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Gov't Mule 06/16/95
Club Toast, Burlington, VT
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Source # 18430 Other Sources
Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums d2 , d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD > Master CASS > SoundMax Digital Audio > CD Wav > SHN; Provides complete show with patches from *Source: Digital SoundBoard (Taper Steve Productions [email protected]
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Gov't Mule
Club Toast, Burlington, VT

SBD > Master CASS > SoundMax Digital Audio > CD Wav > SHN
Transferred by John Hudson - [email protected]

*Source: Digital SoundBoard (Taper Steve Productions [email protected])

Disc 1:
Mule -> (first few seconds cut)
Rocking Horse ->
Mr. Big ->
Temporary Saint ->
Grass Sam ->
Monkey Hill/She's So Heavy Jam ->
Same Thing ->
*Trane ->
Eternity's Breath Jam
Grinnin' ->

Disc 2:
Left Coast Groovies ->
World of Difference
Blind Man in the Dark
*Just Got Paid/Who Do You Love
E: *End of the Line ->
*Yonder Wall

There is some clipping of levels on d1t1 from 0:15 - 0:51.

Thanks to Pete Gershon for supplying his Master SBD Cassette
Thanks to Jason Pline for supplying the original DSBD source SHN's
Show Checksums
978f43da7e6e85a1d9ee7a3d311c1cc9 *mule95-06-16d2t07-yonderwall.shn
0d073576fe4763b5fb776d998c2a3b08 *mule95-06-16d2t01-lcg.shn
3102f0176723edac4fcfdd4e9d74d2fe *mule95-06-16d2t02-worldofdiff.shn
e270a8a8a713ad4578da008dd08c0a86 *mule95-06-16d2t03-bmitd.shn
e927d8d217819a9501f9784c18132854 *mule95-06-16d2t04-intros.shn
e7665aead2fb114cdb5e0aad22cd042c *mule95-06-16d2t05-justgotpaid.shn
c712876c0572c762063120d49ab54a91 *mule95-06-16d2t06-eol.shn
c712876c0572c762063120d49ab54a91 *mule95-06-16d2t06-eol.shn
e927d8d217819a9501f9784c18132854 *mule95-06-16d2t04-intros.shn
cd0d372037bbcec51af604c9442357e5 *mule95-06-16d1t07-samething.shn
df7df6d295545a3aed3bd5640b790724 *mule95-06-16d1t08-trane.shn
7b096fb830374573058f5fc5915c267a *mule95-06-16d1t09-eternitybreath.shn
c0d4ae6665a35723b275f3e38d4a7ff5 *mule95-06-16d1t10-grinnin.shn
a755efd481e453d0090866ac3e0a2258 *mule95-06-16d1t11-politician.shn
edf5c3edfed0acee02fa5fcc1f49ca60 *mule95-06-16d1t01-mule.shn
af350ff6f87b02f7e566559a8806ae1f *mule95-06-16d1t02-rhorse.shn
ff657cc61a9441d0ce0986d0f8c699f9 *mule95-06-16d1t03-mrbig.shn
06886567b404236c63eb10ae0a2e2493 *mule95-06-16d1t04-tsaint.shn
dea6e7e0f6191e99a5e411872b409266 *mule95-06-16d1t05-grasssam.shn
a2fac33c66a3ee2943174e587b1e4e08 *mule95-06-16d1t06-monkeyhill.shn

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