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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/27/96
Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX
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Source # 17 Other Sources
Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary unknown source; via Steevo 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
November 27th, 1996
Liberty Lunch, Austin,TX

Source: unknown

Disc 1:
1. Macha > Caravan
2. Wiggly's Way
3. Lifeblood >
4. Lonely Avenue

Disc 2:
1. Cape Verdean Blues *
2, Jam #
3. Bubblehouse #
4. Bass Solo
5. Chubb Sub

* w/Charlie Hunter
# w/Charlie Hunter Trio
Show Checksums
fd54a204aae46e55353a2e17182613e1 *mmw96-11-27d1t05.shn
e9a084b3f6981dd4c7139d4283394fa6 *mmw96-11-27d1t02.shn
dea94a8a483f11702849d7aba0e924a2 *mmw96-11-27d1t03.shn
33327013dcaf381bf68ed86780ebdf89 *mmw96-11-27d1t04.shn
e713518c155c252d2ec949fc5e5dfe60 *mmw96-11-27d1t01.shn
377c8bacd1091543353576dc115b85ae *mmw96-11-27d2t05.shn
1c6e0cb35bae9162ed0cf2f6346aa379 *mmw96-11-27d2t02.shn
397bc09b132447ce3d7efc701e259d74 *mmw96-11-27d2t03.shn
0dd7648925285ede5b51d157b5b2e4af *mmw96-11-27d2t04.shn
9f5e274783311b40efb6a9e0e018a34e *mmw96-11-27d2t01.shn

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Source unknown (2) flac16; Source:... (1)
Date User Comment
08/16/2006 gruven42 This is DAE > mp3 sourced. You can hear a small gap between Macha and Caravan, probably from the tracks being seperate in the original source, and then spliced together for this. And you can hear mp3 artifacts throughout. There is also a few seconds of skipping in d2t2 -- probably bad DAE.
08/18/2006 shackaholic Have you analyzed the frequency? I don't have this source, so I can't do so myself. If this is truly a source w/ mp3 in the lineage I'll absolutely edit the info on this entry. FTR, I have a Schoeps DAT coming my way for this show. Provided it's clean, I'll gladly xfer and host that one first on etree.