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Grateful Dead 05/11/78
Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Recorded by Moore, Maisner, and Spitalny; Nak 700s> Nak 550> Sony TC-152 from the floor just to the right of the center Lineage: AUDMC played back on Nak Dragon> ART DI/O> Egosys Waveterminal 2496> Cool Edit 2000> Feurio/mkwACT by David Minches 
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Band Grateful Dead
Venue Springfield Civic Center Arena
Location Springfield, MA  
Date 5/11/78 - Thursday

Source: ** Recorded by Moore, Maisner, and Spitalny; Nak 700s> Nak 550> Sony TC-152  from the floor just to the right of the center
Lineage: AUDMC played back on Nak Dragon> ART DI/O> Egosys Waveterminal 2496>
Cool Edit 2000> Feurio/mkwACT by David Minches
Info file by Matt Vernon

Disk 1 [71:59]
Set One
01. Cold Rain And Snow ;
02. Beat It On Down The Line ;
03. Friend Of The Devil ;
04. Looks Like Rain ;
05. Loser %
06. Mexicali Blues >
07. Mama Tried %
08. Tennessee Jed ;
09. New Minglewood Blues ;
10. Peggy-O ;

Disk 2 [70:40]
Set One continued
01. Crowd/tuning
02. Lazy Lightnin' >
03. Supplication
Set Two
04. Bobby's Lighting Engineer Rap
05. Scarlet Begonias >
06. Fire On The Mountain ;
07. Dancing In The Street >
08. Drums >

Disk 3 [45:31]
Set Two continued
01. Space >
02. Not Fade Away // >
03. // Stella Blue >
04. Around And Around
05. Werewolves Of London ;
06. Johnny B. Goode

d1t01 - first notes might be clipped
d3t02 - some very minor distortion on some of the vocals
d3t02 - tape flip at end of NFA
d3t03 - tape flip overlaps some of the segue into Stella Blue

Here's Jerry Moore's comments on the taping details:

"Though I didn't know it at the time, I was already into a phase-out phase on my run of making audience tapes. I had my 158 with me, but no mikes. I'm not quite sure why. I'd moved a couple of times, maybe the mikes were packed away somewhere or I couldn't coordinate to where they were with a ride to the shows. Likeliest I'd lent the 33P's back to the guy who bought them in the first place, and I'd gotten too spoiled to want to use my AKG's. Whatever the case, I patched out of Maisner and Spitalny in Vermont, out of Glassberg in New Haven, and out of Steve and Spit again in Springfield.

They had a Nak 550, and were running the three mike "tee" formation, two fully to the sides (180 degrees from each other, one straight ahead to
blend, at a lower level, the whole thing atop a goodly sized pole. This method was somewhat chancy - you could get pretty miserable results if your positioning or the room acoustics were even a little imprecise, but if the stars were well aligned and nobody breathed till the show was over, it could produce a really sweet tape with wonderful ambience.

The stars smiled on Springfield, I think. The tape is nice.


I DON'T remember what mikes Steve and Spit were running. I was thinking 700's, but something keeps saying Sony ECM 54P's (the mikes that replaced
the 33's, or it might have been another model of Sonys. Today, I'm thinking 54P's, though).



I forgot to mention something you'd probably want to know.

5/11/78, Springfield.

Recording by Maisner. Moore and Spitalny (and I'm not positive that Spit was there, for that matter).

It actually WAS a group effort, BTW. I didn't just run up looking to patch in somewhere. We recorded together maybe three or four times, and those
were good experiences. We worked out strategies before we went anywhere near an arena door. Good teamwork is a wonderful thing.

Among other details, when it's done, you're able to say "WE DID IT!" to the other guys. Feels good. The facts, before I forget them again. We were on the floor, a bit off axis to the right, and close to center court, likely just a bit in front of it.

With that rig, you usually want to be dead center in the room. Being close can be worse than being far away. You NEED the room sound for it to work properly.

                 That's it.   Good Morning.   JM"

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     7:24.55      78451004     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t001.shn
     3:43.10      39360764     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t002.shn
    10:02.07     106209308     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t003.shn
     9:58.45     105593084     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t004.shn
     8:29.60      89928764     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t005.shn
     3:39.07      38648108     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t006.shn
     3:42.24      39217292     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t007.shn
    10:11.54     107907452     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t008.shn
     7:22.01      77971196     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t009.shn
     7:26.33      78752060     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d1t010.shn
    71:59.71     762039032 B                      (totals for 10 files)

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     1:34.30      16652204     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d2t001.shn
     3:19.01      35105996     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d2t002.shn
     6:56.51      73502396     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d2t003.shn
     2:58.21      31448636     ---   --    -xx    gd1978-05-11d2t004.shn
Show Checksums
eea3c57298f31fe213d4b61bb78aecbe *gd1978-05-11d2t005.shn
a7465cd1939b281b3606f5e97bab6329 *gd1978-05-11d2t002.shn
29a1dc08c020b652939255ac06284c4d *gd1978-05-11d2t003.shn
5f924123e9e1b9ce628be04c29f4ef23 *gd1978-05-11d2t004.shn
a6cde31a54deed91e778c3edf1e7a8f4 *gd1978-05-11d2t001.shn
db70b93900f994b07320a339a2a58242 *gd1978-05-11d2t006.shn
868c98f3ce9a09891d62f79b2531e5d0 *gd1978-05-11d2t007.shn
b6d386529f929a1c71dd3883a3832996 *gd1978-05-11d2t008.shn
922e0da7d8c49a3aff6a1a328af0471f *gd1978-05-11d1t008.shn
835f189481d283a18a1d82e6cf4f23ea *gd1978-05-11d1t002.shn
9ca271e1446609ac4b0e428516424b29 *gd1978-05-11d1t003.shn
a6ca1e1de223b460583bcc1ad90fee79 *gd1978-05-11d1t004.shn
f12514aa179750a3e085e551510ad4da *gd1978-05-11d1t005.shn
4a3391209382797fb830a5b629e2878f *gd1978-05-11d1t006.shn
df3b43b1fca4804b427ac0238101fd56 *gd1978-05-11d1t007.shn
a2cfe6ac6d3cd2c63caa2c8915f29c19 *gd1978-05-11d1t001.shn
a46422bc66ca3bf5254a9aa3647faae5 *gd1978-05-11d1t009.shn
4594c4d98b986ab64eb8ebd6e1c334b9 *gd1978-05-11d1t010.shn
f82f427681a425951c7ebd5dd15774f6 *gd1978-05-11d3t004.shn
7e5c387d412e099b236d09a5aa28872b *gd1978-05-11d3t002.shn
66fff50475722a1ce04d7d6bd4202e39 *gd1978-05-11d3t003.shn
7c72de810f32c882fd88a8cdd42313c8 *gd1978-05-11d3t001.shn
277a24c8cd93af2db064221cd2b925e6 *gd1978-05-11d3t005.shn
2bd3fe8a4bd627524d6969ddce85dac8 *gd1978-05-11d3t006.shn
2af92624e93309d8f4de7e730046694c [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t001.shn
cad4c0c21849f2ac99b5eb0a96f66012 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t002.shn
ecc9877df3b15010b87f9623ca0e5e69 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t003.shn
50c643387f6e39c77e85c553f3155aa3 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t004.shn
4a72da17c686ae027aae5be40096dac5 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t005.shn
db18cdf44378942203f1695062a37128 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t006.shn
21aabea664beb923d13baea685c9533b [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t007.shn
7d3dababa8c9bda624709e9eb4769779 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t008.shn
1e817aec350e7f7b9963cb70fadc157e [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t009.shn
ce452a46e5a378993dfcab621ceff039 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d1t010.shn
687d32dc845cbc61aba5ac7e27c6a97c [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t001.shn
3e85f5f0f67da28edc9d6e0c07e24b6d [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t002.shn
d93294df840dd82cd4464c6680bc6758 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t003.shn
1a474c9a005c60c9731cb664ad1c7dfb [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t004.shn
8d2dad953421047a7d5fe981b2519982 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t005.shn
cd4bca380d6d8c9b19cf65f1a15de585 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t006.shn
9d88695567770cd59572fce7de468a90 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t007.shn
01acbcf9b2629378028fced03771ce71 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d2t008.shn
68f42fb14784f137ab3c9b89f79f243c [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t001.shn
d0e5b6dbd0663a7ecc43c4f9c3550880 [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t002.shn
ba20cbbdaafca6b2ef17526d293b08cb [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t003.shn
f9843fb2fd080639f5e8d1e9bd1a4dab [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t004.shn
519c9cddad03bc1c74044d685c2d2c7a [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t005.shn
58cbb4fc743279cee4061ea2dd71b3cd [shntool] gd1978-05-11d3t006.shn

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sdb> reel master> cassette>... (3) FOB Nak mics > sony d5 >... (4) SBD -> Rm -> Cass -> Dat ->... (1) flac16; 3 Source... (0)
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10/16/2008 charlie miller This is Sony's, not nak 700's.