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Ween 04/30/03
The Historic Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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< 7/30/2003
Source Summary mbho 603 > sound devices mp2 > graham patten adc20 > d8 
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the historic tennessee theater
knoxville, tn

mbho 603 > sound devices mp2 > graham patten adc20 > d8
8th row center

1. Buckingham Green
2. She Wanted To Leave
3. Now I'm Freaking Out
4. Happy Colored Marbles
5. Take Me Away -> The Grobe
6. Zoloft
7. Roses Are Free
8. Bananas & Blow
9. Voodoo Lady
10. Springtheme
11. She's Your Baby
12. Tried and True
13. Waving My Dick In The Wind
14. Papa Zit
15. Dr.Rock
16. Goin' Gets Tough

17. Booze Me Up & Get Me High
18. Captain
19. Exactly Where I'm At
20. Mutilated Lips
21. Tear For Eddie
22. Captain Fantasy
23. You Fucked Up
24. Crowd Noise


25. Mollusk
26. Piss Up A Rope
27. Fat Lenny
Show Checksums
02c601f86c59ff5242b28c36098d77f2 *ween2003-04-30t27.shn
e2aa7adbdbb3587e53ca6234ee52f54d *ween2003-04-30t02.shn
67a90a556a981fcd78ba8e7d1814d0ae *ween2003-04-30t03.shn
0914b800591ca0bee26c5e06d89c3356 *ween2003-04-30t04.shn
989dd8aeb461c1f39a6baa29dc705879 *ween2003-04-30t05.shn
2d1143b9b4ae733cdd964049f188adcf *ween2003-04-30t06.shn
e8720b5d38799ea800ee1f2aeb759e51 *ween2003-04-30t07.shn
5bcaedc4fd2fb04be0bacebea08026bb *ween2003-04-30t08.shn
ab25deae7e2c09426b64511473ef53a1 *ween2003-04-30t09.shn
d090c3de0f46fbcd820e36f29f91696b *ween2003-04-30t10.shn
9c3c3b39389ada4210c8f0ba64f91dfa *ween2003-04-30t11.shn
0641a96f3386e8bebd107de2f00dbabb *ween2003-04-30t12.shn
8247fcca882beab8f42d781f04ff79a2 *ween2003-04-30t13.shn
9d677632b76b9f1d847b6d6173a79cb1 *ween2003-04-30t14.shn
7d35077ff80eb43cdd208a56450085ce *ween2003-04-30t15.shn
92ebebc5fead21af1633591c0a5863a3 *ween2003-04-30t16.shn
d5b5a3b0ae84cad6e20ff6fbd39cf5c6 *ween2003-04-30t17.shn
a3eb21611265a0a9bec31030842e2ef6 *ween2003-04-30t18.shn
194997ee51b975e94519ae078ab0877c *ween2003-04-30t19.shn
9bcd819467fd28e66119797ae4c87a51 *ween2003-04-30t20.shn
083664d08527d01e58e7da138ac5f6af *ween2003-04-30t21.shn
093ab0d2f81f8cd3b09d02ae0aec1bce *ween2003-04-30t22.shn
68a9098333fbe33d26ab1b1333a4ba82 *ween2003-04-30t23.shn
f4809ff274d6a29ed595bbbd1dc12bd0 *ween2003-04-30t24.shn
31143336df86a54f0f94ea9cf1d80396 *ween2003-04-30t25.shn
d056343fa192d39fbaf3f8db13c3fd6c *ween2003-04-30t26.shn
47c86905c8a8d0b1f0ef1a901769abfd *ween2003-04-30t01.shn

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AKG 480/ck63 (XY 90�) >... (0)
Date User Comment
11/01/2003 twatts Josh Keats source??? Unknown transfer.

04/16/2014 Yurkovic Sector boundary errors on all tracks.