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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/14/03
Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG C1000S (Hyper Caps-NOS)> B.L.U.E. Kiwi 4awg mic cables> Denecke AD-20> Optical Toslink> Sony MZ-N707 (no compression); master minidisc version (head of a chain, see notes); Transfer: Sony MZ-N707> unmodified Edirol UA-5> Dell Inspiron 3800> Sound Forge 6.0> pcm wave> cdwave(track splits)> mkwACT> SHN; Taped and Transferred by Chris Clark 
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Bonnaroo Music Festival
Manchester, TN
Late Night Bill 12-4 AM

Source:  AKG C1000S(Hyper Caps-NOS) -> B.L.U.E. Kiwi 4awg mic cables -> Denecke AD-20 -> Optical Toslink -> Sony MZ-N707(no compression)

Note:  Multiple Analog Clones Exist, an analog daisy chain was run out of my MD to several other MD's, if your reading this text you have recieved my master digital copy, enjoy one of the best performances of bonnaroo2, spread the tunes.

Transfer:  Sony MZ-N707 -> unmodified Edirol UA-5 -> Dell  Inspiron 3800 -> Sound Forge 6.0 -> pcm wave -> cdwave(track splits) -> mkwACT -> SHN

Taped and Transfered by Chris Clark(

1.  House Music/Crowd
2.  ? >
3.  Jam? >
4.  ? >
5.  ? >
6.  ? >
7.  Drums >
8.  Pappy Check^
9.  Last Chance to Dance Trance?
10.  ?//
11. Crowd
12. ?^^
DJ Intermission - Set 2
Set Break
1.  DJ Olive Spinnin the tables
Set 2
2.  ? ^^>
3.  ? ^^
4.  Bass  Solo >
5.  ?*
6.  ? **$
7.  ? > fire jam&//
Disc 3
Set2 cont'd
8.  ? >
9.  ?
10.  Invisible$
11.  ? $>
12.  ?$
13.  ?$ >
14.  ?$~ >
15.  ?
16.  Encore Crowd Noise
17. Motsy Moe?

Note:some minor digi pops, crowd noise at 57:20 in second set due to very large inflated ball going around the crowd all show pops right in the front row in front of the band, everyone in the tapers section was being weary about this thing, it was really big, like orcha fat.

^w/luther dickinson of NMAS on guitar
^^w/members of cyro baptista's  band including himself
//tape flip during crowd noise  from end track11
*w/cyro baptista only
**drum solo in middle of song
$w/members of horn section of antilbalas afrobeat orchestra
& w/fire teases(Jimmy Hendrix)
//tape flip during crowd noise after fire jam ended
~w/lively up yourself tease at end of song

Show Notes:  The show includes DJ Olive mixing on the turntables for both sets and includes setbreak mixing for setbreak music, and can be included or disregarded in the final audio cd's.  Entire first set included a continuous glowstick war that speed up and slowed down with the music. One word for this show, simply an incredible first experience for me seeing MMW, and one of the best shows at bonnaroo.    Enjoy the show and spread the tunes      
** never encode to MP3 **

^ with luther dickinson on guitar
* with members of antiballas afrobeat orchestra
# with cyro baptista on vocals and various small percussion instruments
Show Checksums
f47797dccb23ba1209d57c930066cec8 *MMW03-06-14Set105.shn
32eeb2f5b8c34c1e813fe3a901ee0392 *MMW03-06-14Set106.shn
6247d5b9004c696cdeb745c5e23938ad *MMW03-06-14Set107.shn
dafeff823974e56272a0ba68a5b61312 *MMW03-06-14Set108.shn
72346172ce6735f7058767dfe448aca9 *MMW03-06-14Set109.shn
72af4c9c598aa69a4898eb88f71152d8 *MMW03-06-14Set110.shn
afdbf54cb34a706587cc34ccbaffcc42 *MMW03-06-14Set111.shn
c27ac53d1c70d6ee792a47f2f2b39119 *MMW03-06-14Set112.shn
591216e854a4d339aa014af8a157af09 *MMW03-06-14Set101.shn
25dc304f3d44daf8b8bdce76a0716d34 *MMW03-06-14Set102.shn
7559c51f15b503b285830b031946278b *MMW03-06-14Set103.shn
f3f3f88ed3dc828c1257bbfff2f1f9f1 *MMW03-06-14Set104.shn
c9050e75c657f20cf0196e5c0c1785e7 *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet203.shn
cb04e126e2c196dda1f048dafb3c3303 *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet204.shn
940b191fd2cf205bf71983b0ea776e7c *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet205.shn
4e14bb5a80913f4a744b7c64165ba5fc *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet206.shn
532a634a8edee3d88ce461656c6de605 *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet207.shn
8d7047f9372f6f2d249a0ea94c2a1892 *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet201.shn
f0b6205a67b5efd9f8bc27446e8bb43e *MMW03-06-14DJbreakSet202.shn
8daf59e67cc5058941aa09908023916b *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc12.shn
64218a2b6fa91ddfa239cc02bbe5d7d9 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc13.shn
0684693a2410c21f2f3533a2b9694fe9 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc14.shn
716c2e08382ae7d4436627445856dea9 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc15.shn
f3e4df433cae551cb538bcbd424242da *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc16.shn
b767824fb409d55eab438721e7c33d97 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc17.shn
8fb5cf208a0b92babdc4950851e8b433 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc08.shn
2beeee5014f696451a59a91a43cfcd21 *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc09.shn
8924bf7b71349e12923bf8d6ff17d63e *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc10.shn
89895b28a65f024013d84047a051189b *MMW03-06-14Set2bEnc11.shn

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DPA4023 ~15ft from stage... (2) retracking of (0) remastering of (1) flac16; Nakamichi... (0)
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