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Drive-By Truckers 05/31/03
Alley Katz, Richmond, VA
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Entered by Kyle pike
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary matrix: B&K4011>V3 + sbd>mackie 1202vlz>minime>dap1 
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Drive By Truckers
Alley Katz-Richmond, Va

Source:matrix: B&K4011>V3 + sbd>mackie 1202vlz>minime>dap1
Recorded by Team Richmond(Craig Davis,Carrington Crawford)

Transfer:DA-20 -> Audiophile 2496 ->Soundforge 6.0(48->44.1) ->CDWAV->mkwACT->shn
Transfer By Jay Morris([email protected])

Disc One:
1.Sandwiches for the Road
2.Don't Be In Love Around Me
3.One of These Days
4.Your Daddy Hates Me
5.Sounds Better In the Song
6.(Something's Got to) Give Pretty Soon
7.Decoration Day
8.Marry Me
9.Sink Hole
10.Where the Devil Don't Stay

Disc Two:
2.The Living Bubba
3.Do It Yourself
4.Zip City
5.Hell No, I Ain't Happy
6.The Southern Thing
7.Women Without Whiskey
9.Let There Be Rock
10.Box of Spiders
11.Shut Up and Get on the Plane
12.People Who Died
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98e41d917c1cf264ba60f976ac298c63 *DBT2003-05-31D1T07.shn
2633713d9a238342fb2cc2e82131186e *DBT2003-05-31D1T02.shn
91f3590f321a0afaa870238373fff662 *DBT2003-05-31D1T03.shn
077c97f44c0fdc8b7dd4fb695fe4cf45 *DBT2003-05-31D1T04.shn
0353e66f4b7388fb305e8be71e648eea *DBT2003-05-31D1T05.shn
913b3fc4c668b13e2db57c9056e3187a *DBT2003-05-31D1T06.shn
0005108e7cc8bc7613a1759e0b0b5041 *DBT2003-05-31D1T01.shn
38c84d27dd910674ea45fd00bee076b9 *DBT2003-05-31D1T08.shn
0e8bb37b588bce2b24622b1ecc87b68a *DBT2003-05-31D1T09.shn
13c6db6d2ce65f499a023b04ad2e5b1e *DBT2003-05-31D1T10.shn
8d5399051507d05c0e584a4f1b092dbf *DBT2003-05-31D1T11.shn
af853ecffbffc324d66f9278e66cb077 *DBT2003-05-31D2T12.shn
262ac4aad453c9bb3a1a35f65abc3b56 *DBT2003-05-31D2T02.shn
4847c6d25f0b5caeaea887c315303b30 *DBT2003-05-31D2T03.shn
bbd5e5572378429dbd286bfea7b41d18 *DBT2003-05-31D2T04.shn
bd2039c983015ebe91dc5cda451dcf78 *DBT2003-05-31D2T05.shn
d1eeba37f8f52d50a8b9fbd2802dbe0e *DBT2003-05-31D2T06.shn
24337f4170bee3a112532f5eacabaca1 *DBT2003-05-31D2T07.shn
6575ecb5159a2c706dc5cc81b95011f2 *DBT2003-05-31D2T08.shn
eccb6a8a8a7c0e4e21b335d937e1ac13 *DBT2003-05-31D2T09.shn
74505cb66d5ae92e7d3245b0b00e5187 *DBT2003-05-31D2T10.shn
0d3c282024d81c0578a3dcf9dcf617d6 *DBT2003-05-31D2T11.shn
ef00f15a691314c23b8d78497884ae7d *DBT2003-05-31D2T01.shn

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