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Patterson Hood, Todd McBride & William Tonks 05/21/03
40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary KM184 > V2 > ADC-20 + SBD > DA-P1 (Sloan Simpson) 
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Patterson Hood, Todd McBride, & William Tonks - 5/21/03
40 Watt Club - Athens, GA

Disc One:

01) Lori Grew Up
02) Miss Me Gone
03) Spell My Name
04) Training Wheels
05) The Deeper In
06) Back To Town
07) 'Never Seen That Man Before'
08) 9 Bullets
09) Anne Marie
10) Shotgun Travels Through Time
11) The Sink Hole
12) The Worst
13) A Trailer's A Trailer
14) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
15) Find A Fool
16) Town
17) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) The Boys From Alabama
03) I Get Lonely
04) 'Somebody Else'
05) The Living Bubba
06) Cookie
07) Too Far Gone
08) Pay No Attention To Alice
09) Just Like Geronimo
10) .45
11) Margo And Harold
12) Uncomfortable
13) The Projectionist
14) {Fade Track}

Disc Three:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Tornadoes
03) Mental Health
04) E:) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
05) Heathens
06) Helpless

Sources: (Neumann KM-184 (DIN, ~ 7 ft.)> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20) + (SBD> Tascam DA-P1)
Transfers: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro (mix)> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper Sector Boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped and transferred and mixed by Sloan Simpson
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e28718f4ea4300a90dcc2ea3185e092a *PH2003-05-21D3T06.shn
c4f48a9bfc775022a51284429587deef *PH2003-05-21D1T01.shn
dbbc3f6397ee953f38d8edbdac40f6f1 *PH2003-05-21D1T02.shn
da57b6161df4d965af07086687760204 *PH2003-05-21D1T03.shn
59815ad260c271d569bfffd24682640d *PH2003-05-21D1T04.shn
48f3d2a64fa80416b27687c1023cbe70 *PH2003-05-21D1T05.shn
f6b5539b712851d189eb437f31cc0ab2 *PH2003-05-21D1T06.shn
97f52dfb98b45cb11f99fee48586df14 *PH2003-05-21D1T07.shn
2422bb9659fd1ace867adf1abfc02fcd *PH2003-05-21D1T08.shn
c6c88a12c69d2d582cb86ad7b9c3ab70 *PH2003-05-21D1T09.shn
1cfda9f77f578c7bb5ffdf96cc4a2167 *PH2003-05-21D1T10.shn
a642a9b8b3dafc587f1c0fe7ddbec1a8 *PH2003-05-21D1T11.shn
5984950b16483b4f409d43dd528051db *PH2003-05-21D1T12.shn
1bfefed233d1fe378b95622c40cba31e *PH2003-05-21D1T13.shn
da82226274323edef9019f8eefebb521 *PH2003-05-21D1T14.shn
74270e9bb7c73992b09166b752b4bb96 *PH2003-05-21D1T15.shn
b8174e2ee75bb95c482c6efd6fabd745 *PH2003-05-21D1T16.shn
401b05b2615655dde36da7de6d42c101 *PH2003-05-21D1T17.shn
8f439d40dc35ee3725589c3b855e0883 *PH2003-05-21D2T01.shn
62aef75a5d6347c21bd8887767c1d3c2 *PH2003-05-21D2T02.shn
59e139c4112d4fd14ccf960305d7c4fa *PH2003-05-21D2T03.shn
9148e4a16d45bd95d3109337ae6da171 *PH2003-05-21D2T04.shn
341a0f7e15196c693b61a5d69d82b237 *PH2003-05-21D2T05.shn
9534b6a6b227c7f0e0a73a2ef82c1d72 *PH2003-05-21D2T06.shn
3a1a5a1d39f33711aa6343e5305b9d92 *PH2003-05-21D2T07.shn
28937fc1bc40c83e58ee0f003fd54d19 *PH2003-05-21D2T08.shn
563893323cf1d5fdcdae4659ef2e62de *PH2003-05-21D2T09.shn
a432c067957953ec0d580afb96b4e8de *PH2003-05-21D2T10.shn
508f573efbb9d9fe6115aa6ebe2db579 *PH2003-05-21D2T11.shn
1cc5dfde02b6cabf7abaa29c7a6c24ea *PH2003-05-21D2T12.shn
1a8b3d1ee04fc80c5fc0b6c38ac4829b *PH2003-05-21D2T13.shn
6e4803cd4f45c6cb2fad00b17950225c *PH2003-05-21D2T14.shn
0d9595baa291c9941d5e8249966ea3eb *PH2003-05-21D3T01.shn
cb6f6599540853abdcd12d1188fc54ac *PH2003-05-21D3T02.shn
587df65932495443f6f4731bdcbd1036 *PH2003-05-21D3T03.shn
22268cfd8cb25d356496022cddd483af *PH2003-05-21D3T04.shn
0a252fd8acae40c9d00e714b50407ec2 *PH2003-05-21D3T05.shn

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06/03/2003 Sloan Simpson Just a note that the song titles in quotes were unconfirmed titles at the time, but have now been verified as correct.