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Phish 01/02/03
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Source # 17902 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Neumann km184 > AETA PSP-3 > Mini-Me > DA-P1; DA-P1 > VX Pocket > Soundforge > CDWav > SHN; Taped and transferred by Jeff Killion 
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Phish 01-02-03
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

Source info: Neumann KM184 > AETA PSP-3 > Mini-Me > DA-P1`
Transfer: DA-P1 > VX Pocket > Soundforge > CDWav > shn

Taped and Transferred by Jeff Killion

Disc 1:

Set I
1. Chalkdust Torture
2. Bathtub Gin
3. It's Ice
4. Back on the Train
5. Round Room
6. The Horse>
7. Silent in the Morning
8. Stash

Disc 2:

Set I (ctd.)
1. Water in the Sky
2. Character Zero
Set II
3. 46 Days->
4. Simple->
5. My Friend My Friend
6. Limb by Limb
7. Thunderhead

Disc 3:

Set II (ctd.)
1. Run Like an Antelope
2. Cavern
3. Mexican Cousin

Show Checksums
b32f8322832b6a77b7d6317de47f03e4 *ph2003-01-02d1t01.shn
eadc101f20c544b1913871c95918b483 *ph2003-01-02d1t02.shn
b91e4e595aaa283744a87158a66918dc *ph2003-01-02d1t03.shn
91c47dfe01c3a188df29407a20d73b82 *ph2003-01-02d1t04.shn
1f1f86324ca62207676f5534db2ddd56 *ph2003-01-02d1t05.shn
df41da5904c87158c8fb846e52d014e3 *ph2003-01-02d1t06.shn
1a03c7db63c60d016d85729d8f173c3f *ph2003-01-02d1t07.shn
1e99d8e04e44b508700b49e756ab6874 *ph2003-01-02d1t08.shn
24a565950cbd50de360009c39c98790f *ph2003-01-02d2t01.shn
d9e1d6b0fedefdbf0ffd2de588065dff *ph2003-01-02d2t02.shn
4cca7a6b2e8a02f097e50a6a055eacbf *ph2003-01-02d2t03.shn
ea4aacd9c060de68a82e6191ccd2b825 *ph2003-01-02d2t04.shn
7206bd44a0cf9f4880b4b61b554dde52 *ph2003-01-02d2t05.shn
a573e726ab04db6391b8a0be9f805429 *ph2003-01-02d2t06.shn
fe1ad65d3fbf44ced628cbd0a2c5b25a *ph2003-01-02d2t07.shn
928f71870dc2f1105c522fe17fc8a1d7 *ph2003-01-02d3t01.shn
a9a6928fd2bc1cba9f81b345e5b3f2d1 *ph2003-01-02d3t02.shn
b75dcad38dc25d0229e0d93b405d3783 *ph2003-01-02d3t03.shn
c2f3c337ebd45f36850a0479e0d19121 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t01.shn
1b6fb936f08b611ba2b2a723d59afe0a [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t02.shn
598a128081b19691969e1bd0b009b18c [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t03.shn
d0e8c07844eba3b780769976ba1b6995 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t04.shn
e30d1e82a62fbb3b3d2c072cbe2bcc1e [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t05.shn
cd5601da7ac620a22c1fee97f2dee395 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t06.shn
9ba0af94247df6b8531b09616aab207b [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t07.shn
091feaf4153373eb288993851996f9dc [shntool] ph2003-01-02d1t08.shn
482cf2e87354b015d49c15899e495715 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t01.shn
f4d14ba85ce17338041ea5eadeeb6265 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t02.shn
88f96556c8cfed04177a8d25afebc4e7 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t03.shn
6780fbb859cc489373a86ad3e45742b1 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t04.shn
3f3045e3a8fedffd072d6009e8fbf991 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t05.shn
2ca8c5a8e84dd94206f70e1b5e9fb780 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t06.shn
de6e0fe694027e71579c2b08ee2f1e93 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d2t07.shn
dd1dc66bbc36cff0952faf5f87725793 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d3t01.shn
91952f0b811b8d2839d6629b205e67a9 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d3t02.shn
84ae6cd2dc4dbcea9905538ec9abdaa9 [shntool] ph2003-01-02d3t03.shn

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