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Drive-By Truckers 03/15/03
Cedar Street Couryard, Austin, TX
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary AKG 483> HHB (Chris Pennington) 
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Drive By Truckers - 3/15/03
Cedar St. Courtyard - Austin, TX

01) The Living Bubba
02) The Sinkhole
03) Where The Devil Don't StaY
04) Outfit
05) Hell No I Ain't Happy
06) Marry Me
07) Zip City
08) Let There Be Rock

SXSW Festival - New West Records showcase

Source: AKG 483> HHB PDR-1000*

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro*> CDWave> mkwACT

* Bass roll-off was utilized on the master DAT to remove 'room rumble', which
left it somewhat thin.  Some equalization was done in Cool Edit Pro to compensate for this.

Taped by Chris Pennington

Transferred by Sloan Simpson

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7af8d8c07ff6a34bc1657f053442e58e *DBT2003-03-15T05.shn
90086250dfbd95c736f84f5f60698b62 *DBT2003-03-15T06.shn
c55de60002779e36e7b5c44fbb1b881a *DBT2003-03-15T07.shn
06ad764b1559e5dc0c1f9668ffd8ef16 *DBT2003-03-15T08.shn
732b79eede3e15f7bab80b5d03963b9c *DBT2003-03-15T01.shn
0b4e4a3d8990641a134b44b9c76599b7 *DBT2003-03-15T02.shn
81b1eabceaa37fc6c6544667c9327b39 *DBT2003-03-15T03.shn
7f7170ca72072346409392cdae8c3a65 *DBT2003-03-15T04.shn

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