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Grateful Dead 03/17/95
The Spectrum (soundcheck), Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary Phil's Ear Monitor Feed > Crew Member's Cassette Master (recorded inside venue) > 2nd Gen Cassette **see notes via Marc Pujol 
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Grateful Dead
March 17, 1995
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

Unbroken Chain Sound check

Source: Phil's Ear Monitor Feed > Crew Member's Cassette Master (recorded inside venue) > 2nd Gen Cassette **see notes
Transfer: 2nd gen cassette > Kenwood CT-2050 > RCA analog (Monster cables)> RME digi96/8PAD > Soundforge 6.0 recorded at 96kHz/24bit
Mastered: Wavelab 4.0 > Waves X-noise(very slight hiss reduction); normalized; 96/24 > 44.1/16 > CDWave > MKWact > SHN (seekable)

Another Installment of The Music Never Stopped Project

01.  [02:01] Phil practices base line by himself
02.  [00:32] "it would really help to have Vinny here...Bob did you give that disc to Steve?"
03.  [02:19] mostly dead air, drummers start to come in
04.  [01:46] Phil, Vince, and drummers practice
05.  [00:09] Phil gives directions
06.  [00:06] Vince: "Let me here the groove of the body of the song"
07.  [00:20] Phil to Bobby  "I want to do it in Philadelphia MAN"
08.  [00:30] Let's do the verses from A-Minor C - Take 1
09.  [02:24] more from the A-minor C - Take 2
10.  [00:38] Phil: "That tempo is too fast"
11.  [00:32] next take from same spot - Take 3
12.  [01:04] Phil: "If I have to go "lookin fo famila fafes""
13.  [03:43] Take 4
14.  [00:16] Vince: "Is there one of those elevens at the end of the threes"
15.  [02:29] Phil counts out the changes
16.  [02:15] Learning the part after the first verse
17.  [03:13] Vince: "Where in the bar are you starting that three"
18.  [00:53] Back to the intro - Take 1
19.  [01:20] intro - Take 2
20.  [01:45] intro - Take 3 - Phil explains the timing
21.  [00:27] Phil works with Steve on the tele-prompter
22.  [00:33] "Well then get your God damn earphones tunred up man"
23.  [05:59] Take 4 intro - whole song
24.  [00:44] Phil explains ending
25.  [00:47] Ending - Take 2
26.  [00:43] What are the stumbling blocks -- Jerry "not knowing it"
27.  [00:52] Let's do something else for a while
28.  [01:11] Here Comes Sunshine - Take 1
29.  [02:49] Here Comes Sunshine - Take 2

Total [42:34]


This tape came from a member of the Grateful Dead's crew. This is not from the scanner in the parking lot. It was taped by the crewmember himself. I cannot reveal his name because I don't want to get him in any shit. I am not exactly sure how it was taped inside the venue. He told to me the story verbally about 4 years ago, and I cannot remember exactly what he said. But one thing I remember for sure, it came from him inside, not from the parking lot scanner.

I met this guy when I was taping a GD member's ?post-dead? band in 1998. They happened to be playing at a venue where I know the soundman. I was taping off the board that night. I got into a conversation with one of the band?s crew. (this tape?s source) In talking I found out he was a former crewmember for the GD.

On this particular night, the GD member?s band did not bring their own DAT deck. So this guy wanted a DAT clone of what I taped. We exchanged info but I did not get around to making his copy for a long while. During that time, he called me a couple of times and told me about this 95 sound check tape he had. We agreed and he sent me this tape in exchange for the DAT. He made my tape from his cassette master.

I had the 1st gen tape in late 1999 and made a copy for my roommate at the time. We?ve since parted ways. Unfortunately, in the 2001 move I lost my copy. I was at my former roommates house the other night and the topic of this tape came up. He dug out his copy and We listened to it. I realized it was a major upgrade to the currently circulating shn seed. So I?ve converted it.  Enjoy

This version is much better sounding without the distortion of the existing seed. It also contains more then the original seed including a few takes of Here Come Sunshine.  On the B side of the tape was an ear monitor feed from the Omni in Atlanta for the second live performance of Unbroken Chain from 3/29/95 complete with the band talking to each other in the ear monitors. That content will be seeded separately.

Seeded to etree by Marc Pujol
June 14, 2003

Big thanks to my friend Austin Mulhern for holding onto the tape which became the source for this transfer

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     2:01.31      21417356     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t01.wav
     0:32.08       5663660     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t02.wav
     2:19.58      24656060     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t03.wav
     1:46.59      18837212     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t04.wav
     0:09.69       1749932     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t05.wav
     0:06.63       1206620     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t06.wav
     0:20.60       3669164     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t07.wav
     0:30.30       5362604     ---   --    ---    gd1995
Show Checksums
a9f3474a477b2d38be54d9de4e4ca1f7 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t01.shn
5066b224ef8db870415d433096e346aa *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t02.shn
ae7faf16eec4ba776cc52f80e4f55924 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t03.shn
1fdf232b36ce21ec15e2d59728e71966 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t04.shn
524dfc79135e4e8610dfa687d086a758 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t05.shn
1cfd2efd7c48d53ef6ec76dc619de323 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t06.shn
5752c18c4678b9be245c67d0cc01d278 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t07.shn
743619f9cada5ba760c954e5d5d05688 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t08.shn
2e52e1af6ffe71b9c08a7cf31551e577 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t09.shn
94f29eefd7477cb1c907c412e19a56d0 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t10.shn
71f333bf18962935bba072d9bd5577ca *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t11.shn
841ad5cc7361d0dcf57ea2750f8d6fad *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t12.shn
b1196cb2010b770d228016c80e712138 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t13.shn
9d45351d3596a751e72fd036bd9c8eab *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t14.shn
94213d346f4ea6c2404c10202d3bef4d *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t15.shn
a3bb4d61171544410658b85fffdd4921 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t16.shn
99f3f0df3f1974182f2c596c28ce1458 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t17.shn
c28812a420ab62522b821f91fb9c4581 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t18.shn
f6c7ff16af1782d3aa8dc7043a5fc74a *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t19.shn
a3a0c831b7fc393e741869be0fc91d4c *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t20.shn
6099c6dabeeb8005e9975e1c8bd4918b *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t21.shn
b7036ed44983fedc241e856ab5275670 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t22.shn
d5daa4b4a7a9652aff12ffedbf82b5de *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t23.shn
87d6a20e478268ff03bcbeb1790adbac *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t24.shn
3144ff3e301558cd884a4faa93b11bb0 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t25.shn
b00f9c4d5a5441a94e40cc00acc77f42 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t26.shn
2e0eb06b2ccf79b829d762f693da4a15 *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t27.shn
2416806ee7fef09b1cf8ae07fba106dd *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t28.shn
22b275f574fbc5d477e8729c87bb4e4d *gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t29.shn
d77f87a96a14296732dcac29a319b56a [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t01.shn
92b732392ee3cf66672774f7618270a2 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t02.shn
1d39dd3f4305e2df62af1aedd46f291e [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t03.shn
3bfadf620d7ded17c4ef46c17ee7e80d [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t04.shn
6a550dfa831d283f5341bc3ed4b8296f [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t05.shn
60dc93cd8ffc7c0e4734770a4e884e57 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t06.shn
ea2ca003014ad44aab5f0a282be729ea [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t07.shn
23cba9eeafcb21ec1b6a48c07d85b2b6 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t08.shn
d8c6eeb4f99fa52ce3641734cbce9252 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t09.shn
52c2a285254f286d16f587910964e646 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t10.shn
dac1c77d11365191526b98507c6078d1 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t11.shn
3283219a7dd18565419234b0d9f7cd53 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t12.shn
bb8267e241f90565cfb152fd65dd8565 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t13.shn
6ff61fd0ab7b3d544f9b28efd3a8c8e1 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t14.shn
a48727b13e8ce0619a7e41d715d51fd6 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t15.shn
645703c4b744620cd88cfa8f531c9317 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t16.shn
68d4e34eb548cb23bee1aabeb6395508 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t17.shn
d3aff8784b48a3421646c34c79273146 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t18.shn
d2d4a7a0b2ded45ea6c86065edfb2ba6 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t19.shn
6bfd8aab9f4e058734de1a0e4c71e9c5 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t20.shn
0e6ef3cf5659a14b9834bf0d9178a58d [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t21.shn
58f1832d726e5beed08bf6c635bcc711 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t22.shn
272354422e691ff214ea59e3b12687be [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t23.shn
0203d079b61feaa8009295aeab35954e [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t24.shn
0f479807f34a3ce1317e7d4dfb6374a8 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t25.shn
3130e1d8283a7b5c45303ce39504b34a [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t26.shn
c3aa5d3bfe4a54d0faf5044375375c99 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t27.shn
0fd9caa2e348c6d7c893ea8d275780de [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t28.shn
dd5c41d35119c04e1b26059ff2ddd019 [shntool] gd1995-03-17_soundcheck_d1t29.shn

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09/22/2004 Diana Given how separately this circulates from the actual show, this shn has now been moved to the separate souncheck gig entry.