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Phish 07/22/03
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
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Source # 18716 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Microtech Geffel m300 > MiniMe > Wavelab > SHN; Taped by Steve Szaks 
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Verizon Wireless Music Center (Deer Creek)
Noblesville, IN

source:  mg300>minime>wavelab (16/48 picturebook)
taped and seeded by steve szaks (WWW.PHATDATS.COM)

disc one / set one:
2.  Beauty of my Dreams
3.  Gumbo
4.  Divided Sky
5.  Boogie On Reggae Woman
6.  Carini
7.  Magilla

disc two / set one (cont)
1.  Possum
set two:
2.  SOAM>
3.  Free>
4.  Friday
5.  Lizards

disc three / set two (cont)
1.  Walls of the Cave
2.  E: Bouncing Around the Room
3.  E: Frankenstein

seeded to etree on 07.28.2003 via WWW.PHATDATS.COM
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306a822f6b486cb2416291ca695e0639 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t01.shn
c1fe2121b7d3fcfded951bf37e30bcb7 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t02.shn
6f2f398caea2c141279519b5ffaa7034 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t03.shn
249d4afa8b8e737702c7aa567203a17f [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t04.shn
f8e91067a7161528ff131e03372bb971 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t05.shn
523b73ed2b09ff68c1d888e2e867a98d [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t06.shn
15c16d18ab33726fa11222d7fd23b42e [shntool] ph2003.07.22d1t07.shn
4117a2eeb34e0e5df367c5d99619761e [shntool] ph2003.07.22d2t01.shn
4290c4d05603357e22161e0b3df5b8b7 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d2t02.shn
81a56d93564615e8b50de93f94e5d456 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d2t03.shn
3af9a837b48541ec4aedf335ec8d2111 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d2t04.shn
2d5bf8d90c79d9acbac7d3fa47308da3 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d2t05.shn
91eed2096e4b8db48b49b04d6818bd79 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d3t01.shn
3e2277ea6319c9c82803e96c0a21eddf [shntool] ph2003.07.22d3t02.shn
26a3d5d08663f939be1bca11fc64c726 [shntool] ph2003.07.22d3t03.shn
ca13eee482633d0109b49a8c17b8b887 *ph2003.07.22d1t01.shn
faa157cedefb49a88d273308d1514f43 *ph2003.07.22d1t02.shn
6e02fad5f29edab31df5ec7a25a7e6bf *ph2003.07.22d1t03.shn
2433e3da176efac61a6c03133cd80524 *ph2003.07.22d1t04.shn
a2703554fb3212ebdf5639910bb44e50 *ph2003.07.22d1t05.shn
6145cbc68d721813e1d4be79c705a9bb *ph2003.07.22d1t06.shn
7006ef11186eec0bbc326d6eec9c13ef *ph2003.07.22d1t07.shn
acc5a8aea1a0dbf0d2ca4883c55c27f4 *ph2003.07.22d2t01.shn
2981687cf3be6170b8c71ba018308db6 *ph2003.07.22d2t02.shn
98d8f9fc1b67a9724bd452efc45b30fc *ph2003.07.22d2t03.shn
0ef7a5a868bf7690f5747859fce236ab *ph2003.07.22d2t04.shn
342800c939583331a5143e89d96e13e8 *ph2003.07.22d2t05.shn
104469b765a68613e1b24668a99d6f56 *ph2003.07.22d3t01.shn
f0c43b7f550a2abb44fb93353b78e77b *ph2003.07.22d3t02.shn
4b588ccaa3c9d9424985e1d93352f336 *ph2003.07.22d3t03.shn

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Date User Comment
03/28/2009 Superfreakie Tons of static throughout Gumbo (not listenable) and other bursts throughout.