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Phish 07/13/03
The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps mk4 (DFC, OTS) > kc5 > CMC6 > Aeta PSP3 > Apogee MiniMe > Vaio C1VPK > Wavelab 4.0 @24bit,48kHz > Apogee UV22HR (24>16bit,48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped and transferred by Geoff Lynch 
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July 13, 2003
Gorge Amphitheatre - George, WA

Source: Schoeps mk4/kc5/cmc6>Aeta PSP3> Apogee MiniMe>Vaio C1VPK @ 24/48 with Wavelab 4.0 (DFC/OTS)

Transfer: Dither with Apogee UV22HR in Wavelab 4.0, Tracked with cdwav, SHN?d with MKW

Taped and Transferred by Geoff Lynch

Set I: Runaway Jim, Scents and Subtle Sounds, Axilla> Carini, Dog Faced Boy, Round Room, Halley's Comet1, Guyute1, You Enjoy Myself

Set II: Llama, Wolfman's Brother> Jesus Just Left Chicago, Seven Below, Harry Hood, Chalkdust Torture

Encore: First Tube

1 with Mike on electric bagpipe

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ef5bf4136302cc675aba5c2b9bad563e *ph-2003-07-13 d1t01.shn
3e92d8d490ced3c54969c5d8db1f55e6 *ph-2003-07-13 d1t02.shn
8c74a575122cb161b69c25d6d827f92e *ph-2003-07-13 d1t03.shn
8bfaf8cfdb5c3b6ef130115271eb1ce7 *ph-2003-07-13 d1t04.shn
f6d3c298b9cc9b7169ff237068017518 *ph-2003-07-13 d1t05.shn
39bea516f63655ef271097ba8f8d2e83 *ph-2003-07-13 d1t06.shn
aad1420e4650eca3fb85501b3df6649b *ph-2003-07-13 d1t07.shn
50028c1e28b27e1f811e56271810aaa5 *ph-2003-07-13 d2t01.shn
ebd96ad178a9fdeda3ecfe1656f62a14 *ph-2003-07-13 d2t02.shn
9f126885b73dc2ce99826e5000c343a4 *ph-2003-07-13 d2t03.shn
8780c424ac50d5a9f2d29206c69e40eb *ph-2003-07-13 d2t04.shn
636c1013bd9c1676dcac9c78afab82e5 *ph-2003-07-13 d2t05.shn
9df3e05fee1196050d395fdc3210e69d *ph-2003-07-13 d3t01.shn
f02f23c640b4b384c8e8229002857090 *ph-2003-07-13 d3t02.shn
b68975457639f063b75b400394b1eed4 *ph-2003-07-13 d3t03.shn
10f962d7ce3ad4eeb0234bd1995b2c80 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t01.shn
978589c2c6187c58c199a42afd6f97cf [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t02.shn
bb19c488c76705aa5b33e786810e60e4 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t03.shn
4060a8300069c38f64229d99b9a6ecc1 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t04.shn
a9cd65588905e9a0b7515510d0482058 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t05.shn
2261c9be30603f711d4345d5d3af762f [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t06.shn
8c74850de5951cf7b45486bca9539cee [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d1t07.shn
842e3d60919cb27692c58135bd375d2d [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d2t01.shn
2135152f0026af45934f38d2946eadb0 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d2t02.shn
5660845f9f30f8d0b2974d3c707b5e5a [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d2t03.shn
3e19e2fa0041e7e971cc4e8ad98b3553 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d2t04.shn
df211e072a97a15fa5ea9c0566ac9554 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d2t05.shn
3a2f83a62a8f75f3e99bd311f28fec6c [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d3t01.shn
fde819121819c723c7df590bac107db1 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d3t02.shn
6ce4f816ae4c6b9dfe1bfdaa2dac83a1 [shntool] ph-2003-07-13 d3t03.shn

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Date User Comment
08/31/2003 Mike It's worth noting that on this seed Axilla > Carini is one track. Sound is slightly muddy, but pretty good as Gorge OTS tapes go