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Phish 07/18/03
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Microtech Geffel m300 > MiniMe > Wavelab @16bit,48kHz > SHN; Taped by Steve Szaks 
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Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

source:  mg300>minime>wavelab (16/48 picturebook)
taped and seeded by steve szaks (WWW.PHATDATS.COM)

Disc one / Set one:
1.  Axilla I
2.  Rift
3.  Bathtub Gin>
4.  The Mango Song
5.  Roggae
6.  Discern
7.  I Didn't Know>*
8.  Dust in the Wind>**
9.  I Didn't Know
10. David Bowie

Disc two / Set two:
1.  Down with Disease>
2.  Catapult
3.  Bug
4.  Secret Smile
5.  Two Versions of Me
6.  Twist
7.  Character Zero

Disc three / set two (con't)
1.  Harry Hood

* w/ vaccum solo
** first time played, w/vaccum solo
seeded to etree via WWW.PHATDATS.COM on 07.26.03
special thanks to jordan nadler for the help!!

Show Checksums
79cdd2468f6e5f86763990f7e33f4e6a [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t01.shn
47860ff5502143003c1c9d0cf5c0349d [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t02.shn
0b46c7f3f3ab8def1a07f21717a487b1 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t03.shn
560730646b832aa2399bd60de94fd017 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t04.shn
f22fffeebf9d10057999c4bd6e99afa8 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t05.shn
e1d187d4dfcbf8551ad0ebd865609b76 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t06.shn
d77cf47565450791b5882c8583102088 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t07.shn
3edf42e4f23bd0abfdf812707e8bf3de [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t08.shn
3d2888d31c8254f11922ae1414292b54 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t09.shn
e14c101eaaee1f2eeb78abf0526bdd65 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d1t10.shn
19e3adcaf4e47110d38f11a2586664aa [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t01.shn
8d2b801c36eacfa3df12c668e84a0141 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t02.shn
01d35268306edd1289656ff301a81f60 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t03.shn
09f0ca697b93240c6ccc9a0d5b17cdf3 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t04.shn
c384ed1fbc2a78a28adf1b673d2c1ff7 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t05.shn
7a2056951a2ebece9e5805db63b96b04 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t06.shn
4eb8185d80a1d3a6c7b06cabaf22121f [shntool] ph2003.07.18d2t07.shn
05c78660518bcd7c39cffe1cb847fa52 [shntool] ph2003.07.18d3t01.shn
7f852042407eadef2017fe128e88620e *ph2003.07.18d1t09.shn
2a0444aeb13bfd4de26b3041d8ca5fd8 *ph2003.07.18d1t02.shn
dd893ffcaf71045b6341156828afceac *ph2003.07.18d1t03.shn
333c7a6ff9243206f7643656d111a825 *ph2003.07.18d1t04.shn
1b16ff7f345072db1382007567422288 *ph2003.07.18d1t05.shn
fe45d14768b7316b464c522359cbb06f *ph2003.07.18d1t06.shn
a5d2c593fc5b8006b0f25e58c735146a *ph2003.07.18d1t07.shn
cd41bdda172b1e18528428ee501fb9c0 *ph2003.07.18d1t08.shn
c4d695d8f0b02a5dc415b56500ca00f5 *ph2003.07.18d1t01.shn
9cf9baf08e20a82a6b145872eef1c117 *ph2003.07.18d1t10.shn
ca8fba6118e204a5d3c2c3b8f99dfb80 *ph2003.07.18d2t05.shn
74514c6eb87cacee844d52b4c4f62e9f *ph2003.07.18d2t02.shn
27c4c7e4bada6239d107708c2a0fd89d *ph2003.07.18d2t03.shn
853b6be46264003d8bbc456f4fe64045 *ph2003.07.18d2t04.shn
95ec1ccfe46728d07abd6217b762f730 *ph2003.07.18d2t01.shn
287aa94fc755b0b1be0bc5294694c6c4 *ph2003.07.18d2t06.shn
6f503745085efd6ee1bc785f5bae25c2 *ph2003.07.18d2t07.shn
1a62352ee1747145d63b496e1f9345e5 *ph2003.07.18d3t01.shn

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