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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/23/02
Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary B&K 4022s > V2 > AD1000 > HHB (mics clamped onto stage rail), by Chaffe McIlhenny; Transfer: DA30mkII > MOTU 2408mkIII > Soundforge (w/ Plug-Ins) > MKW > SHN, by Ross Carlson 
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Medeski Martin & Wood - 11/23/02
Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA

Source: B&K 4022s > V2 > AD1000 > HHB (mics clamped onto stage rail)
by Chaffe McIlhenny
Transfer: DA30mkII > MOTU 2408mkIII > Soundforge (w/ Plug-Ins) > MKW > SHN
by Ross Carlson

Taper Extraordinaire Chaffe McIlhenny gave me the order to spread his
gorgeous sounding 11.23.02 (B&Ks) to the folks on Furthurnet and the MMW
list. He furthur instructed me to spread the one that I mastered which
originally was for his and my enjoyment only. So with the tapers blessing,
please enjoy this "Combusticator +"  release.

Disc One/Set One
01) Improv # >
02) Song/Improv
03) Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
04) Jelly Belly > Drums
05) Felic
06) Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
07) Bass > Ten Dollar High

Disc Two/Set Two
01) The Lover
02) Think
03) Pappy Check*
04) Partido Alto*
05) Hey Joe*
06) Uninvisible
07) E:) I Wanna Ride You

# w/ Nocturnal Transmission tease
* w/ Oliver Wood on guitar

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e14063b6eb58253d1013b1937814a06f *mmw2002-11-23d1t03_mastered.shn
07834a39f9ff3f283c4c0f26235a21ee *mmw2002-11-23d1t02_mastered.shn
094ef60fda5bdb47f5254088551b4c54 *mmw2002-11-23d1t01_mastered.shn
26663b6c228b600f00201403dc677ba0 *mmw2002-11-23d1t04_mastered.shn
050875bb7ba1f671c4922f0609532948 *mmw2002-11-23d1t05_mastered.shn
78e169f918e2e304d586ecb586b50d4d *mmw2002-11-23d1t06_mastered.shn
7ed4188d9fc875497040224b65ec303f *mmw2002-11-23d1t07_mastered.shn
7b38f7169177edb6ac4eca3427f4df8e *mmw2002-11-23d2t03_mastered.shn
55e257c9e3c84ac82d99eed1b31aa93c *mmw2002-11-23d2t02_mastered.shn
34a2ca50021833fb47a856e73e0c4c84 *mmw2002-11-23d2t01_mastered.shn
5537481948a21d2f777dbd0b16b60ed4 *mmw2002-11-23d2t04_mastered.shn
1fa237b2a7097e399d3b4a63079a8f05 *mmw2002-11-23d2t05_mastered.shn
b674635719a28bae96fc46c71dda4b84 *mmw2002-11-23d2t06_mastered.shn

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