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Grateful Dead 09/11/73
William and Mary College Hall, Williamsburg, VA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary MSR> one cassette gen> DAT> CDR> shn); via George Lanum; see info file and pub comments for flaw notes 
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Grateful Dead
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA

Source: Vault Leak (I got this show from a tree and this is all I know, sorry:()

[Newer info:
Thanks to Hanno Bunjes for providing the following lineage
info for the treed source: MSR > one cassette gen > DAT > CDR > etree]

Disc 1:
1. The Promised Land
2. Sugaree
3. The Race Is On
4. Loser
5. Looks Like Rain
6. Tennessee Jed
7. Jack Straw
8. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
9. El Paso  

Disc 2:

1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo  
2. Playing In The Band

3. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
4. Weather Report Suite Prelude >
5. Weather Report Suite Part 1 >
6. Let It Grow
7. Row Jimmy
8. Big River

Disc 3:

1. Deal
2. Beat It On Down The Line
3. Dark Star
4. Morning Dew
5. Sugar Magnolia

Comments: The whole things sound great. Truly one of the better Dead shows
I've heard in a while.  At the end of Dark Star during Lesh's solo, there is
some mic crackle (overload?) for 5 secs.  In Sugar Mag at 4:08, there is a
sound cut in, maybe a mixing problem.  I've only listened to disc 3 super
critically.  Enjoy
Show Checksums
2dd7fc5309e7792034660f31a4a8b2a2 *GD9-11-73d1Track01.wav.shn
1270f473e502f0efa6e928a57304e5b5 *GD9-11-73d1Track02.wav.shn
e36880848392cd7d2c4d78a1768d9ee4 *GD9-11-73d1Track03.wav.shn
c0c7ca59dc56fb498a0a41057c594be3 *GD9-11-73d1Track04.wav.shn
19ff49a687f1a5cab8f3f34597c7f4d0 *GD9-11-73d1Track05.wav.shn
1202df5005bb6a0f71a4a14dfe69ee4e *GD9-11-73d1Track06.wav.shn
0c93504f12dccc61ec4209569270caa4 *GD9-11-73d1Track07.wav.shn
55dbf869bb32d4d38fcd9f504464b2b6 *GD9-11-73d1Track08.wav.shn
181e8aaaea810dbcf56ddb663bc72642 *GD9-11-73d1Track09.wav.shn
9ca49a84fb2cc3429e00feb1e9dd0eb6 *GD9-11-73d2Track01.wav.shn
ae69d53c5a373ea4b58c98364930b0ab *GD9-11-73d2Track02.wav.shn
73e963d0ac040470cba9f2957af34b94 *GD9-11-73d2Track03.wav.shn
bed5494b1f1b9004d4022d0871690285 *GD9-11-73d2Track04.wav.shn
330a2a5eefce418995ed51c1b4f0a57f *GD9-11-73d2Track05.wav.shn
7fb4974b6f8169939062d7f52687fac2 *GD9-11-73d2Track06.wav.shn
516b3dcf2e3466c572c2190815344e40 *GD9-11-73d2Track07.wav.shn
8f6c82fcbad940f3ade9e42827ca47d9 *GD9-11-73d2Track08.wav.shn
be4468155e4104394239dd3177b05466 *GD9-11-73d3Track01.wav.shn
9f16346f6cb2663487cefe698462daab *GD9-11-73d3Track02.wav.shn
79e325463cb1c2b3852b78c972f9817d *GD9-11-73d3Track03.wav.shn
ce96766062ad1061bdd70af59c1824ac *GD9-11-73d3Track04.wav.shn
735a9954c30ad2fa76e0d2c1b524fdb0 *GD9-11-73d3Track05.wav.shn
8e189314501188519d797e2c933ce861 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track01.wav.shn
80336f0ed3c07c152626bd9ff2397fa5 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track02.wav.shn
4fd786e0bdd649e450f927bb4954da67 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track03.wav.shn
37535ecc7e19f7e686ab67de65104bf9 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track04.wav.shn
7e4386c69b42908892cc4072e3032364 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track05.wav.shn
980866f60a583b51f7cbb84f36f32c8d [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track06.wav.shn
38b29c656b40dc387553bc0d9a314cf3 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track07.wav.shn
064e3888280855f6f4dedcaf5061988b [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track08.wav.shn
7243b2e26b001641abe728f2e264b2a3 [shntool] GD9-11-73d1Track09.wav.shn
5465d27fc44eced1c22b964a7c3eecad [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track01.wav.shn
b8455ae71b626da9c5d4f7831e2f8b0e [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track02.wav.shn
68493a8999b2fbcaa5385fd9db7168dd [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track03.wav.shn
2f213fdf7697dde4f728b4ed98e0d6e2 [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track04.wav.shn
fc5c52e419c5198c3358f0e6df3a451c [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track05.wav.shn
13a7ddb487d1c8f307707746e0f114ec [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track06.wav.shn
c453685bba0ca49ce43d46decbb4ed24 [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track07.wav.shn
be24e1b377ea94686b8852cb24bf628a [shntool] GD9-11-73d2Track08.wav.shn
f5285dbf98d43e932959d490c0fb6d59 [shntool] GD9-11-73d3Track01.wav.shn
a45c811071cc9aecbad39859b1690e5b [shntool] GD9-11-73d3Track02.wav.shn
6a5d8ed164b40a73e8f1003d3a81dc22 [shntool] GD9-11-73d3Track03.wav.shn
3cb8440bb9731a4a299bc8ac797a8c5c [shntool] GD9-11-73d3Track04.wav.shn
12e4de1c12d614fa70d8c90f76b8b500 [shntool] GD9-11-73d3Track05.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; source: aud;... (0) flac16; source: aud;... (0) flac16;... (0) flac16; Original... (0) flac16; 2 source... (0) flac16; Source:... (0)
Date User Comment
01/29/2002 Patrick Donnelly *brief* [I mean a second or less] cut at the beginning of Loser.
02/19/2002 Diana Hamilton listener G. Sullivan pointed out seamless audience splice d3t410:42 (Morning Dew through d3t5 4:04 (Sugar Magnolia)
08/23/2002 Matt Let Me Sing, WRS Prelude & Let It Grow w/Martin Fiero & Joe Ellis on horns.
12/22/2002 Bill Mickey's 30th Birthday
09/07/2010 gator_wine Audience patch in Dew at 10:42 through 4:04 into Sugar Mag. The version I heard on Sirius GD channel last night had the same splices but no patches.
09/10/2010 charliemiller That is because they aired the vault masters. The GD don't patch their tapes with auds, except for one or two official releases.