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Grateful Dead 07/05/95
Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Nak 300+cp4> D7; Conversion: D7> 7 pin digi coax> CDR880 (Master)> EAC > AddaWave > Sound Forge 3.0 (Fadeouts)> CDWave> SHN; Dat Seed from Chase Smith; Conversion by Chuck Rothofsky 
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Grateful Dead
Riverport Ampitheater, Maryland Heights, MO

Dat Seed from: Chase Smith
Conversion by: Chuck Rothofsky  

Source: Nak 300+cp4> D7
Conversion: D7> 7 pin digi coax> CDR880 (Master)>EAC (EAC Log Files enclosed*)> AddaWave (Combined Waves)> Sound Forge 3.0 (Fadeouts)> CDWave> SHN

-Disc 1-
Set 1
1. Feel Like a Stranger
2. Peggy-O
3. Same Thing
4. Loose Lucy
5. Childhood's End
6. El Paso
7. Don't Ease Me In
Set 2
8. Intro
9. Iko Iko

-Disc 2-
Set 2 cont..
1. Playin' in the Band>
2. Crazy Fingers>
3. Corrina>
4. Drums & Space>

-Disc 3-
Set 2 cont..
1. Going Down the Road and Feeling Bad>
2. Throwing Stones>
3. Not Fade Away
4. Black Muddy River

* I reviewed the suspicios positions that were logged by EAC and I could not hear a difference between the MASTER source and this copy.  So from my standpoint they were identical
Show Checksums
8bfc49d24d23c71d5e0001706a355c7f *gd950705d1t01.shn
63b4390f6600d4586767b0afd39d0d96 *gd950705d1t02.shn
f23b935b6ec5ce460bc10598dba5c1b0 *gd950705d1t03.shn
de525d6ceba20c8661264f963b9aa907 *gd950705d1t04.shn
5a76eb76dd27ebaa4b56e8f5ebb80bb6 *gd950705d1t05.shn
535265197b20f9f19c22ec60159ff0b3 *gd950705d1t06.shn
793e27e705b60f00e233f59bd0449429 *gd950705d1t07.shn
2705e8a1a0cbf5990e844944a92932cd *gd950705d1t08.shn
ab70bfc68362c8f30163608ec8f431b6 *gd950705d1t09.shn
c6bb2a0e181cfcc415bf21b597c615d6 *gd950705d2t01.shn
fed6a3af97e75aa10dedb7b28c4467ce *gd950705d2t02.shn
8b80c2ef57c9dfe50e5d62f265f949eb *gd950705d2t03.shn
14cb7362ba111a5c3e71638eff5f0d53 *gd950705d2t04.shn
a3b2cfab12f2a57435315852469aad33 *gd950705d3t01.shn
c77f9aa7156a79cbdcfa0fc14443b155 *gd950705d3t02.shn
74e0377515151e6d25538865b5f62f4c *gd950705d3t03.shn
dd776bedfeb56a412389b4c3e487ed60 *gd950705d3t04.shn
c1d10d272f01c414c71069a38652c7f4 [shntool] gd950705d1t01.shn
42a740dcf723d521dcce2c318f026e68 [shntool] gd950705d1t02.shn
738f0e1fd0bd9f0676c2e99b9be5632b [shntool] gd950705d1t03.shn
5da2f9820e2c6fcb0eb76022a71f612c [shntool] gd950705d1t04.shn
9e3b16962f9fcc80e9a37d100bb680b5 [shntool] gd950705d1t05.shn
306192f5b570b33764f936ec5e5f6fe7 [shntool] gd950705d1t06.shn
418c628c0eee0d2ea9b7e0e8aeb94f00 [shntool] gd950705d1t07.shn
58e4225f6179a494dd515a0dc24c7282 [shntool] gd950705d1t08.shn
22667af9739e927620577e9129b90c5c [shntool] gd950705d1t09.shn
5ccbd844a461f29474647f0b9ed6904e [shntool] gd950705d2t01.shn
7ea1cba7e2294f1302e6e8f2a9c8a7ce [shntool] gd950705d2t02.shn
87a22695a80578644f140a479ea291a2 [shntool] gd950705d2t03.shn
f1fb8361fa8d6eed7086d3af8956ef2f [shntool] gd950705d2t04.shn
8e5587ffae977db957ba692eb2ffc727 [shntool] gd950705d3t01.shn
f125063b3f30b237ebbc55e6072d8da3 [shntool] gd950705d3t02.shn
61ac20ef793dee0e4f97caa2dc8a6733 [shntool] gd950705d3t03.shn
e1aadd1847363aa14ae6a1decc884a09 [shntool] gd950705d3t04.shn

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Date User Comment
10/27/2000 default Hehehe! This is the first show I ever recorded with using my homebrew D7 digital interface in concert (I was the guy with his decks in the Jaguar cardboard box, looked like I was selling veggy burritos! Though fragile, it worked well.

I got a patch that evening from Marc Nutter of Sonic Sense I think? He used, I believe Neumann balls, and the patch was coming out of his da-p1 - I've got technical details somewhere...

I taped 13 of the last 15 shows - I skipped Michigan...
I have 7/6 which is just as crispy :)
05/14/2001 Ryan Burns The .txt file had only 8 tracks for d1, but the md5 shows 9 - d1t08 is actually an intro and d1t09 is Aiko.
05/15/2001 Diana Hamilton Thanks Ryan, I've now edited the info file at this site.
09/22/2004 tripcat I had the best time a these 2 shows the best of the whole tour to bad the campground crashed i never seen that many choppers,cops,cars and ambulances since did the whole east coast tour that year.MIss you Jerry :(