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Drive-By Truckers 04/11/03
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC
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Source # 18350 Other Sources
Entered by Kyle pike
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary [DPA 4022 > V2] + [SBD] > Mackie 1202VLZ > Minime (Craig Davis/Carrington Crawford)  
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Drive By Truckers
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC

taper: Craig Davis/Carrington Crawford
source: matrix: sbd + B&K4022 (xy/fob) > V2 > Mackie 1202vlz>minime>dap1
transfer: DA-20 -> Audiophile 2496 ->Soundforge 6.0(48->44.1) ->CDWAV->mkw->shn
transfer by Jay Morris

Disk One:
1.The Deeper In
2.The Living Bubba
3.Do It Yourself
4.Marry Me
5.Why Henry Drinks
6.Women Without Whiskey
7.Ronnie & Neil
8.72 (this highway's mean)
9.Sink Hole
10.Decoration Day
11.Where The Devil Don't Stay
12.Lookout Mountain

Disk Two:
1.Sounds Better In The Song
2.(Somthing's Gotta) Give Pretty Soon
3.Bulldozers & Dirt
5.Nine Bullets
6.Uncle Frank
8.Steve McQueen >
9.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love >
10.Steve McQueen
11.Don't Be In Love Around Me

Disk Three:
1.The Southern Thing
2.Zip City
3.Let There Be Rock

5.The Night G.G Allin Came To Town
6.Shut Up And Get On The Plane
8.People Who Died

Notes: .26 second Dropout in Lookout Mountain
Show Checksums
1d0e48a7dc460981ced07eba32d16b03 *DBT2003-04-11D1T01.shn
708c5cde6b8abba5d1c276688a1fd19d *DBT2003-04-11D1T02.shn
ef668fb38e521abfc23c848a317e8e4f *DBT2003-04-11D1T03.shn
ea9453dbc26db2030dd32147075b9437 *DBT2003-04-11D1T04.shn
4bd50f23622228ae5de09bef1c558536 *DBT2003-04-11D1T05.shn
f5328241c3cfb4a295583b067b5930af *DBT2003-04-11D1T06.shn
3610fabe933902ef2b93e7988834e347 *DBT2003-04-11D1T07.shn
2a3a612b05dbc3c389647a80a0a67c3b *DBT2003-04-11D1T08.shn
d1c39540ec2900dbfb82b5b7dc51a37f *DBT2003-04-11D1T09.shn
a67f500bd25db85a9fc9bbe87dd162a4 *DBT2003-04-11D1T10.shn
510a546970997591c5a21df4d3999b3d *DBT2003-04-11D1T11.shn
6b944707479bce0133568d15e2f77134 *DBT2003-04-11D1T12.shn
98f288829142bab1962543d9f0e9b202 *DBT2003-04-11D2T01.shn
f29976c15cdb4259e3062c35ab9d2ac1 *DBT2003-04-11D2T02.shn
42a333c5228be49dca1bee63d4ad9e26 *DBT2003-04-11D2T03.shn
ea84e6a49db9485e105364452c5b841e *DBT2003-04-11D2T04.shn
0c903d933b5d6e75110ec1634b7ac7f6 *DBT2003-04-11D2T05.shn
b3fa63365d6ba0c9b97960365a15306a *DBT2003-04-11D2T06.shn
6ebe93a88e51d1504af03bf36de09421 *DBT2003-04-11D2T07.shn
e7076f88cbb65c27c2daaeed031113ca *DBT2003-04-11D2T08.shn
a88531607eb3dfa85877b2750ceb3449 *DBT2003-04-11D2T09.shn
670bef5cc4ece1d3c24efc19f9a0c896 *DBT2003-04-11D2T10.shn
af29a6747b45bdcd3a207ad63cca329f *DBT2003-04-11D2T11.shn
179021caf865ff1deaa8cfe820d5d6ec *DBT2003-04-11D3T08.shn
2b33c3bbe9391782185ee58cb4a9425a *DBT2003-04-11D3T02.shn
6ccc45f01c42b1dd43c6676fed05aed1 *DBT2003-04-11D3T03.shn
49eb427fe8bed41b2ee5e826c1d8942b *DBT2003-04-11D3T04.shn
fa3a885fd0a4a58bd7691efc6117346d *DBT2003-04-11D3T05.shn
fb4b8a6324f9fc58710ccb1f67e7a054 *DBT2003-04-11D3T06.shn
841e10d51cef3038c90360a892d1b1ad *DBT2003-04-11D3T07.shn
e60ef66fdb5f5eeb255f0d1b470af8ae *DBT2003-04-11D3T01.shn

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