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Grateful Dead 03/29/95
The Omni, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary 2nd set partial - from Phil's ear monitor via Marc Pujol 
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Grateful Dead
March 29, 1995
The Omni
Atlanta, GA

2nd set partial - from Phil's ear monitor

Source: Phil's Ear Monitor Feed > Crew Member's Cassette Master (recorded inside venue) > 2nd Gen Cassette **see notes
Transfer: 2nd gen cassette > Kenwood CT-2050 > RCA analog (Monster cables)> RME digi96/8PAD > Soundforge 6.0 recorded at 96kHz/24bit
Mastered: Wavelab 4.0 > Waves X-noise(very slight hiss reduction); normalized; 96/24 > 44.1/16 > CDWave > MKWact > SHN (seekable)

Another Installment of The Music Never Stopped Project

01. [01:20] Band goes over set "Help on the Range, Franklin's Glauwer, Trauma in the Train, Florina"
02. [00:36] Phil "Do you want to try Unbroken Chain tonight??"
03. [03:11] Steve get's chords up and Jerry complains to Harry about reverb
04. [07:09] Unbroken Chain
05. [04:00] Help on the Way >
06. [06:59] Slipknot >
07. [15:52] Franklin's Tower

08. [00:37] Jam out of Playin >
09. [10:31] SOTM


This tape came from a member of the Grateful Dead's crew. This is not from the scanner in the parking lot. It was taped by the crewmember himself. I cannot reveal his name because I don't want to get him in any shit. I am not exactly sure how it was taped inside the venue. He told to me the story verbally about 4 years ago, and I cannot remember exactly what he said. But one thing I remember for sure, it came from him inside, not from the parking lot scanner.

I met this guy when I was taping a GD member's ?post-dead? band in 1998. They happened to be playing at a venue where I know the soundman. I was taping off the board that night. I got into a conversation with one of the band?s crew. (this tape?s source) In talking I found out he was a former crewmember for the GD.

On this particular night, the GD member?s band did not bring their own DAT deck. So this guy wanted a DAT clone of what I taped. We exchanged info but I did not get around to making his copy for a long while. During that time, he called me a couple of times and told me about this 95 monitor feed tape he had. We agreed and he sent me this tape in exchange for the DAT. He made my copy from his cassette master.

I had the tape in late 1999 and made a copy for my roommate at the time. We?ve since parted ways. Unfortunately, in the 2001 move I lost my copy. I was at my former roommates house the other night and the topic of this tape came up. He dug out his copy.

The copy of the 95 UBC Philly sound check contained on side B a monitor feed from the Omni in Atlanta from 3/29/95. This is the third live performance of Unbroken Chain. The monitor feed captures the band talking to each other in the ear monitors. They joke around with the names of the songs at the begining - very funny!

Seeded to etree by Marc Pujol
June 14, 2003

Big thanks to my friend Austin Mulhern for holding onto the tape which became the source for this transfer

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     1:20.74      14286092     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t01.wav
     0:36.37       6437468     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t02.wav
     3:11.70      33857084     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t03.wav
     7:09.28      75741500     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t04.wav
     4:00.26      42397196     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t05.wav
     6:59.40      74005724     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t06.wav
    15:52.62     168078668     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t07.wav
     0:37.59       6665612     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t08.wav
    10:31.53     111433100     ---   --    ---    gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t09.wav
    50:20.74     532902444 B                      (totals for 9 files)
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88a23034199d53f7d5aae161f0c502de *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t01.shn
d40325bc691b9117a8115262dba16f25 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t02.shn
3df8923fa2e7d5dabf6528d058d0b218 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t03.shn
19141b34a5b48c7e048545e4ed805bfc *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t04.shn
7fd0e26354d293a0dc42a3e24f0ef571 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t05.shn
e0b8ea59bca5d7538a04b684b3a6a5c0 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t06.shn
fffa71905b096a9f55fd9445274a3be5 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t07.shn
b964179dce6f575993d12515c0cefe42 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t08.shn
0ae6cf7a49b020d4904758dd1fbdf5f7 *gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t09.shn
2c484f5102589473248326c96bc05e1e [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t01.shn
ab0dc28acad678b0c96f23ecdfab690b [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t02.shn
d070d24b65aade1f7eefbd8532e6367e [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t03.shn
ccb927597462c68a00077a6f86ce57c4 [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t04.shn
c7e33aba1d39a54314e41853ecc22c6d [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t05.shn
c9a5813883e065448b5dd75a26f22f13 [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t06.shn
89f0df548500970788ed5230849753fc [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t07.shn
3f1c1061c20d52c49875f98995cd0010 [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t08.shn
7c50cb0dd4b15c3cc2288fae50628449 [shntool] gd1995-03-29s2p_earmonitor.d1t09.shn

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07/14/2003 Jay That's "Kelp On The Range" ;^)
02/13/2008 Mersand Track 8 is actually just the Slipnotish ending to Franklin's