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Phish 07/15/03
USANA Amphitheatre, West Valley City, UT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps mk4 (OTS, DFC) > kc5 > CMC6 > PSP3 > MiniMe > Sony Vaio c1vn > Wavelab 4.0 > Apogee UV22HR > CDWav > SHN; Taped by Geoff Lynch 
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7/15/03 USANA Amp, Utah

Source: Schoeps mk4/kc5/cmc6>psp3>minime>vaio c1vn
Recorded with Wavelave 4.0, dithered using Apogee UV22HR, tracked with cdwav and
burned with wavelab. Taped by Geoff Lynch

Set I:
1. AC/DC Bag
2. Ya Mar
3. Theme from the Bottom
4. I Saw it Again
5. Poor Heart
6. Two Versions of Me
7. Secret Smile
8. Mike's Song >
9. I am Hydrogen >
10. Weekapaug Groove

Set II:
1. Mr. Completely* >
2. Low Rider** >
3. Big Black Furry Creature from Mars >
4. Buried Alive >
5. Big Black Furry Creature from Mars >
6. Ha Ha Ha >
7. Big Black Furry Creature from Mars >
8. Mr. Completely >
9. Spread It Round*
10. Walls of the Cave
11. Golgi Apparatus

1. Slave to the Traffic Light
2. Sleeping Monkey

* First time played
** Instrumental

Show Checksums
8383c59de52bc70c04823d22be01ab5d *phish-2003-07-15 d01t01.shn
1d3bd40d962b902f5b6c29b015c4615d *phish-2003-07-15 d01t02.shn
7ad84deef65c4da2d858d9bcd0efff0c *phish-2003-07-15 d01t03.shn
76f172f99bdc4f014d3b84c1a3573934 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t04.shn
7bac224a10add422811e6e1ee8a328e7 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t05.shn
d3b82cf811475343e0adb3de4a0e6118 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t06.shn
5665846bdaf6d931adb5290991f909df *phish-2003-07-15 d01t07.shn
ed199c9ae6a23c43ad15934e57bc8dc5 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t08.shn
e9fb4dcc661d261067fbfe31bf0bf550 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t09.shn
00089a65354265483b06bb31a8131cd1 *phish-2003-07-15 d01t10.shn
fe822e66c111937fcaf437593ca1e3cb *phish-2003-07-15 d02t01.shn
de7f2b551b7c1917b64448a8abd79d2c *phish-2003-07-15 d02t02.shn
eec285d608dbc5ceb10ddb8428560da8 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t03.shn
566898df9ef297a7efd432db6e2c7822 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t04.shn
d28b6838b739c573e90c3df940a360a5 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t05.shn
acb95db9e14a9e503fa659656dc6b0d3 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t06.shn
58b0b2e566b816325ff64b7a76e9e51e *phish-2003-07-15 d02t07.shn
e3c93f75e5e99c26ef981b204c33ab89 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t08.shn
6d436d19bf3c75b0eb7f0aed7571d678 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t09.shn
61efdd20e338455ef34ecfadebc16a1d *phish-2003-07-15 d02t10.shn
8f3127e97be5907111dfbdfde6f58900 *phish-2003-07-15 d02t11.shn
8aa8c38cb0e18f291331b92ce85b2e9e *phish-2003-07-15 d03t01.shn
61ec4250525f0849b8e6d561d6ce5b0e *phish-2003-07-15 d03t02.shn

77e0ceb558421b8b32fedc1778f79afb [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t01.shn
bb7f58bbda98b6524208cdcfa3936915 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t02.shn
739f4e446e69b9231e693f044f356160 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t03.shn
943a48b03953c22a9eab5b8b3db77538 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t04.shn
5f2311f9f3d377ccf2c21ca7ee9a4fb9 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t05.shn
09040765f983d215d5e8af9f32a11ed2 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t06.shn
ea397bf449376fa6f8912e82a941b360 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t07.shn
9cdec5f501426a0a8bc725609ff092d6 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t08.shn
5e782156ead2a8ed7d43d9dd7fe8131d [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t09.shn
7e07b613ef0fcff8cff42ee51d00b4cd [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d01t10.shn
2fa4e62268d9f6dda6bf25313e45af1e [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t01.shn
030f25909c63bec7df16cfa01d4a975e [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t02.shn
90fbb84020064281f9c6e1942baab8b6 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t03.shn
801d4e560357835c061666f5257bf274 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t04.shn
78c28fe419dee587937e93ae82a21715 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t05.shn
613eee24d681b4e1479337b7f3ba0522 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t06.shn
efb164449eef8c2b84da7722f6351e5b [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t07.shn
f43db43fc1dd36868bbba702c8b95efa [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t08.shn
b60e18e65d61852947ef18a76fd562e1 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t09.shn
832806972e71ecdb60b5a4932f12cc2a [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t10.shn
f7705b693d04a005ed5b354dfd5f1689 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d02t11.shn
a8e4ace5a8bc3f300fb164c4b3d75d65 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d03t01.shn
613f4c9cee5264e4fe8ad1d707a07ea5 [shntool] phish-2003-07-15 d03t02.shn

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