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Patterson Hood & Friends 02/27/03
40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary [Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec V2 > Graham-Patten ADC-20] + [Soundboard > Tascam DA-P1] (Sloan Simpson) 
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Patterson Hood, Joseph Plunkett,
Jean Spencer and William Tonks - 2/27/03
40 Watt Club - Athens, GA

Disc One:

01) ? (a)
02) My Sweet Annette (b)
03) Anne Marie (c)
04) 'True Love' (d)
05) 'We Don't Own The Night' (a)
06) Give Pretty Soon  (b)
07) 'Mental Health' (c)
08) Winona Mississippi (d)
09) 'Black Roses' (a)
10) Runaway Train (b)
11) 'One Bullet Away' (c)
12) 'My Father's Leather Coat' (d)

Disc Two:

01) 'Over And Over Again' (a)
02) Goodesfield Road (b)
03) Louisiana Truckstop (c)
04) Where The Pavement Ends (d)
05) ? (a)
06) Tornadoes (b)
07) Snow Hill (c)
08) 'You'll Find Peace Someday' (d)
09) 'I Still Hate Myself For Loving You' (a)
10) Sink Hole (b)
11) Don't Lend Your Heart (c)

Disc Three:

01) 'Blue Mountains' (d)
02) ? (a)
03) Heathens (b)
04) Just Like Geronimo (c)
05) ? (d)
06) 'If I Don't Make It 'Til Tomorrow' (a)
07) Tales Facing Up (b)
08) 'Cigarettes In The Rain' (c)
09) 'Merry-Go-Round' (d)
10) ? (a)
11) The Living Bubba (b)
12) 'Jackrabbit Running' (c)
13) 'Sweet Lullabye And Bye' (d)

[Song titles in quotes are guesses]

(a) Joseph Plunkett (Joseph Plunkett & The Weight) - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
(b) Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers) - Guitar, Vocals
(c) William Tonks (Barbara Cue, Six String Drag) - Dobro, Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Egg
(d) Jean Spencer - Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Egg

Sources: [Neumann KM-184>Lunatec V2>Graham-Patten ADC-20]+[Soundboard>Tascam DA-P1]

Transfers: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro (matrix)> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper sector boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped, transferred and mixed by Sloan Simpson

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811c146160f1a4ebef9fb6b245a64705 *HPST2003-02-27D1T04.shn
b5f65bc810b2876e111396f31c4da068 *HPST2003-02-27D1T05.shn
0e390a4a5e251eb07b0d5d850742586b *HPST2003-02-27D1T06.shn
d0fc00904ed26e440648230abb2f1e65 *HPST2003-02-27D1T07.shn
076a637774bf2b0485838951078c5de6 *HPST2003-02-27D1T08.shn
d21b667b52b94cc515cb14e20cd812eb *HPST2003-02-27D1T09.shn
29d85a5a14d9f4fcece4fffca22c02e2 *HPST2003-02-27D1T10.shn
4d3f5abd5bd195af8348af5e47f20f56 *HPST2003-02-27D1T11.shn
d1e385e2de4b4e93ecd7b605bdcb3b15 *HPST2003-02-27D1T12.shn
c06c4754b3aa7d2e8c954923b884ac1c *HPST2003-02-27D2T01.shn
96addbc2c5e6133ed879e9c43293a52b *HPST2003-02-27D2T02.shn
4a6570b5e2b6198739442b0d44c62554 *HPST2003-02-27D2T03.shn
1d3a6b3abdf2b056f50c91d9f9f215ec *HPST2003-02-27D2T04.shn
51c72edaa1a7c90a7b80e3dc43880a0c *HPST2003-02-27D2T05.shn
9ca7159f158069f338a30300f26aa21d *HPST2003-02-27D2T06.shn
bc9070a632c518630a99ffff91a4cb23 *HPST2003-02-27D2T07.shn
522e59c7aa1edf3b37ecd9a4f93e4b89 *HPST2003-02-27D2T08.shn
0ab2abb3dbc97380f3b60b2a6efaea84 *HPST2003-02-27D2T09.shn
46d70bd541737059462bfad9aee66dd8 *HPST2003-02-27D2T10.shn
021ce082604cfdc59be21b7f699740dc *HPST2003-02-27D2T11.shn
96b942118d8f97d21a9255dfc1e49d18 *HPST2003-02-27D3T01.shn
95682ca4dd99453bb616bbaa1452530b *HPST2003-02-27D3T02.shn
7edab60da590433f600c6ea6caf2e4d6 *HPST2003-02-27D3T03.shn
1666b69aa9a51b462e444d78007dafa3 *HPST2003-02-27D3T04.shn
f7d863f64c356aa348270f38ea8e6d22 *HPST2003-02-27D3T05.shn
b133bffe77e0fe97987728bc295e9b5d *HPST2003-02-27D3T06.shn
b55a0300f1f36d6c85a7b5ce305facea *HPST2003-02-27D3T07.shn
3baf1a1851cc309b5548f19f77ac9c29 *HPST2003-02-27D3T08.shn
daf26ed8e47643b52c1458c1226afdc9 *HPST2003-02-27D3T09.shn
ba97271a6fb96eb09ea68613767455d2 *HPST2003-02-27D3T10.shn
8005ee1b50452edfa62a2f95f519c720 *HPST2003-02-27D3T11.shn
03ea72fcb63ee8012f9f2b9d5d52903e *HPST2003-02-27D3T12.shn
a25ebcfe9ea16c0e0b8809b55ffd732b *HPST2003-02-27D3T13.shn
e0ee805d6cf2d24cf68448973d3efd8a *HPST2003-02-27D1T01.shn
cbd2cc58cd0a924b2e1b7f048ce4d333 *HPST2003-02-27D1T02.shn
78ba71a90d1f6c0d7e35cbb3679134c7 *HPST2003-02-27D1T03.shn

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