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Grateful Dead 06/20/80
West High Auditorium, Anchorage, AK
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary SBE-fixed version of previous source: Source: SBD>MC>1C>CD-R CONVERSION: SBLIVE>COOLEDIT2000>mkwACT>SHN Mastered, edited, and shn'd from first gen cassette by Brian Donohue, Kodiak, Alaska. ; upgrade in circulation 
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Grateful Dead 6/20/80
West High Auditorium
Anchorage, Alaska

Source: SBD>MC>1C>CD-R

Sector boundary errors corrected with shntool. (16 0f 22 had SBE's)
by William at TuneTree on 5/06/2003

All discs will fit onto 74 min.

gd80-06-20d1t01 Jack Straw
gd80-06-20d1t02 Franklin's Tower
gd80-06-20d1t03 Mama Tried
gd80-06-20d1t04 Mexicali Blues
gd80-06-20d1t05 Friend of the Devil
gd80-06-20d1t06 Let It Grow
gd80-06-20d1t07 Althea
gd80-06-20d1t08 Easy To Love You

gd80-06-20d2t01 Lost Sailor
gd80-06-20d2t02 Saint of Circumstance
gd80-06-20d2t03 Deal
gd80-06-20d2t04 Alabama Getaway
gd80-06-20d2t05 Greatest Story Ever Told
gd80-06-20d2t06 Ship of Fools
gd80-06-20d2t07 Estimated Prophet
gd80-06-20d2t08 The Other One

gd80-06-20d3t01 Drums
gd80-06-20d3t02 Not Fade Away
gd80-06-20d3t03 Black Peter
gd80-06-20d3t04 Around and Around
gd80-06-20d3t05 Johnny B. Goode
gd80-06-20d3t06 Don't Ease Me In

Editing notes:
Splice in Let It Grow at tape flip, portion of lyrics missing
Splice in Drums at tape flip, portion of drums missing
Splice locations chosen to enhance the listening experience and not
for archival purposes.  Original wav file from Cass/1 available.
Minor splices between songs where taper paused during tuning, etc.
Fade ins/outs at beginning/end of each disc

Noise recuction,tracking at sector boundaries and bass boost applied
via Cool Edit 2000 (noise reduction via tape hiss sample without crowd noise)
(*NOTE: tracks still had SBE's, corrected 5/6/2003; d2t04-d2t06 remained same.
corrected properly by sets, ie. d1t01-d2t03,d2t04-d3t06)

Mastered, edited, and shn'd from first gen cassette by
Brian Donohue, Kodiak, Alaska.
Show Checksums
886dba14eeef577232e3693afba29c9d *gd1980-06-20d1t01.shn
c552360003e82918759248867a381441 *gd1980-06-20d1t02.shn
2d66849fa49c8072335bb602f6ac9d4a *gd1980-06-20d1t03.shn
ce1ec24261282fd54772170d47d759f9 *gd1980-06-20d1t04.shn
61a71455ebc28ee57bf7da7f48e73ef6 *gd1980-06-20d1t05.shn
6180b52b660c077f667fdbabe94db62e *gd1980-06-20d1t06.shn
a2d52cb5613a7c0aef720385b0a764cf *gd1980-06-20d1t07.shn
a130d2bd0e8f8416c95afded3d3cf52e *gd1980-06-20d1t08.shn
0900963246e0bb4e210dd3ed63983047 *gd1980-06-20d2t01.shn
1f13138cb996f02a5197e963269836bc *gd1980-06-20d2t02.shn
a2a957a5ea85127c3303d37dc85f53ad *gd1980-06-20d2t03.shn
576ad89bd5ccecb18da699d288ca4262 *gd1980-06-20d2t04.shn
022f1951a89160a8642178cddcc7b4a7 *gd1980-06-20d2t05.shn
7391f17a5eab61b76ab331661da258d9 *gd1980-06-20d2t06.shn
8bcf11667e8392d8ae09d25ef82ecfb5 *gd1980-06-20d2t07.shn
68ae296e20b39bf7f4d355bb7c2f9c36 *gd1980-06-20d2t08.shn
0627d2d97db5f104929271190dd5bde1 *gd1980-06-20d3t01.shn
838e7c3f32400df64c542abdfca5709b *gd1980-06-20d3t02.shn
3d3be5712390ab7389f7777d51e7fce5 *gd1980-06-20d3t03.shn
92d7fec061fdf2e2dec817c8e99c9648 *gd1980-06-20d3t04.shn
4fa73f7b1e81a6a9be8d728613b4547e *gd1980-06-20d3t05.shn
2099776108583b58f3277c613169eede *gd1980-06-20d3t06.shn
af67b0a40e54cd335ea8d20300965f18 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t01.shn
437686bd65ee5c3833a4b0eb6ac7c8b4 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t02.shn
e1c6f2473b20bbf48b8ba84a6787ded2 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t03.shn
47a9dfe30421631f054e9185fa66238f [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t04.shn
e7b2affc137054053b5918e9094c5868 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t05.shn
1cd19c959b56039043c676f2211fc3f1 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t06.shn
2f739e36c736cdac50b38ad60d0d566a [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t07.shn
aab2618365872a870631bea129cdd841 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d1t08.shn
46b496c0637e053e3a6d22bef2264da4 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t01.shn
9ee3c26596a82d32af8bcb46811d2d5d [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t02.shn
fc58b73116c21a30ed62435bc55adb1c [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t03.shn
f2a6b968629b80e2617ae2d9848bd1ad [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t04.shn
26e47e35c81d6f46d66075a89d382f33 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t05.shn
40097894ac3d71a60f667560ee76c76a [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t06.shn
1f5d5cc7abfa502b912ac8e9700cbfbb [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t07.shn
8a3e3072b9cfd1d378940102d380a35d [shntool] gd1980-06-20d2t08.shn
2cb8b5129fc0f194f2f44e00b56060e7 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t01.shn
018d7bf813494707870cbc62ec65f609 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t02.shn
67a389e1f0d711b34b9efc495d8c281a [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t03.shn
00ea59199bd9c427bb61020ac3e97cb3 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t04.shn
dc10d8aa5d05aeea943d707c6a07f0f8 [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t05.shn
866e299e466c90c45cdf4baa5f66c01b [shntool] gd1980-06-20d3t06.shn

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set 1; analog SBD ->... (0) both sets; SBD> MC> 1C> WAV... (4) Recording by Eddie Claridge... (0) SBD>>MC>>SS>SBM2>>CDA>>WAV(... (0) Recording Info: SBD ->... (1) flac16; SBD > MC >... (3) flac16; Recorded by... (0) flac16; SBD/AUD... (0) flac16;Recording... (0) flac24 Analog... (0)
Date User Comment
05/22/2003 C Miller This recording is SLOW and needs to be pitch corrected. Otherwise, it's fine.