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Grateful Dead 01/31/78
Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary set 1 mostly AUD>MC>R>CD>EAC>SHN, set 2 SBD>MR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN with aud patches via Jack Warner and Mike Parrillo encoded/edits by Jeff Cotsman and Matt Vernon; upgrade in circulation  
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Grateful Dead

Uptown Theater,

source 1: SBD>MR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN
source 2: AUD>MC>R>CD>EAC>SHN

Disc 1 (72:59)
set 1:
1.  tuning (1:14)
2.  Mississippi Half Step (12:12)
3.  Passenger (7:02)
4.  Tennessee Jed (10:21)
5.  El Paso (5:32)
6.  Candyman (8:12)
7.  New Minglewood Blues (6:30)
8.  They Love Each Other (9:12)
9.  Let It Grow (12:39)

Disc 2 (31:13)
set 2:
1.  Scarlet Begonias--> (12:25)
2.  Fire On The Mountain (10:02)
3.  Samson & Delilah (8:45)

Disc 3 (57:12)
set 2 continued:
1.  Terrapin Station--> (10:24)
2.  Playin' In The Band--> (9:20)
3.  Drums & Bass--> (3:30)
4.  Jam--> (6:00)
5.  Black Peter--> (12:42)
6.  Truckin'--> (8:59)
7.  Good Lovin' (6:15)

The very good AUD recording supplies all of the first set except for Let It Grow.  The second set is all from the SBD, except for aud patches.

--aud patch in Playin' from 0:58 to 1:17
--aud patch at 5:39 in Jam for about 1 second (there was a gap from where the previous SBD version split across 2 discs at this point)
--aud patch in Black Peter from 6:35 to 6:57
--Main Ten tease at the end of Truckin'
--Sound Forge was used to correct the pitch of the AUD portions

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2003

Thanks to Jack Warner for the audience recording, and Mike Parrillo for the SBD segments
edits/encoding by Matt Vernon & JCotsman
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de17cfbb3f84fe343ef0cddaff44f3b0 *gd78-01-31d3t04.shn
846dc10a5ed2464d5ad9cad19ca1165b *gd78-01-31d3t02.shn
60d335b8d98e85c4f6ea54689d0a58ea *gd78-01-31d3t03.shn
7647ff65fd7de256d96a04c58b024365 *gd78-01-31d3t01.shn
b8ab0351ac2dee5fc9e076683c4072ca *gd78-01-31d3t05.shn
3be33e3d74590d9a8445652664668afd *gd78-01-31d3t06.shn
95b4bafbcfc1b01c233cc344e46e3e64 *gd78-01-31d3t07.shn
0f394afa53d257bafc69052b9707f46d *gd78-01-31d1t05.shn
09d5eecd43157456ce4353fa88c37c16 *gd78-01-31d1t02.shn
753ab558dfb438033d6173cecea9d617 *gd78-01-31d1t03.shn
5b6eba8d5845f7bca85f55d127244d6a *gd78-01-31d1t04.shn
6891d3fe3454a600724335c8983ed01c *gd78-01-31d1t01.shn
3247565c7cce90c7b9883867aaf056c9 *gd78-01-31d1t06.shn
8073a61f754073418b78b0624cf5328b *gd78-01-31d1t07.shn
81e2c4e7e4cb05b2cf4e830fdff0b19f *gd78-01-31d1t08.shn
97f6dab778996a828d6f73e758064f27 *gd78-01-31d1t09.shn
4841eb32e6a766a4ae2f1c941f9c3464 *gd78-01-31d2t02.shn
bd0d9aed07c783e462b3a11a042972cd *gd78-01-31d2t01.shn
5265ebde1f1634e0f036efc348eef14b *gd78-01-31d2t03.shn
a3c148e11bedf4dad06f19fe6538d2e7 [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t01.shn
0e7d57d5bc88723ec2cbf88a7d3e94df [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t02.shn
c6e99a87a6f877b2297f62183ad6bb8b [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t03.shn
9c6d0bb3c5ef8bfbb48749357c1914a7 [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t04.shn
5e30dfa13d3b6d8e81229c8daad643fc [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t05.shn
195518b1c62bb3da9792900b48d612ce [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t06.shn
15a93269020278d2d99906a850741455 [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t07.shn
6e0e4dfaa1f3bb17f3583a8a48d7fd6c [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t08.shn
b4402a026c675ef76f934ca048cfe4bd [shntool] gd78-01-31d1t09.shn
1a722e98a5c5e6aa2f03253c5aa748ed [shntool] gd78-01-31d2t01.shn
5320178e96f1cc774123c6ecd1ce3bdc [shntool] gd78-01-31d2t02.shn
131ffde4e25bc15dc0fe73a99e3e0857 [shntool] gd78-01-31d2t03.shn
4ad0d398a75db3ef7000c58f499df91b [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t01.shn
33c22a6a692d7ba247a4be58c4ebd939 [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t02.shn
a27c1c6adc4ed8c47f3e30c2c1e64281 [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t03.shn
428b7d65bf6ff243abf4bf8145993c15 [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t04.shn
7e3f2bf793ced65535ff322e5da7f11f [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t05.shn
f8cd42e16e0e3676a2f1d244fc1d447c [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t06.shn
155504e71897d0b8f1776e74628bcbfc [shntool] gd78-01-31d3t07.shn

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