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Grateful Dead 05/10/78
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-filler-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Aud, Set 1: Sony 54-Ps>Sony TCD158>CM>C>D>CD>EAC .093B>WAV>SHN Set 2: Sony 54-Ps>Sony TCD158>CM>D>CD>EAC .093B>WAV>SHN Via JR Fishman 
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Grateful Dead
New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, Ct


Set 1: Sony 54-Ps>Sony TCD158>CM>C>D>CD>EAC .093B>WAV>SHN
Set 2: Sony 54-Ps>Sony TCD158>CM>D>CD>EAC .093B>WAV>SHN

Disk 1

Set One

1. Jack Straw
2. They Love Each Other
3. Cassidy
4. Ramble On Rose
5. Me And My Uncle >
6. Big River %
7. Peggy-O
8. Let It Grow >
9. Deal
10. Bob's Falsetto "Thank You"

Disk 2

Set Two  

1. Bertha >
2. Good Lovin' %
3. It Must Have Been The Roses%
4. Estimated Prophet >
5. Eyes Of The World >
6. Dru//ms>

Disk  3

Set Two  Finished

1. Space >
2. The Other One >
3. Wharf Rat >
4. Sugar Magnolia %

US Blues (missing)

Filler - Disk 3
The Stone, SF, CA

5. Russian//Lullaby
6. After Midnite->Eleanor Rigby->After Midnite


This is a fine audience recording from the "golden age" of audience taping (1977-1981).   The 1st set is from a 1st gen cassette, but don't be afraid of that.   The 1st set is an extremely in-your-face "upfront" audience recording.   There is a bit of tape ware during the 1st few seconds of Jack Straw, but it improves from there.

The 2nd set is cleaner, has even better dynamics and only lacks the US Blues encore.  There are probably a few seconds missing from drums but basically you have the entire kit and kaboodle (sp?).

I've included the EAC logs for all three disks for anybody who cares.  Disk 2 was split with CD Wave.

Transcribed by
JR Fishman
August 1, 2003
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6d5374fbacc349cc747ec4d4707df284 *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track05.shn
4622fac55631372956330a8b774ae69a *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track06.shn
819864b30f0668186123fdd8387cbcfe *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0103.shn
ea77bb47eab5de8e9c68d6d251e9da5d *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0102.shn
06a947a5c415acd449409b5fee42976e *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0101.shn
155b5f718be234ddc086e3ca53596af7 *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0104.shn
05fecd9259e3aec01b3c205dbad0af0d *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0105.shn
8127e023af17920f10d24d4f76fb78bf *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0106.shn
be655b7547546b2ddf261d7c0b16f032 *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0107.shn
ae4a05d63ca5165f8e09c899a7192170 *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0108.shn
863b1b7a3d901b76b64f199792ef3ed2 *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0109.shn
0756096154c241e54d9afb340ae3c541 *gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0110.shn
eb2d894d405b2e5e82f11bd0e7ff3ac7 *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0101.shn
17b9946aac436d3f7fa37a58912c7337 *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0102.shn
dc0dc99f22920bae8ca724e9fbcedcc7 *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0103.shn
1dfb01bf016abd18dac7f54dc0edcb2e *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0104.shn
34f1331d8dd639539bf2b4ffad39d7f7 *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0105.shn
cb387d48d253f876661658c6294426e8 *gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0106.shn
4c77a4f032ec7c069eb39b656a6558df *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track01.shn
e7d152bf23df1ba6284c000fe19710bd *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track02.shn
0ef0145197458d52c94e2f57835f3ce1 *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track03.shn
115c45f2be6387993646f4117f720d86 *gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track04.shn
c04145be7ee87d8d7a3784d3c37edbca [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0101.shn
66e86c3e7c1f0f58d9c74a2ae2e38b21 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0102.shn
5f66dee15772507d1e8e053d642841a7 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0103.shn
70701b36a4c9a15907594e854be38a52 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0104.shn
d3b61bc8f1f3fc6a05b4b9fbaa9b3659 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0105.shn
30ab9273bc84234864ee081a27de4fee [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0106.shn
a8278dd6af4c8bcf0e47a455091c87ae [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0107.shn
76a53b76e6ce94656ca46e7f8f6db3ed [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0108.shn
8854a73fa1660a4cc7d5a7b3725596c6 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0109.shn
84a0126ef5d8b0946dfdfd67015d6303 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d1Track0110.shn
df01bc1061482e5e711dd05480b01dbb [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0101.shn
59110c81fa445ea39bcd24baa46659ad [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0102.shn
83cbd4afe60a8d5d642b2743be31cd72 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0103.shn
0e57a92fb492d14db5477686a1c5664d [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0104.shn
879bd78f7b0a5cc73a3f29557de4d747 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0105.shn
930d387a236e4adf248906b516e3e915 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d2Track0106.shn
f247e781dbc25ecd5c76e663c974128e [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track01.shn
20c58a85529967fc9f651b5d2230e4ff [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track02.shn
0b2a545b46d2cec8f2e0996a2f6afd72 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track03.shn
9f52eb2845257a229d2041dcfc408967 [shntool] gd1978-05-10aud-d3Track04.shn

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