864c2b *SM_2002-03-20d01t02.shn
378ed84877d0c77ca5c572238e2f880d *SM_2002-03-20d01t03.shn
8b4ce87dbb40d58d9c4eb455b6d7e8b1 *SM_2002-03-20d01t04.shn
dde9add1d8af1ee895cfc0f0805d99b5 *SM_2002-03-20d01t05.shn
ca4834353ace601ade48d7fd27845e84 *SM_2002-03-20d02t01.shn
232f578daec7875f259156e42d11e1d9 *SM_2002-03-20d02t02.shn
e7c7fd65e9ed4a5cb79a1c016aa62622 *SM_2002-03-20d02t03.shn
1d7ad8ddcfa6677974f89696975c734f *SM_2002-03-20d02t04.shn
0365007b9b5fd8aaa2bdaba2a9f281a8 *SM_2002-03-20d03t01.shn
bc3e1a11acf778f89e6ae9240a0e160a *SM_2002-03-20d03t02.shn
fe95ba4404b00c278330742ecb6abff1 *SM_2002-03-20d03t03.shn
435d653af2a0a9afda6641c097b6279f *SM_2002-03-20d03t04.shn
a19e7995ca98b8766c86a66eee15159f *SM_2002-03-20d03t05.shn
f2ff75285762a78a8d1c717ab4f704c1 *sm2002-03-20d01t01fixed.shn

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