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Disco Biscuits 10/14/00
Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA
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Entered by Michael Pederson
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Schoeps CMC 6 + m21 > Lunatec V2 > DA P1; Recorded by: Evan Leon; Transfer: Fostex D5 > Canarie Cable > Digidesign AudioMedia III > Bias PEAK; Transfer by: Max Dawson D1 needs an 80min disc. 
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The Disco Biscuits
October 14, 2000
Palookaville - Santa Cruz, CA

Source: Schoeps CMC 6 + m21 -> Lunatec V2 -> DA P1
Recorded by: Evan Leon
Transfer: Fostex D5 -> Canarie Cable -> Digidesign AudioMedia III -> Bias PEAK
Transfer by: Max Dawson at the PLAN C Sonic Laboratories, Portland, OR

Disc 1 (80 minutes)
Set I
1.  Plan B ->
2.  Magellan Reprise
3.  Voices Insane
4.  Shem Rah Boo ->
5.  Floes ->
6.  Shem Rah Boo

Disc 2 (74 minutes)
Set II
1.  Crowd
2.  Confrontation
3.  Jigsaw Earth ->
4.  Svenghali

Disc 3 (74 minutes)
1.  Mindless Dribble ->
2.  Jigsaw Earth ->
3.  Above the Waves ->
4.  Mindless Dribble ->
5.  Jigsaw Earth
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5e2b0d2f04736da5bbd9dd7ebb22ba93 *db00-10-14d1t1.shn
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ad29d1a4c44706fa43af8370d1b62b61 *db00-10-14d1t3.shn
a08fbe3790159b0ce9601ee730037a8e *db00-10-14d1t4.shn
fdc8a726c781d1d26f4177f44c3718ad *db00-10-14d1t5.shn
22eb9dbc99617ced6e7001049bd13e75 *db00-10-14d1t6.shn

e71030f6fefbdb314b786beafe3219c0 *db00-10-14d2t1.shn
b831bc510a7647622cdb2cac4b7e249b *db00-10-14d2t2.shn
572986fadb44a6759340d2553a55f98f *db00-10-14d2t3.shn
882b0048754ee02c45571d56cc9ec4fd *db00-10-14d2t4.shn

d2b27d0a9b7407c5866cfa134921120f *db00-10-14d3t1.shn
65037765f472e81931634744fee4ac9c *db00-10-14d3t2.shn
cf588c1a2ed33666030b0d53280ed420 *db00-10-14d3t3.shn
064b8c35846a69c94bc0351552a2c70a *db00-10-14d3t4.shn
b8839962f4b6489fa26a0e724d530ffa *db00-10-14d3t5.shn
4a4a03016e31d73cbed5a20a5fd1c860 *db2000-10-14d1t1.shn
e7b7050f5d60cfba6ca511c9918dc98d *db2000-10-14d1t2.shn
075245c4e7a9391f7e2e2ded677d9e04 *db2000-10-14d1t3.shn
57f641b4ee2f3fa9e19cd83098162a92 *db2000-10-14d1t4.shn
d435306488823afd2c6df0e5d9716f3e *db2000-10-14d1t5.shn
a4557a72d8074209cc326659dc367161 *db2000-10-14d1t6.shn

fbefc0b10153ff0ef932645501e24098 *db2000-10-14d2t1.shn
ae7140fcf3f1ffe088df2d172ac51b21 *db2000-10-14d2t2.shn
3e5ae93d1dab4197be23432084d3b3b5 *db2000-10-14d2t3.shn
083b8b4d5775e6e0150fab7d51bb8f4d *db2000-10-14d2t4.shn

78e4876787e108724e73234039d61812 *db2000-10-14d3t1.shn
fe380675a6fc8e2eea26cb95f4ed6ddc *db2000-10-14d3t2.shn
97c4c31de370a1091f4c1f5c370ab2e6 *db2000-10-14d3t3.shn
5cc767099fba230a90d2264a1423e20f *db2000-10-14d3t4.shn
f7f6e610c2176bb9b45860a3b1b1fe1a *db2000-10-14d3t5.shn

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