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Derek Trucks Band 07/20/03
Hartwood Acres Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by Rus K
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary FOB Superlux SMK-H8K> Canari Star Quad cables> Samson Mixpad 4> Sharp MD-MT180; Master MD> M-Audio Delta 44> Sonar> CDWAV> CDR (Recorded/Transfrd by Alex Herd)  
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Derek Trucks Band
Hartwood Acers
Pittsburgh, PA

Source: Superlux SMK-H8K (DIN, FOB, DFC,~ 7 ft high)> Canari Star Quad cables> Samson Mixpad 4> Sharp MD-MT180
Transfer: Master MD> M-Audio Delta 44> Sonar> CDWAV> CDR
Recorded & Transferred by Alex Herd ([email protected])

One Set

Disc 1
01. Volunteered Slavery
02. 7/4 Jam
03. Like Anyone Else
04. Rastaman Chant
05. Leavin Trunk
06. Everything is Everything
07. Feel So Bad
08. Chicken
09. Goin' Down Slow
10. Pedro in D Minor

Disc 2
01. Joyful Noise
02. Gonna Move
03. Freddy's Dead
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8283f79b00328146b78ee9ee2f82d45f *dtb2003-07-20d1t01.mkw
43e0bedad95c264f3a8474f2e2fac82d *dtb2003-07-20d1t02.mkw
3bf820a0900e9484c7d39259e45e14db *dtb2003-07-20d1t03.mkw
85fb81c8a65ee742965c3c814387c0af *dtb2003-07-20d1t04.mkw
7306d52523a952c5955f0e94527055b7 *dtb2003-07-20d1t05.mkw
cfed30f89b7dbcc9656a079c5d9bd29e *dtb2003-07-20d1t06.mkw
817ce04808900d947d70c52ca7e16d60 *dtb2003-07-20d1t07.mkw
87eb0abecf958099509e213f66f235ca *dtb2003-07-20d1t08.mkw
8bf81081299a3cc8b98245c21a35e890 *dtb2003-07-20d1t09.mkw
23a1eedc155564ea51fa7f9d721b0926 *dtb2003-07-20d1t10.mkw
4f24d86c28a04a5712e8e6bfdab8effe *dtb2003-07-20d2t01.mkw
70f7cb3154bf5988d1d4cc975becae78 *dtb2003-07-20d2t02.mkw
2efa03b7fe57dfa4dc3bc4f673721bd2 *dtb2003-07-20d2t03.mkw

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