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Phish 07/30/03
Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums all , all_ffp_fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AT4051a (ORTF, 9' high) > AT8202 > PS2 > MP-2 > ADC-20 > D100 @44.1kHz; D100 > UA5 > Toshiba satellite > Soundforge 6.0 > CDWav > SHN; Taped and transferred by Chris Clark  
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The Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
Camden, NJ

Source: AT4051a -> AT8202 -> PS/2 -> MP-2 -> ADC-20 -> D100
Mic Info: ~9',FLC,ORTF,-10db,44.1
Transfer: D100 -> UA5 -> toshiba satellite -> SF6 -> cdwave ->shn
Taped & Transfered by Chris Clark ([email protected])

1. My Friend My Friend
2. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
3. Scents and Subtle Sounds
4. You Ain't Going [email protected]
5. Spock's Brain
6. Chalkdust Torture
7. On Your Way Down
8. Fast Enough For You>
9. Taste

1. Twist>
3. You Enjoy Myself>
4. Walls of the Cave
E5. Secret Smile

@ First time played
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3a4aa3d42d78b80d54de31aa838d2afb *ph2003-07-30Set101.shn
f0b8ffec32cf7881df62ce44e07d95ef *ph2003-07-30Set102.shn
8a405b6059d0cb95ae6897c02354d6f8 *ph2003-07-30Set103.shn
1f29153aa2d8cd41518b733162b2761c *ph2003-07-30Set104.shn
4fd5a24c6d12117bc100ae78c22757eb *ph2003-07-30Set105.shn
404fd310ee03670fbaa7fe8d6427ca22 *ph2003-07-30Set106.shn
cb66a4483f445829dbf019645eb20038 *ph2003-07-30Set107.shn
57473802c399d2ab41befe6c65a211e9 *ph2003-07-30Set108.shn
5bb9331103cb120a39a57b3d6f410bba *ph2003-07-30Set109.shn
e2fcf71aaa025b17d8603238d81706c5 *ph2003-07-30Set201.shn
c636f3da086d1b5d72b59e9663248ee0 *ph2003-07-30Set202.shn
c57aed8b20b645aa0707eb7047edff9e *ph2003-07-30Set203.shn
26742cbe868f2c47e281d849be413a76 *ph2003-07-30Set204.shn
b6518d29446607e6e9d7e8f84e852d3e *ph2003-07-30Set205.shn
PH2003_07_30SET1t01.FLAC:28b07f3be024b8211c158f6f34a9cbe1 PH2003_07_30SET1t02.FLAC:f6d448afeabbaf724272689eda673783 PH2003_07_30SET1t03.FLAC:2347a0648de4cd4d33a27798c14593f1 PH2003_07_30SET1t04.FLAC:a9cd3c5d12f1be0547d02ef462563757 PH2003_07_30SET1t05.FLAC:d2000ec25c27a03105da7e542fc8cfd4 PH2003_07_30SET1t06.FLAC:c945d810e9cff56099ed3e017a62caaf PH2003_07_30SET1t07.FLAC:eb391ee03b301d18fdbc74d992d91018 PH2003_07_30SET1t08.FLAC:dabb9bc0106e78e1848c5f3840e059d0 PH2003_07_30SET1t09.FLAC:d96b5c9b77618494b6f1ac002e693218 PH2003_07_30SET2t01.FLAC:6e66674cd0517f06f8f2c1958e7b4571 PH2003_07_30SET2t02.FLAC:a4ad0ab77405d320fff004ff4970d0a8 PH2003_07_30SET2t03.FLAC:9abd7efbaf2331a3965a98a266e05de7 PH2003_07_30SET2t04.FLAC:40d52f7221cda2c1d025afe8460e9907 PH2003_07_30SET2t05.FLAC:76d258385ab867315239547356fca8a4

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