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Phish 07/19/03
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Microtech Geffell m300 > Apogee Minime > Wavelab > Picturebook; Taped and transfered by Steve Sax 
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Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

source: MG300>minime>wavelab (16/48 picturebook)

Taped and transfered by steve sax (WWW.PHATDATS.COM)

Disc one / set one:
1.  Sample in a Jar
2.  Reba
3.  Wilson
4.  Scents and Subtle Sounds
5.  Maze
6.  Driver
7.  NICU>
8.  Ya Mar

Disc two / set one (cont)
1. Rocky Top
2. Lawn Boy
3. Julius
set two:

4. Piper>
5. Rock and Roll>
6. Seven Below>
7. Prince Caspian

Disc three / set two (cont)
1.  YEM
2.  Wading in the Velvet Sea

special thanks to jordan nadler for the help!!

seeded to etree on 07.20.03 via WWW.PHATDATS.COM
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e047dcdd027a063b1dd463bb827ed662 *ph2003.07.19d1t01.shn
143a640992f9821bbd84f3e25ee237ae *ph2003.07.19d1t02.shn
1a1409398982039644d7db63a9c93641 *ph2003.07.19d1t03.shn
3cbcf0b53e0f48eca21fac8b2a0f9760 *ph2003.07.19d1t04.shn
ea2f475dad803795407cd79eebb23990 *ph2003.07.19d1t05.shn
c4bbc5011fa0b5e6bfebced2e516057e *ph2003.07.19d1t06.shn
5ce770ecc89f8c3961a9117e076dc118 *ph2003.07.19d1t07.shn
11e26141ac4778bd04336adbb276402b *ph2003.07.19d1t08.shn
f4f8a46d97c2efa1730d0d2d082c7b3f *ph2003.07.19d2t01.shn
00c58977e5ce3ff986220d81c070e86c *ph2003.07.19d2t02.shn
0b1cadd94eea18d5e7de20921aaf3bc9 *ph2003.07.19d2t03.shn
a2406212d2065a47335209d8629a1e7d *ph2003.07.19d2t04.shn
88a4ec711a2af6e0a1a0e8bf3daa867d *ph2003.07.19d2t05.shn
06568745813aa6460436d3e60e7b6843 *ph2003.07.19d2t06.shn
e2cf1fa74834fed57ee46dfb3f4c2cc1 *ph2003.07.19d2t07.shn
61a00ab9fd7bd9acfe4dd8ba30c56718 *ph2003.07.19d3t01.shn
c1eb1d1449a3f00dcb71f1ce33ea7b25 *ph2003.07.19d3t02.shn
a9107f5d35beab2335a2af79e546250e [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t01.shn
4382d2beb2af94a584c12d829301e883 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t02.shn
bac0bc14882c0235a74d840be51acf7f [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t03.shn
df76d7c15647a2d96ef46750e28148cf [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t04.shn
4977573c1e1fa603ac089bc1fb3b3c5e [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t05.shn
626d6213dc7e28ca55b698d52ba16e52 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t06.shn
9769f53562d0a08fc3047673365eb264 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t07.shn
fc2172ea02e5ca3f0dc5bdd6b4506230 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d1t08.shn
e2858c041c00e71928fbeb7821d70547 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t01.shn
b42d14b4d6624f138edbc5ececa8533d [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t02.shn
ebaaf786549fec6061ad7662e4dd5481 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t03.shn
5bc7cf480cb5bce9d9da1b5bb2021edb [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t04.shn
c6088ffdd53197a1b92746738981dad7 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t05.shn
a2281ad3287a2cfa90abe330f7e4a712 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t06.shn
f529306558c13e7eb2e5d25f417d6e22 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d2t07.shn
f5a88a1be6ae7b519eb5f3dc3ef16ba4 [shntool] ph2003.07.19d3t01.shn
04b4ccd8979e152483ac98e5824caeed [shntool] ph2003.07.19d3t02.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
07/28/2003 danlynch My copy of this shn set was downloaded via bit torrent, and all the md5's check out. There are dropouts in the left channel in both Sample and Wilson.
07/30/2003 dan macneill not the best sounding, but it did however sound fine with my headphones on. the bass sounds a little bit too heavy, borderline-distorted in the second set. there is a click at 13:49 of YEM (d3t1).