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Grateful Dead 04/02/89
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Matrix>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN>WAV>CE2K>SHNTOOL>MKWACT. Editing/Seeding: MattMan  
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Grateful Dead
Pittsburgh Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA

Patch Source:    AUD(Beyer M-88?s>Sony TC-D5)>MC>DAT>CDR

Editing/Seeding: MattMan ([email protected])

Disc 1: Set 1

01. Iko Iko (1)
02. Red Rooster (2)
03. Dire Wolf
04. All Over Now
05. We Can Run
06. Brown-Eyed Women
07. Queen Jane Approximately
08. Tennessee Jed
09. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2: Set 2

01. Shakedown Street
02. Man Smart-Woman Smarter (3)
03. Foolish Heart
04. Drums
05. Space (4)
06. The Wheel
07. Dear Mr. Fantasy (5)
08. Hey Jude Reprise
09. Around And Around
10. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
11. Turn On Your Love Light
12. Encore: Baby Blue

-SHN data received from shnapster via Lee (aka Navels), who was also kind enough to provide the AUD source.
-Crispy matrix, solid show. At times Healy is playing with the mix between AUD and SBD such that the AUD becomes very prominent.

-All editing completed with Cool Edit 2000, followed by shntool to correct SBE's and mcwACT to encode to seekable shorten.
-Edits consisted of cleaning up diginoise, drop outs and transitions, and making fades.
-I used AUD patch and inter-source data to correct errors.
-AUD patch was pitch-corrected (resample ratio 100-101) with CE2K to match speed and pitch of this primary source which is Dead-in tune (A=440Hz).

Corrected Errors:
(1)01:13 diginoise; 01:27 d.n.; 02:09 d.n.; 02:49 d.n.
(2)02:51 drop out
(3)0:04 d.o.
(4)Transition between Drums and Space

Non-corrected Errors:
(5)05:14 through end of show, change in source. Not sure exactly what's going here, but it sounds as if the stereo image was corrupted to mono (you can still here both Weir & Mydland), and maybe the SBD portion of the matrix was lost? I experimented with replacing these tracks with the AUD patch, but the exisiting source still sounds fine, so I left it alone.

Please do not hesitate to send me any comments or questions: [email protected]
Show Checksums
191c29e0c9f4fa8c78bb41b98c0f45c5 *gd1989-04-02d2t12.shn
704cbe17d5c7b1c7e3d10012dd0e659c *gd1989-04-02d2t02.shn
f263177f8e5121889d47e0087a19c591 *gd1989-04-02d2t03.shn
b3b85c734998ee03793a4927270b6d0d *gd1989-04-02d2t04.shn
90720053b00d15851904cb9c17b38b41 *gd1989-04-02d2t05.shn
35ab1dfb755c207e71989131299cf631 *gd1989-04-02d2t06.shn
157aca3a4f800002e8fd05befea3caaf *gd1989-04-02d2t07.shn
01dc5817b72d29b02a88601224f00615 *gd1989-04-02d2t08.shn
5557bcd28396eef14557b1aa62fe86b7 *gd1989-04-02d2t09.shn
8cb8b0a96ae7ab60f5b5089c83e26913 *gd1989-04-02d2t10.shn
efd425293c31eddc714ba621a4b030aa *gd1989-04-02d2t11.shn
d8f5ce265406438474f45318477cf027 *gd1989-04-02d2t01.shn
7aac5d37ea23b84b63325977246513e2 *gd1989-04-02d1t09.shn
b5ca24db88108736a3ac85301bb2a40c *gd1989-04-02d1t02.shn
ce2e74a12d52a04a95a5599791d27eed *gd1989-04-02d1t03.shn
657e3c0848d6bd25b6fa0f0d8ddad2b5 *gd1989-04-02d1t04.shn
9bc8a4327951515ab809bfeb7ee3e93d *gd1989-04-02d1t05.shn
2703993e23a7be8cd38460b41eb536d3 *gd1989-04-02d1t06.shn
880d988d27bef97008ff64d9190a13da *gd1989-04-02d1t07.shn
1fa4d0235764875a63dcf11421c2a5da *gd1989-04-02d1t08.shn
c67bae48f8ec0009b238e6d8f0407ff9 *gd1989-04-02d1t01.shn
350b7f3eb9bcd862dfa1f4dff74d9f24 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t01.shn
091a291835a0c33865783d71c4eaa28a [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t02.shn
bd944ee5456b9cd18e070c07d07cb400 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t03.shn
01563f5d00cbdfc04a3e0e1dd42b6fc0 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t04.shn
9bafd4181eb6f270169bcb8cda91ad83 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t05.shn
92caef77562f051f2b8d923b51dc015f [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t06.shn
5614840c95215e4caa32a063187e586c [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t07.shn
3d698c23656a9d8dcc8907b9bb7de0be [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t08.shn
dcfa131ef3cd3b1edf0de0f3ba0f984b [shntool] gd1989-04-02d1t09.shn
e56f17c220381a7335a81a9cc0924d75 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t01.shn
4c5012650413da679d95145379ec2cbf [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t02.shn
c0120ed9123f27ec36616c4a1b085ef3 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t03.shn
32446f016b559833b2c091570838ac4d [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t04.shn
c87c642b8bf03b4e35c1ff47677d051a [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t05.shn
dc55438e5b6edad84f98616463e695a9 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t06.shn
c5afb81fe7abc7e964cdcacd793be940 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t07.shn
7a29995ba076304783b5a4ed63e2dd2a [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t08.shn
91f266dbd4f15e2a5949a113120513d4 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t09.shn
e78dcd6597a34bf7876e1fa008499f50 [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t10.shn
061799038e5ca85009b1f5fbc9b4a41f [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t11.shn
67700c0b95407a6ab403943d312a12af [shntool] gd1989-04-02d2t12.shn

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Date User Comment
09/30/2003 wik Funny, this DAT source sounds just like a cassette master, complete with plenty of hiss. Truly, Dan Healy was a master if he was able to make a DAT deck sound that much like a hissy cassette! Amazing.

This show, however, is really really cool. MNS has WEIRD STRANGE MIDI things happening. Awesome!! Shakedown is very upbeat, as well.
10/01/2003 mcole You could be right. All I can say is that I noted the lineage as I received it.
10/01/2003 Brian B. Don't forget that "weird and strange" effects can also mean Garcia hitting the wrong patch on his controller!
10/13/2003 uh_clem I agree that this source sounds EXACTLY like the audience recording that I have been listening to ever since I attended this show 14 years ago.
10/30/2003 wik You know what it is, actually? It's the exact same sound they played during the "Terrapin" of 8/4/02 Alpine Valley. They still have that MIDI toy, probably Mickey Hart's or something. That trippy spaceship sound effect thing... You can hear the crowd go a little nuts for it... they like it!
10/31/2003 sport My ole tapes of this say 7815@/d5 and d-5 /at815 dont ask me?