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Ween 08/09/03
Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums shn
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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< 8/14/2003
Source Summary schoeps mk41>vms>sbm1>d8
taped by PW and JKeats 
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penn's landing
philadelphia, pa
schoeps mk41>vms>sbm1>d8
taped by PW and JKeats

1. Birthday Boy
2. Chocolate Town
3. Mutilated Lips
4. Tried & True
5. Joppa Road
6. Buckingham Green
7. Stallion 3
8. Happy Colored Marbles
9. Grobe
10. Take Me Away
11. Waving My Dick
12. Puertorican Power
13. Voodoo Lady
14. Riders On The Storm
15. Springtheme
16. Bananas & Blow
17. Exactly Where I'm At

1. Roses
2. Big Jilm
3. Reggaejunkiejew
4. Zoloft
5. Ocean Man
6. You Fucked Up
7. Papa Zit
8. Goin Gets Tough
9. Johnny On The Spot
10. Buenas Tardes

11. Touch My Tooter
12. Dr Rock
13. If You Could Save Yourself
Show Checksums
c7ba62026accb92f24c81e878f1a0d36 *ween2003-08-09t01.shn
ff122be57f763063c79c2b6a15e9fba0 *ween2003-08-09t02.shn
e2c81c081bd3807b1fa50f2bd19e8737 *ween2003-08-09t03.shn
220572643d69dcc42fab19cb87aaafb5 *ween2003-08-09t04.shn
33bb877b7c21a2ff388ca264c3ed9b90 *ween2003-08-09t05.shn
d086abc69dc594a757230af6be41f590 *ween2003-08-09t06.shn
d185e9c3a42eaf6e0f593c525cabba01 *ween2003-08-09t07.shn
7e460fb41533f14da679ed29b95f68de *ween2003-08-09t08.shn
16a58bba9eabe73e0af5916d9a0e59b5 *ween2003-08-09t09.shn
f1e45972c657c70f20155b9fe9822c5b *ween2003-08-09t10.shn
f60f17ede8ae9b6490149abe95ffc5c2 *ween2003-08-09t11.shn
6255d6c1cb3b3aa717d7b7c78817f429 *ween2003-08-09t12.shn
a9c9d29e001246e5840c1fe3e82b04c2 *ween2003-08-09t13.shn
ac16299ec0f3636827be422601330a91 *ween2003-08-09t14.shn
9d893b1509c67abd49fdff3bbecdfa91 *ween2003-08-09t15.shn
c66a48d531964bbe70db4206c7c43fe4 *ween2003-08-09t16.shn
02b2d69e2087ff3f46ecec7da6cb6b5f *ween2003-08-09t17.shn
17d56ccbd113ee6c926fdc7f17fe8790 *ween2003-08-09t18.shn
fe3a0087682deee4446a477b7d0cb7f0 *ween2003-08-09t19.shn
3f584779e783fb0b490108d7945db027 *ween2003-08-09t20.shn
36771cb21b39c91373f12d3ea00254d2 *ween2003-08-09t21.shn
06dcf8f39281b902e4be0c6f9702f98d *ween2003-08-09t22.shn
ccd8e049e4ae9ba4179e082f98d22e2f *ween2003-08-09t23.shn
bf2d4991fbe351e5a3f78df2d7387dd9 *ween2003-08-09t24.shn
8b59fdd05a6eb4dd4898bf54ec75d793 *ween2003-08-09t25.shn
e0600c7d9e066735502112eeee33fdd8 *ween2003-08-09t26.shn
c2838b59e1b9d54db1e704b0ff59d808 *ween2003-08-09t27.shn
914da56b63b2542fc08d60d91fd91a2a *ween2003-08-09t28.shn
e6a6d05dcc3e4320eba9e29339e3e4eb *ween2003-08-09t29.shn
f97d2317fdabbe23cad10c3243c9fc03 *ween2003-08-09t30.shn

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11/01/2003 twatts SBE on last track... I have fixed this set and will post new info when I gethome from FLA!

11/01/2003 twatts Transfer??? Unknown - JKeats uses several different methods, see other 2003 shows listed...