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Grateful Dead 11/08/70
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary Multiple audience sources mastered by Jack Warner (see info file for details) including MAR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Marty Weinberg's master, recorded from the floor, AKG 190E mic > Uher 4000 Report-L 5" reel machine; MAC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, MAC>C>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN and MAC>C2>D>CD>EAC>SHN from Ken Leigh's master, recorded from the center loge with a Sony TC-110 cassette deck with built-in mic; and an unknown third master. 
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Grateful Dead, with New Riders of the Purple Sage
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
November 8, 1970

Disc One 57:33
     Acoustic Set
1. Dire Wolf 5:23
2. I Know You Rider 10:15
3. Dark Hollow 4:36
4. Rosalie McFall 4:07
5. El Paso 6:17
6. Operator 4:33
7. Ripple 5:37
8. Friend of the Devil 5:24
9. Wake Up Little Susie 4:34
10. Uncle John's Band 6:42

Disc Two 56:10
     NRPS set
1. /Six Days on the Road 2:57
2. /Superman 3:26
3. /Whatcha Gonna Do 4:27
4. /Glendale Train 5:14
5. /All I Ever Wanted 7:49
6. /Fair Chance to Know 3:57
7. /Portland Woman 5:32
8. /Cecilia 4:21
9. /Truck Drivin' Man 3:10
10. /Last Lonely Eagle 6:37
11. /Louisiana Lady 3:39
12. /Honky Tonk Woman 4:55

Disc Three 51:22
     Electric Set
1. Morning Dew 11:32
2. Me and My Uncle 3:23
3. Mystery Train > 3:39
4. My Babe 3:15
5. Around and Around 3:21
6. New Orleans > 4:32
7. Searchin' 6:10
8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 10:32
9. Casey Jones 4:54

Disc Four 75:26
1. Truckin' > 8:35
2. Dark Star > 16:37
3. The Main Ten > 5:36
4. Dancin' in the Stars jam > 3:05
5. Dancin' in the Streets 10:49
6. Drums > 0:28
7. Not Fade Away > 4:43
8. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad > 7:59
9. Not Fade Away > 2:37
10. Drums > 0:28
11. Good Lovin' > 1:57
12. Drums > 4:12
13. Good Lovin' 8:13

*Bulk of show is MAR>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Marty Weinberg's master, recorded from the floor, AKG 190E mic > Uher 4000 Report-L 5" reel machine
*Dire Wolf, I Know You Rider, 0:00-0:29 of Dark Hollow, 0:00-0:05 of El Paso, 0:00-0:09 of Operator, 0:00-0:07 of Ripple, 0:00-0:12 of FOTD, and 0:00-0:15 of UJB are MAC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master, recorded from the center loge with a Sony TC-110 cassette deck with built-in mic.  This master also provides all the between-song tuning and banter from the acoustic set.
*0:00-1:48 of Morning Dew, 0:00-0:07 of Around and Around, 7:55-8:48 of Baby Blue, 0:00-0:06 of Truckin', and 2:10-6:42 of Dancin' in the Streets are MAC>C>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master.
*2:06-2:10 of Dancin' in the Streets is MAC>C2>D>CD>EAC>SHN, from Ken Leigh's master.
*3:06-4:52 of Rider is patched from an unknown third master.

*The beginnings of all of the tunes from the NRPS set are missing from the reel master.  Unfortunately, there is no known master which can provide these pieces.
*There are some master tape warble problems in 6:50-7:55 of Baby Blue.
*A small master tape pause obscures the transition to Dark Star.  No more than a few seconds of music are missing.
*There is a small master reel glitch at 0:40 of Dancin' in the Streets.

**Normaliztion, patching, EAC, and SHN encoding by Jack Warner.  Uploaded to 5/7/03
Show Checksums
fa6e0c8695631c07978aa7ba7e84ef56 *gd701108d1t01.shn
2b6ea6c211c3e5f11efa07ab75fb17cd *gd701108d1t02.shn
4a2a3ead02cdc183573721e13b0ba07d *gd701108d1t03.shn
698ba88a157df87af02fe7366b003856 *gd701108d1t04.shn
901625be0c93725768ba0d75afbea7f6 *gd701108d1t05.shn
48e1c614b00ea0b9c4ee20cd469d26ef *gd701108d1t06.shn
cc6ab1c4427502345869952c3a737a49 *gd701108d1t07.shn
0d5e99e155e9870a5c678e3a3975e721 *gd701108d1t08.shn
4bc38f15664f556cd5829f0c25651d32 *gd701108d1t09.shn
bcf9076a9f8b70a7013f4941b2182c57 *gd701108d1t10.shn
a525acc5cb7f7315ab6c3d56e50ab234 *gd701108d2t01.shn
38beb8f7acb370f6ce7888ad72fb9baa *gd701108d2t02.shn
6307dd90e06ec641363f7ad948c3c301 *gd701108d2t03.shn
1d876b19da03f83a7fec535a7da7e5de *gd701108d2t04.shn
4290ae8bf5d738c28e73b3d47cd96e4b *gd701108d2t05.shn
79860e7aab2bfdf8103748bfe2648356 *gd701108d2t06.shn
827cede0bc03f4b422406bfeca6d1efa *gd701108d2t07.shn
2c1321f56ca91f6d9dcb6478a34e57b6 *gd701108d2t08.shn
3383b21bcf64310c3b9d04f7a3e9e6b7 *gd701108d2t09.shn
d4a100b62dfd32345c8ac5a3b377b207 *gd701108d2t10.shn
b8568f65e795f1c319f360901e7949a1 *gd701108d2t11.shn
8584a8cd81262c172525f2ea76ca310f *gd701108d2t12.shn
f51821fff3fe415f3332a6c09e5cc5e2 *gd701108d3t01.shn
00120d10029659c0ea111ef5e1c6751a *gd701108d3t02.shn
f549cfa56e526b983289ac9102b07750 *gd701108d3t03.shn
02d873745cc8e316fac47d9c0b4cfab5 *gd701108d3t04.shn
173ae143a245296f8b4995cb6aa9ad06 *gd701108d3t05.shn
54addb4fb1cad722fc0f2643a443a61d *gd701108d3t06.shn
5003f24feeb118c95817f6223e00ee1c *gd701108d3t07.shn
d1941fdbde565a74da364e01d265f430 *gd701108d3t08.shn
fdc293195bef06ce785bb4a99b564925 *gd701108d3t09.shn
f8d06c422ab57f4e0a3e132ef547476e *gd701108d4t01.shn
062fb99d97c069466c6818938342438c *gd701108d4t02.shn
925e797f3b1e57a0f08647057a59e43a *gd701108d4t03.shn
5d2ad8fbf0e54926f1769696e0648379 *gd701108d4t04.shn
fcc7406c18797bd727e951b615d148b8 *gd701108d4t05.shn
f4e9eba513609935183ee824ebb56db4 *gd701108d4t06.shn
41a48185d1579947a53e53650e481ed6 *gd701108d4t07.shn
9561e9cbeef53a0390ed21a2e7d16bcd *gd701108d4t08.shn
c3f096eda627769bade66fe06f39773f *gd701108d4t09.shn
f5b74f9ae9bdadc8e3216591093e72bb *gd701108d4t10.shn
ab684a5574a5ca623eae10d3b28b4836 *gd701108d4t11.shn
c94c418f77ec6b2ec61789390e16790d *gd701108d4t12.shn
e83939de14003014c9bd045449e2af09 *gd701108d4t13.shn
96a552af900683250aa2e1d58dddb408 [shntool] gd701108d1t01.shn
b15856a45f51f22123ff9532755e502b [shntool] gd701108d1t02.shn
50d09f83b0539cc4972a7a0a95c6ee8f [shntool] gd701108d1t03.shn
d636aa955c69f0a35e08cfec759bcd28 [shntool] gd701108d1t04.shn
0f7cd25de225a0487205dc84ca6f6606 [shntool] gd701108d1t05.shn
6f4dd50ed46720d69572fdf8b7e0dff0 [shntool] gd701108d1t06.shn
9c2bb8e12607e0d516b735375c7fa718 [shntool] gd701108d1t07.shn
58851fc031381deb370a3550fce05ffc [shntool] gd701108d1t08.shn
3245fe858c80b128fb2c0305c02de60b [shntool] gd701108d1t09.shn
fd4bcc785b1cbd81eb3ecce71bd4b6ad [shntool] gd701108d1t10.shn
c63aed763444399456e32a2405f588f4 [shntool] gd701108d2t01.shn
07842232d8c657d3f98c838d881129ea [shntool] gd701108d2t02.shn
068e3687185c932c0a97c666f32b5177 [shntool] gd701108d2t03.shn
dd3d6ace6e373fb9297d97442d6ae8b5 [shntool] gd701108d2t04.shn
8d69d1a72c8fd65ebf8da4c36d017486 [shntool] gd701108d2t05.shn
1de852827cd703b68cbffd0a0107c278 [shntool] gd701108d2t06.shn
09b2523db60f016ec2257c968dca2eed [shntool] gd701108d2t07.shn
769385f96d9dfb02e66fd818f02a9150 [shntool] gd701108d2t08.shn
f48b97f1f00a4b11effa46904f5f10c5 [shntool] gd701108d2t09.shn
a9040c6189265855bf4d0ad82ccc9e3d [shntool] gd701108d2t10.shn
5ba187174c2ed181fb045463aacc31cd [shntool] gd701108d2t11.shn
2d5fb81374b127c23844e54ca22e6177 [shntool] gd701108d2t12.shn
b9e8d9207caa90ef0be6f6d74d200cf1 [shntool] gd701108d3t01.shn
4b1ba006c4efd4e6b9779b45d4688fbe [shntool] gd701108d3t02.shn
7d05a8254a354a3cc9fdc9784afd4461 [shntool] gd701108d3t03.shn
a46035019bf00e900067a8104488c35b [shntool] gd701108d3t04.shn
5844ee3d47267bdb0d6f472623be12a7 [shntool] gd701108d3t05.shn
eabb7a6168652ab945eeb09f12c5d115 [shntool] gd701108d3t06.shn
0dd877a122ff43cb5d971a7ab1665407 [shntool] gd701108d3t07.shn
e85defe7cb55543193623d20070a3f37 [shntool] gd701108d3t08.shn
be21e8d1f8c1df2789ce65c4cd0e7b44 [shntool] gd701108d3t09.shn
a3a679b9f863dce1d1883876bf12d005 [shntool] gd701108d4t01.shn
68658e1d39757bd6b9281fa96553dd1f [shntool] gd701108d4t02.shn
b8e276713c9647a32f1ce4b25899ca5e [shntool] gd701108d4t03.shn
3525dc6e291ca738b8f387d0e85e4112 [shntool] gd701108d4t04.shn
bd7d085ef1c40a54466bbba6411317e9 [shntool] gd701108d4t05.shn
ffc7ac4e4d4842da2a61e72ca6f3130a [shntool] gd701108d4t06.shn
3c98761a9abde1e19cdd1d1a13e532eb [shntool] gd701108d4t07.shn
b9ca4b632c9e8ac79a1579f68827f77c [shntool] gd701108d4t08.shn
726d379949889a627fa858d440328efb [shntool] gd701108d4t09.shn
e0f81eef52c66561bf92790101f412d1 [shntool] gd701108d4t10.shn
48f0dcf1759856bc3b87829d0fab8f3e [shntool] gd701108d4t11.shn
8b237a1f2cd4ebe4ea3cba3b773845dd [shntool] gd701108d4t12.shn
9619857ff10301571604d3946cdbb234 [shntool] gd701108d4t13.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
mixed sources (see info... (1) Source: MAR>C>D>WAV>SHN;... (0) THE OWEN BROTHERS VAULT ;... (4) The Port Chester... (2) AudMC > DAT > CD > EAC >... (1) flac16; Partial... (0) flac16; aud 1st gen... (0) flac16; source: aud... (0)
Date User Comment
03/18/2004 C Miller Awesome show. Most of the Weinberg material sounds quite good, given the age of the recording. The last bit from his source (from 6:42 in Dancin) through the rest of the show sounds like he changed location in the theater or had to conceal his mic under something. The high end is almost totally gone and the recording is generally muddier . All things considered, this is worth having and those who put it together have my gratitude.