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Allman Brothers Band 09/20/02
Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA
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May 2003
Source Summary Source: Neuman KM-184> Lunatec V2> raham-Patten ADC-20 (DFC, LAWN)
Transfer: DA-P1> S/PDIF> Montego II+> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT  
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Allman Brothers Band - 9/20/02
Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA

Disc One:

01) Midnight Rider; Trouble No More (oops)
02) Nobody To Run With
03) Woman Across The River
04) Ain't Wastin' Time No More
05) Good Clean Fun
06) Soulshine
07) Rocking Horse
08) Gambler's Roll
09) Stand Back
10) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Dreams
03) Untitled Instrumental>
04) Drums>
05) Bass>
06) Untitled Instrumental
07) Black Hearted Woman
08) {Fade Track}

Disc Three:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Statesboro Blues
03) I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
04) Southbound*
05) Whipping Post
06) E:) Revival

{Remove Fade Tracks to reassemble seamlessly for longer media}

* w/ Jimmy Herring, Yonrico Scott

Source: Neuman KM-184> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20  (DFC, LAWN)
Transfer: DA-P1> S/PDIF> Montego II+> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson

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62bf6ad6cf0d013bf8eb4064533ed2e3 *ABB2002-09-20D1T01.shn
db4f173cb01172624356fd96585812de *ABB2002-09-20D1T02.shn
6b864f59b420d4b62d5a254ef64f0c05 *ABB2002-09-20D1T03.shn
f2ccf5dc922f89ad940becde30f9d176 *ABB2002-09-20D1T04.shn
d7e4976e1505a0b2fb12274e5584a2cf *ABB2002-09-20D1T05.shn
b65a609b33c9cb1099bb57ccd2ad0597 *ABB2002-09-20D1T06.shn
2ccb72c9f0c8d799e7af8364304e3eee *ABB2002-09-20D1T07.shn
64dbda803d7081d39603fb1b5a971ebc *ABB2002-09-20D1T08.shn
872dba464224b41ce2a97aaf799772df *ABB2002-09-20D1T09.shn
e30942d6d2ff2fb8607c806ba9c9fd97 *ABB2002-09-20D1T10.shn
e2ef600338f2c1872a4a7e784141089a *ABB2002-09-20D2T01.shn
fad0f485a02e2fbb18a71449ba9a0eff *ABB2002-09-20D2T02.shn
3f27a02e626187051acd0855b9965f65 *ABB2002-09-20D2T03.shn
ba9641337cdaf558867270cc6a6cc158 *ABB2002-09-20D2T04.shn
10eee40d0af9f579bd82592f92b36239 *ABB2002-09-20D2T05.shn
30ca9696d85f1c19b4195e8e248b7d45 *ABB2002-09-20D2T06.shn
bef8ce9b4b52872c8f5fe036c7a8396c *ABB2002-09-20D2T07.shn
dc9c46b3c4cd62422df2d0088e130fbc *ABB2002-09-20D2T08.shn
796d8957558a876a8b1b31758935d97f *ABB2002-09-20D3T01.shn
e6bf8c08245ef6c9ce7807696dba7245 *ABB2002-09-20D3T02.shn
0f0b7b86bd5c2d2550014879fe62250b *ABB2002-09-20D3T03.shn
e9a8d9b3b8b381c6268ab7607ddb4d5e *ABB2002-09-20D3T04.shn
8087fc13d08c545c3b9e9a1e208d6ed3 *ABB2002-09-20D3T05.shn
592db9e949ab7193ebe79a2979015da5 *ABB2002-09-20D3T06.shn

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