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Grateful Dead 11/06/70
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary Complete with NRPS sets mastered and encoded by Jack Warner. Acoustic set through 1:50 of El Paso, entire electric set is MAC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master, recorded from the center loge with a Sony TC-110 cassette deck with built-in microphone. *Uncle John's Band and NRPS set is MAC>C>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master. *From 1:50 of El Paso through 0:03 of Uncle John's Band is MAC>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Dave Tamarkin's master, recorded from the floor with a Sony Dictaphone 
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Grateful Dead, with New Riders of the Purple Sage
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
November 6, 1970

Disc One 74:03
1. Candyman take one 3:33
2. Candyman take two 3:34
3. Uncle John's Band take one 1:26
4. Uncle John's Band take two 3:37
5. Attics of My Life 5:12
6. Drums and bass tuning 7:05
     Acoustic set
7. Don't Ease Me In 3:26
8. Deep Elem Blues 6:41
9. Dark Hollow 4:21
10. Friend of the Devil 5:02
11. The Rub 3:24
12. Black Peter 8:44
13. El Paso 5:03
14. Brokedown Palace 7:04
15. Uncle John's Band 5:42

Disc Two 71:43
     NRPS set
1. Workin' Man Blues 5:15
2. I Don't Know You 4:11
3. Whatcha Gonna Do 6:37
4. Glendale Train 5:50
5. Portland Woman 6:11
6. Fair Chance to Know 5:19
7. All I Ever//Wanted 7:17
8. Truck Drivin' Man 5:04
9. Lodi 4:36
10. Me and Bobby McGee 4:25
11. Louisiana Lady 4:04
12. The Weight 7:08
13. Honky Tonk Woman 5:39

Disc Three 77:54
     Electric Set
1. Casey Jones 5:49
2. Me and My Uncle 3:42
3. King Bee 8:47
4. China Cat Sunflower > 5:07
5. I Know You Rider 6:07
6. Truckin' 9:34
7. Candyman 7:18
8. Sugar Magnolia 6:39
9. Drums > 0:45
10. Good Lovin' > 1:40
11. Drums > 5:03
12. The Main Ten > 4:21
13. Drums > 4:05
14. Good Lovin' 8:52

Disc Four 56:33
1. Alligator > 3:30
2. Waggin' His Tail Jam > 10:46
3. Not Fade Away > 2:29
4. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad > 4:37
5. Mountain Jam > 0:55
6. Not Fade Away > 2:27
7. Caution > 13:53
8. Turn On//Your Lovelight 17:52

*Acoustic set through 1:50 of El Paso, entire electric set is MAC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master, recorded from the center loge with a Sony TC-110 cassette deck with built-in microphone
*Uncle John's Band and NRPS set is MAC>C>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master
*From 1:50 of El Paso through 0:03 of Uncle John's Band is MAC>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Dave Tamarkin's master, recorded from the floor with a Sony Dictaphone

*There are some small master glitches ~1:30 of Black Peter.
*The Tamarkin master is fairly brutal, but it's the only tape which supplies the end of El Paso and Brokedown Palace.  There is some serious tape warble on these tunes, and there is some very bad tape crackle between songs, which I have removed where possible without touching the music.  Listener beware!  For completists only.
*There is a master tape flip at 6:14 of All I Ever Wanted.  Very little music seems to be missing.  I have smoothed the cut.
*There is a master glitch at 2:37 of Candyman.
*There are a few level fluctuations in Candyman.
*There is a master tape flip after Candyman.  No music is missing.
*The Easy Wind which has circulated with this date has been determined to be from July 10, 1970, and, as such, has not been included here.  Based on the tapes, it does not seem that Easy Wind was played this evening.
*There is a small master glitch at 4:03 of Drums following Good Lovin'.
*From Dave Tamarkin's recollection, there is a broken string which accounts for the break after Good Lovin'.  The electric set was one long set, not two sets as it has sometimes circulated in the past.
*There is a master tape flip at 7:30 of Lovelight.  Very little music seems to be missing.  I have smoothed the cut.

**Normalization, patches, EAC, SHN encoding by Jack Warner.  Uploaded to 5.6.03
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76092c95e936e0ef7009c9d488158087 *gd701106d1t01.shn
d2dd07107022f648860f677370b9ad1f *gd701106d1t02.shn
97f694fade1b4ec9ab84dd0f0d6177e3 *gd701106d1t03.shn
c4fffbcc80a7b6f04cd74ca234da40bb *gd701106d1t04.shn
d4b3dd458346e6e4d64d9487f3649c5a *gd701106d1t05.shn
02487c69c26b81756f8da4c4cc904b39 *gd701106d1t06.shn
d528d6f46b260e091e8adefb1920fa17 *gd701106d1t07.shn
5b47ce87cda2c0fb782b3b07f8979e1c *gd701106d1t08.shn
c6b2ffd1783c66e062be0f8f57faaacf *gd701106d1t09.shn
5a691705cd5edb4dfff028d483ba2b38 *gd701106d1t10.shn
9076db06ba52c2e4cdb06a60aa1e4815 *gd701106d1t11.shn
8eef0b1e42d37c8164e48b664195f69b *gd701106d1t12.shn
ece303065bbf477fa3f96bc5b701e9d3 *gd701106d1t13.shn
f67891d39c3cc3032028d06be64e9be0 *gd701106d1t14.shn
f97c4f91ff776d29d696319faa32eacc *gd701106d1t15.shn
c4c539e00eb9fd99888db84d19fa6291 *gd701106d3t01.shn
c824a5195d4bda85ae000fce673cc221 *gd701106d3t02.shn
061f7ebefb952325fa3c87508a980ead *gd701106d3t03.shn
c50ac932ec983f30e99ef5405025fd67 *gd701106d3t04.shn
9b9d62201874554aebb62aed156a8dca *gd701106d3t05.shn
e71a80d41d8c893249d620a42486b605 *gd701106d3t06.shn
b8aa895a9612d4615f10c5857fe41927 *gd701106d3t07.shn
36a1313d169ba91c75e288332b013d1a *gd701106d3t08.shn
e7cd5848949809163d160f8ef95d603e *gd701106d3t09.shn
33dfc857f4cf590e2a0d53294c4ef1eb *gd701106d3t10.shn
34a0c30978aacdf4bbb4f5d90735af0e *gd701106d3t11.shn
21bae10307cb49ddd454ef91ec87da2b *gd701106d3t12.shn
422a2e40e956d765c9138ff5935ba741 *gd701106d3t13.shn
bb021b81be5682a6a69332bd814922ac *gd701106d3t14.shn
c90014ca9c2ef7d9b9a4f34bc7c96371 *gd701106d4t01.shn
93b0adc10bb0fa60bb82569f50c69a11 *gd701106d4t02.shn
d49018701ccc1c7488c7fd8a0d83ef02 *gd701106d4t03.shn
5996bad464ce76c04193b048f1ec39e3 *gd701106d4t04.shn
d258b0f54e72e81f919eedcd23261add *gd701106d4t05.shn
4e113648578e730ded6cbfb4813475e0 *gd701106d4t06.shn
1a69d5d9413b8bc22d53ae3466aac7df *gd701106d4t07.shn
9c175b7ae0e7ba45465166d42c53bab4 *gd701106d4t08.shn
7a1078f9c5ffcfd384db3b908a1d1cfb *gd701106d2t01.shn
a51992bb7be988ed27f6f777dfca5fbb *gd701106d2t02.shn
8fec5f84e798115ff8aa45c5250c664b *gd701106d2t03.shn
81949ef79e6eea1baf709aad5f89f204 *gd701106d2t04.shn
0871c3321a652c4e0f68ec21fabee519 *gd701106d2t05.shn
d98e0f23494d87f14bd85f120f924ba6 *gd701106d2t06.shn
e9e01d3549d8c5680b84b42831decc08 *gd701106d2t07.shn
3d01891927b228f64cfd9e6c074712a1 *gd701106d2t08.shn
98144637c8dacf98a888ef9008178614 *gd701106d2t09.shn
fbc91de2972343dd0d865090debb1203 *gd701106d2t10.shn
412166e9f23db80658ee3b548f1f2371 *gd701106d2t11.shn
00d496c853e03447120f6cf71f7288e0 *gd701106d2t12.shn
e191b83929ea8505313bd38f56b7dd9f *gd701106d2t13.shn
5043f68423bda72d515556335b6e9f6b [shntool] gd701106d1t01.shn
2cef125162aea49080d04a00f8a4bd32 [shntool] gd701106d1t02.shn
82f90944e959400ada01c59d4daca750 [shntool] gd701106d1t03.shn
56384c0c643f98302c6fd970308be52c [shntool] gd701106d1t04.shn
67a2b372ed574923eed235c075748bcb [shntool] gd701106d1t05.shn
0b12242db72a7a424932d35e4419a0e3 [shntool] gd701106d1t06.shn
b0e0b1e45465399a5689be9ba8b36aa6 [shntool] gd701106d1t07.shn
b1ac8d7edbf88f912ac074c4917114fb [shntool] gd701106d1t08.shn
568856ef125232f4ce9d1a9b4385cff7 [shntool] gd701106d1t09.shn
88fa69d7b8bfb8585fce4bbd5c0044bf [shntool] gd701106d1t10.shn
cfffd468b5d6329109188c98acd310bb [shntool] gd701106d1t11.shn
b97f91a7e83793fe21d853bcb456fb39 [shntool] gd701106d1t12.shn
0a8a41e11e5247c6e4820bd6cefb1e3a [shntool] gd701106d1t13.shn
0bbbc256e6c50f1407a84b1f12beade0 [shntool] gd701106d1t14.shn
0107eb2a071acdfd7b6e62a14355ad24 [shntool] gd701106d1t15.shn
e2c1aba0756915128cfe194d65038bae [shntool] gd701106d2t01.shn
2b662640065459eeb37cd2dc2e444ffb [shntool] gd701106d2t02.shn
432824f3621a6bc77a97d68a108af01a [shntool] gd701106d2t03.shn
3a99cefc43f7ba95aba9b40cdaee9519 [shntool] gd701106d2t04.shn
7beacf1a70472f49b1152e758455becf [shntool] gd701106d2t05.shn
6bb58fec7b8ce9134d11c8a66aa4e261 [shntool] gd701106d2t06.shn
f24b374078decda36dbd6ffbd5fe9d25 [shntool] gd701106d2t07.shn
928e0b94279b4ba3a0fdd554f7cc3844 [shntool] gd701106d2t08.shn
be0ef55f96515908b49f80252de04f17 [shntool] gd701106d2t09.shn
76d9159a44d104c2c4cd36ab09fc398a [shntool] gd701106d2t10.shn
09ad2b828e7d3c179e70a13b17b71bf9 [shntool] gd701106d2t11.shn
d38e250522eac71f0e8677802adaab80 [shntool] gd701106d2t12.shn
becc0fa081500667e2b5bea16299d7be [shntool] gd701106d2t13.shn
e7cf05a10c5592f9bc01362fcde7a3fe [shntool] gd701106d3t01.shn
6a02ff6690440b2f498751c8875ff614 [shntool] gd701106d3t02.shn
f45b6a8672df42cabd0b0b4390266d25 [shntool] gd701106d3t03.shn
9c403f25fd09e48502bcb590f8b7fece [shntool] gd701106d3t04.shn
4059bb940a577678fb1f299010bb8859 [shntool] gd701106d3t05.shn
b89fa161d5b4ef22d328db576fda2ee0 [shntool] gd701106d3t06.shn
7067753bef569c2fa14b0275dcdc8718 [shntool] gd701106d3t07.shn
f0bf1326649d068b2527f77b8afe06ee [shntool] gd701106d3t08.shn
885350adc6fd47b562807e5492f0b5d7 [shntool] gd701106d3t09.shn
0c85598c5aadaf6cfcc8b023404a4846 [shntool] gd701106d3t10.shn
068840788741df71d0a2c51d52951735 [shntool] gd701106d3t11.shn
62aa77975984c3680fd9198f4ba17e73 [shntool] gd701106d3t12.shn
b7e429e512f0ba2c6f539674372105f9 [shntool] gd701106d3t13.shn
7ed51a9f1e30e98448f17fe6c7e23dc4 [shntool] gd701106d3t14.shn
9eca0e402eb0de7e75e1ce86adca7c5b [shntool] gd701106d4t01.shn
4aba5ededcd6b8c30581da8f57d6d03d [shntool] gd701106d4t02.shn
a2a9636ce8afffe9f1fb35267f700688 [shntool] gd701106d4t03.shn
61cb9c33e85bfaee978410d1e9f6f54f [shntool] gd701106d4t04.shn
c59458d941a760e6a100746a022ed879 [shntool] gd701106d4t05.shn
b9bb39bdd099f693ed454bb5ff76ff8c [shntool] gd701106d4t06.shn
f308277f060ddef597b4231c0d03d669 [shntool] gd701106d4t07.shn
b390252a7c26612247d730121d5adc73 [shntool] gd701106d4t08.shn

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